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  1. fact 900c max Exhaust temp...the temperaturecan be monitored by fitting a probe in the left hand exhaust removing the small plate..two small 8 or 10mm bolts.. this can be scene when one looks behind the rear of the left hand side of the engine.

    sorry can't add this time.

    One day this year....I will be doing this on my own car..When its finished......twin inter coolers..hks ssbov...hybrid turbo's...apexi avc-r boost controller..JE forged Piston's ARP studs..Johan ECM...etc etc..should be 6 speed dog box as well..circa 200mph possible then..we will see.

    Dude, are you saying 900 Degrees Centigrade or kelvin??? :D The melting point for aluminum is 660.37 degrees centigrade.

    Now for iron it's 1535.0c, but the v8 block is not iron. Can you please add some clarity to this for me? Please correct me if I mis-interpreted your posting.

  2. well, to me...

    if the engine is not "LOTUS", it is just another KIT CAR (but by LOTUS engineering)

    I am happy that my Esprit comes with a LOTUS engine

    If you drive a 4 cyl Esprit, think again. AFAIK, the v8's were the only motor that Lotus has designed and installed in their cars. So, from that piece of info, one can only assume that the Esprit v8's were the only true Lotus's made. :D

  3. Nathan--->

    I bought an LM-1 Innovate. You can only monitor one side of the exhaust.

    Most American V8 has a balancing pipe in the exhaust, Innovate will work in one monitor.

    However if its a Lotus V8 and the exhaust is split,(according to Innovate) monitor one side first then the next side. They said, it will be close.

    I've been told, they are 6 mos. away from producing 2 monitors in one system.

    Wow! 14.1 in the turbo engine?

    Good for state emission---lean is mean!

    I say 12.5 (that's power).

    Your current 10.1 is way too rich!

    Yeah dude! 10:1 is rich, I would like to run 14:1, but I don't want to burn out my pistons. Yes, they are forged. :( Imagine trying to do this with the stock cast piston :blink:

    So, how have you been man?!?! Long time no hear from. How's that hyabusa 7? LOL...

  4. Nathan

    Are you going to tune each bank independently? If yes, two sensors are ideal. If not, one sensor will be accurate enough. To reinforce Marcus' statement, unless there is a mechanical issue in the injection system/valve train/compression/blow-by, the two banks should hypothetically be operating the same.


    Thanks! I actually have an Apexi' S-AFC a/f controller instaled, but it only gives me ratios based upon the Air ratios I programmed into it. It doesn't pull it directly from the o2.

    I am also looking for a device that will record EGTs. Q: What is the max the EGT should be for an Esprit v8 without causing any problems? I'm trying ot run as lean as I possibly can.Right now, I'm running pretty rich at 10:1. I was thinking about a 14:1 ratio, but I'm not sure how much that will raise my EGTs (especially since I don't have a mechanism for monitoring it).

  5. Nathan,

    You plan to install an additional wide band O2-sensor, right ?

    Theorethically both sides are running equal.

    If you like, you may even install two wide band sensors into the exact locations where the stock post cat sensors used to be.

    IMHO this is the most elegant way to do it :D

    JFYI, the post cat O2-sensors are NOT used (unless you still have a stock US-ECU installed). Both sensors just have to be still connected to the wiring loom, because the ECU just looks if they are there only once when you start the engine/ignition.




    What do you recommend for a dual Wideband reader/logger? I was thinking about the Innovative brand product line. Possibly the LM-1. However, everything I have seen is only capable of reading 1 wideband unit.

  6. I wasn't sure what part of the forum to post this under.

    For the track day enthusiast out there, does anyone use a Hans device in an Esprit WITHOUT the sport seats?

    I do have a 5-point harness which is required for the Hans. It's difficult enough to get in and out of the car with just a helmet on.

    Any info from anyone with experience in this system would be greatly appreciated.


    How did you install your harness? I'm trying to install ham not sure how to do the shoulder straps. I am not convinced on using eye bolts through the firewall. I want the install of the belts to look clean.

