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  1. Thanks a lot Gonzalo. I'll look into it! Just got some o2 simulators in the mail today for the eventual cat removal...whenever that may be.
  2. Not trying to hijack the thread but where did you find the johan ecu? I've looked for a while and haven't had any luck.
  3. gmendoza, what mods are you sporting right now? Straight pipes, boost controller, methanol?? That is some impressive hp for mild mods!
  4. Please elaborate! Are you using enginuity free software and a cable or something more specific?
  5. When I used to have my STi, I just used the accessport and cleared all CELS. I had no cat on the car, and passed emissions testing no problem. Thanks for the links guys.
  6. I have been doing some research on removing the cats and replacing them with straight pipes. From everything I have gathered, either a race ecu or the Jegs oxygen sensor spacer will be needed in order to prevent the faulty cat check engine light from coming on. I used the part number for the spacer I found here, but nothing comes up for it on Jegs website. Does anybody know where I can find it? Will any o2 spacer work? Also, being in the states, I don't know where to order a race ecu from if I go that route. All advice helps! Thanks a lot.
  7. I was thinking that carbon build up could have been a possibility since I don't know how i twas driven before or how long ago it was last driven before it was delivered. Just anohter reason why I hate catalytic converters...that's why my STI doesnt have one anymore.
  8. Ok so I cranked the car today and the CEL is magically gone. I was going to wait until I had to take it back to the shop to get the new window seal and have them swap the 02 sensors around, but I guess now no need. Any thoughts as to what happened? Faulty codes? Something in the hot beach air that set it off?
  9. Yea I saw that all the 02 sensors are pretty much created equal so that sounds like the most logical way to go about it. Thanks Gunter.
  10. Thanks a lot guys. I'm gonna call the dealer then and see what they's about a 2 hour drive. So darn, I have to drive the lotus for 2 hours again!
  11. not to my knowledge. I took it to advance auto parts and they said it was the first lotus they had seen. the scan tool was generic and the guy using it probably didn't know what to look for. he just scanned it and said "hey you've got these codes". I still think the codes are false alarms since the car does warm up over 40 deg C in fewer than 320 seconds, and it still drives as well as it did before. If an 02 sensor is messed up in other cars I've been around, driveability is severely hurt.
  12. I'll have to do it once I'm home I suppose. The car only has 7200 or so miles on it so I can't imagine the 02 sensors would fail so soon. Usually they go later. I think it's most likely a signaling issue. I have to go back to Foreign Accents to get the passenger door seal replaced so I will have them look at it and figure it out I suppose. That probably will not be for another week or so though. The car drives exactly the same though, so at least that's good.
  13. No no live data to my knowledge. He just said that they were not pending but were active codes.
  14. I'm down at the beach now and have been driving and loving my Esprit. Temps are really high down here around 100 degrees F and sometimes even more. When I cranked the car this morning I got a CEL and it's been on all day. I pulled the codes at Advance Autoparts and they were 2 P0116 codes and a couple P0135 codes. The 116 is the coolant circuit and the 135 are 02 sensors?? Has anyone had any experience with these or seen these before? The car still cranks, idles, and drives like a dream, so maybe it's the heat getting to it. I need to drive home tomorrow which is about 4 hours from here. Should I unplug the battery and see if they come back on, or wait a little while and see if they clear up on there own?
  15. I'm not sure if this has been posted before but it's a pretty sweet video of some fun highway action. Go Esprit!
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