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  1. GKP, My Supra is not stock but it is still using the original turbos and I just have the good all Muffler, Air, Bost Cut Controller and Intercooler upgrade. Is all the V8 esprit are able to be upgraded to 400bhp with the ECU upgrade? Thanks, Tal
  2. Hello, I am a newbie and did all the reading I could find about the Esprit. I own a 94 twin turbo supra and I thinking of getting the Esprit instead. I test drop a 2001 Esprit and it was a tight fit (I am 6'3") but still loved the ride. The car was not any faster then my Supra but I love the way the Esprit look and the fact that only a few people have it around here. To my question, Is the 1995 is better then 1997 V8? is the engine more reliable? is it faster? Better handling? Sorry for all the questions but any opinion will be greatly appreciated. Tal
  3. fmxa, Thanks for the information and I will give Harry Appleby a call today since I have any eye on a 2000 V8 with 30K miles and a new clutch just put in. The problem is that the car is in the east coast and it will be hard to get it over there for a PPI. I will call him and ask his opinion. Thanks again. Tal
  4. Hello all, My name is Tal and I am looking for a 98 Esprit V8. I did some readying about the car and trying to get as much information as I can before I get it. I realy like the way the inside looks on the 98+ Espries. Always loved the way the looked and wanted to get one since I saw the Bond movie "For your eyes only". any advise on how to find the "right" one? Any easy way to sort the bad apple for the rest? Thanks and hello Tal
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