  7. I keep on seeing this all the time, people saying how bad the transmission is and that as soon as you do anything to the car it will break. When you purchase an ecu upgrade, you only have to wait until you see transmission parts falling out behind the car. Interesting enough, these comments mostly come from people who never have had any experience modifying esprits and only reading posts from others who never had any experience modifying esprits.

    I have been racing esprits for a very long time and spend a lot of time with other people who are racing and modifying esprits. I have also spent a lot of time with GT40 replicas who are also using the same transmission (without the specially hardened "Lotus" gears), but with 500HP in lieu of the 350HP Lotus engines and they are also spending most of their time tracking their cars.

    Most transmission failures comes from people who does not know how to shift or drive their cars modified or not. I agree that the Lotus tranny has weaker 2nd gear, but by all means the esprit is not as fragile as everyone is picturing it. The esprit is ment to be driven and driven hard. It is not a trailer queen and to drive grandma around the block vehicle. A matter of fact the car will break more often if it is not driven enough.

    Granted, you can go overboard modifying and then need to beef up other components, but this is the same for any vehicle. As long you do it in moderation, you will have a very drivable car that will last a very long time.

    The Red ecu upgrade will not give you an additional 100HP like Lotus says without doing some further modifications to the car like changing the wastegates. However, I think the ecu upgrade by itself is wonderful. The car will feel much stronger, run smoother and cooler. The only real downside to it is that the car will run richer and shorten the life of your cats. (Stepping off my soapbox)



    Hey there fella! Long time no hear from! How have things been?

  8. Paul/Wayne,

    Funny, I was at Harbor Freight looking for this one last weekend, but alas they didn't have any. I'll keep an eye out over the next few days, price is right especially as I need a new set of tires!


    Or you could always go to your local motorcycle shop and pick up a Battery Tender (not the Junior). That's what I did. Battery's been perfect. Use it on my bike and my Lotus.

  9. moto-concept promises 440 hp from the red race ECU. Is this just a bunch of BS?? Could the high flow racing cats give 20 to 30 extra hp?? Does anyone in here have the same mods, and if so, have you had it on a dyno???

    I have all of your mods, except for the high flow cats (i've opted to remove my muffler). I had it dyno'd and it came in around 380RWHP on a Mustang Brand dynoThe only. Also, I have stronger wastegates installed in my car.

  10. I bought the battery on Dec 16 2005 and today it will not hold a charge.

    I've had regular Interstate batteries last 5 years and the top of the line junker lasts barely 2 years...

    Not impressed at all.



    Red tops are the only way to go. spend the extra cash, it's well worth it. My red top has been in 2 cars before my Esprit. LOL, If I sell a car my red top is coming out of it! LOL...... Plus, go to Any of the motorcycle shops (i.e. Crossroads, East Coast Cycles or Philly Kawasaki [castor and aramingo]) and get yourself a Battery Tender. It will save you some headache.

  11. Kind of strange that 5th gear couldn`t get the Esprit to go 200mph. I am pretty sure that Esprit had about 600hp, but trouble with cooling, clutch and oil leaks etc.

    Fifth Gear is filled with a bunch of biased idiots! If I can get my Esprit to 175mph on my own with no mods. I can get it over 200 with the mods they had. The only other mod I would have done was to raise the rear spoiler to create more,r ear, downforce. The rear end is to light and needs help with downforce at those speeds.

  12. Thanks a lot for the input, guys.

    It's looking like a Goodyear F1 vs Toyo Proxies decision...

    Actwon, were your Pilot Sports the 1's or 2's? I had to put new tires on my blue car a few months back and the tire place had both 1's and 2's, but talked me out of the 2's with price and comments that the 1's were actually a better tire.

    (Suspect he actually may have had a glut of 1's left in stock instead, but it was a compelling argument!) Ran $1k installed, balanced and mounted.


    I had 2's on my car. They were Sticky as hell, but SUPER soft. Got very low mileage out of them!

