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  1. I am using windows 10 others on here have indicated that it should work so i assume I am doing something wrong!!
  2. tickets arrived in Luxembourg this morning why was I worried that the tickets might not arrive in time Bibs organised it.......... and so it happened!!
  3. just found this thread. I need a cable with usb connection. Seem to be easily available from USA but not worth the hasle of customs or cost, so anyone in europe have one they no longer need or can point me to a supplier? Geoff
  4. and another one has received confirmation email. Just booked hotelos and ferry cannot wait. Hope it does not rain!! Well Done usual
  5. yes I have the one with the airbag.No one seems to sell the horn push buttons so it looks like I need a new steering wheel or install a separate horn switch
  6. My speedo has stopped working (stuck on 99,999). It is an caerbont auto inst in an Esprit S4 Does anyone know of a good repair service either in the Uk or Europe??
  7. does anyone know if there is any made to measure luggage for Esprit s4? or perhaps name of manufacturer who might custom make for esprit??
  8. There are a couple of us going from Luxembourg. I am planning to take my Elan s4 but if the weather is wet! will take the Esprit (just to please my wife) Geoff
  9. SCCO82910SHF62018 yellow esprit S4 1995 Geoff Wakem Luxembourg
  10. on my 96 S4 the indicators have just stopped working (hazards work fine so all bulbs are OK) and try as I might I cannot find the indicator relay so I am asking the collective wisdom of this site for help where is the indicator relay on a 96 LHD S4 ??
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