  13. Hi Marcus

    I ran the car today in the garage at idle until it warmed up - no smoke!!!

    The smoke earlier wasn't black and the left exhuast doesn't look noticeable different from the right as I would have expected if the left was burning oil.

    I did notice that there was condensation/moisture from the left had pipe (the side the smoke was on) until warm and then no more noticeable moisture.

    I also checked the coolant level again - no change over the last 18 months.

    Any thoughts on next steps or what to check?



    That's normal. My Esprit does that. Like I said in an earlier post, all cars exhibit that behavior when it is cold outside. Don't worry about it. Start worrying if you see smoke all of the time whether your car is cold or warm.

  14. I noticed on the week end that I occassionally get smoke from the left exhaust.

    It was happening intermittently at idle and later on a trailing throttle. However, it appeared to stop when the car was hot and/or accelerating.

    I tested the O2 sensors and these appear to be operating normally. There did not appear to be a miss or any other problem. The only other observation that the left bank idle was not as smooth as the right - just looking at the exhaust pipe - there was an occassional vibration on the left side.

    Any suggestions as to where to start?

    It is a 96 V8 which has done 40k. Only modifications are to the exhaust - high flo cats and resonators.

    Thanks for your help.

    It's more than likely that the car is cold. This is normal for a cold engine. All cars have the smoke come out of the exhaust until it warms up. However, the vibration could be a loose mount in the engine bay or a loose metal manifold cover. I heard of this before, but I don't remember the solution.

    In the event that you, continuosly, see smoke while the car is hot and running, here is a small key:

    White: Turbo needs to be replaced

    Blue: Oil is getting past piston rings

    Grey: Coolant is getting into Combustion Chamber

    Hope this helps you.

  15. Well Guys... my "ticking" noise turned out for the worse! According to Symbolic of La Jolla, and confirmed by a discussion with Harry Appleby of Viking Motorsports... My Crown and Pinion Gears are broken! Anyone have a good source, or some ideas about rebuilding a tranny? My car has only 17K miles, and hasn't been driven very hard... My quotes are around $4,000 for the rebuild!!! Anyone have a rebuilt transmission they's like to part with, or the gears I need available?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    My car is a Graphite 2000 V8 with upgraded tail lights...


    Chris Bowers

    San Diego

    Hey Chris,

    I had the same issue earlier this year. I rebuilt mine for a little under 3k. However, that was just parts as I did the labor myself. I can get a new ring and pinion for you. You may end up spending close to the same amount including a LSD. I'm not sure how much Harry will charge you for labor to put everything together. If you want a quote on parts, contact me off list.

  16. i don't care what anybody says, the stock radiator is junk, and needs to either be upgraded with something much bigger, or recored to increase its capacity. if the car has a history of running hot, it should be a deal breaker. heat just kills the 918 engine. get a leak down, and compression test.

    Heat kills ANY engine. A radiator should not be a deal breaker as they are easily fixed/replaced. If ther car has a history of overheating, I would steer clear or use it as a bargaining chip.

  17. Hi all

    In addition to my V8 i also own

    1989 Yamaha FZR750RR OWO1

    1996 Ducati 916

    2001 Aprilia RSV 1000R

    2005 Yamaha R1

    I've had all these from new except the OWO1 and i used to race supersport 600 back in the day!

    Only ever taken a car to the Nurburgring and i was much quicker on the bike mind you a 330ci is alot slower than a sports bike!!

    Hoping to take the esprit to Nurburgring this year so i'll see how i go....

    Cheers Andy

    `Yeah, Andy!

    As my tagline says, I also own a 1995 Ducati 916. Been thinking about getting an mV Agusta F4.

  18. Ace Film and well worth seeing.......... :P:)

    Cliff :lol:

    It is one of the best Bond films I have ever seen! I am so happy they did not do any of the typical, absurd and fictitious stunts.

    The beginning of the movie. The dude running around like an animal well, there are people who actually do that in real life.

    Great movie! I will buy it when it comes out on DVD.

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