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  2. Wow you do travel! I bet it was fun in the Gallardo, now don't you go selling your gorgeous Esprit and buying a Lamborghini! My car is going very well, at last. I drove beautifully last weekend from London to West Wales a round trip of over 400 miles. It was smooth and beautiful to drive. Have fun in USA & Alaska - Alsaka is a beautiful country. Cheers Gavman
  3. As requested Rayman, happy to comply But I am suddenly restricted to only uploading 1,000k and it seems I have no spaces left, I thought I had 10,000k before A shame, so I will upload to my blog - link: CLICK HERE
  4. Hi Eric, hope you are well. You have some nice pictures, oh also some nice weather!
  5. Hi guys, sorry I have been away and busy last week! Here are a couple more pictures....Esprit cars and HK Lotus Gang at breakfast!
  6. wow, nice find! In front is Rogers friend Eriz and Clairebear in Murcielago. Brand new, well, only 3 weeks new! In Lambo Countach is of-course Roger and Pinky. At back, sadly, is me driving Aston Martin with Eriz's wife and child. We are on way back to UK tonight. Been fantastic and big big thank-you to the HK Lotus crowd. We will see you all again someday for sure....
  7. It was great meeting all of you guys in HK Many thank you for your hospitality. And a BIG thank-you Raymond for the fantastic boat ride. Check out this link Will post more pictures soon, especially for todays Lotus car meet. I am sooooo tired so will catch a quick wink first
  8. yeah! really goooood. We will be meeting a friend of my brother in Tai Po around 7.30am so will be around Lok Keng pretty early. Today we are seeing Raymond and couple others at 12.30 at Marina Cove for chinese food and a boat ride on his fishing boat See you all sooooon....
  9. There is a strong possibility we will be going to Lok King this sunday as the weather looks very promising B) Weird? nah, don't worry, you are probably thinking we are the weird ones! er, I mean Clairebear is the weird one ouch!!! the wife punched me
  10. Dennis the V8 are great however the SE has more room for power management hence could be quicker Clairebear would like it to be Tsim Sha Tsui because she wants to see view of HK by night (to take pictures). To make it easy for all (I think) we could meet at the new Starbucks on the waterfront near the 'Corridor of Stars'? Say 7pm? Gives you guys time to get there after work? Coffe to wake or keep us awake then a beer afterwards.... Not sure what to do today but it looks brighter. Hmmmm, maybe the sun will come out.... See you all later..... (Raymond if you cant make it tonight we
  11. Hi Raymond, many thanks for the invite on your fishing boat. Did you mean on Thursday? Unfortunately the weather is still bad.... Anyway Thursday we are going to see dragon boat race then attend a chinese wedding in evening. Long day....! We can meet you in a bar for a drink tonight (Wedsnesday) evening if you like, or any other day. Btw Lotus V8 are very nice.. and I like your colour. See you for a drink. Cheers Gavman
  12. Rain rain rain Saw one of the smaller Lotus yesterday. It seems Saturday and Sunday are going to be the best days with rain predication reduced to 30% and is the only chance we have to meet somewhere in the nice cars. I think Saturday is better and will let you know where we could meet, somewhere pleasant and 'open'.
  13. Interesting work you guys do. I am looking at starting a small airport parking near Heathrow Terminal Five in London UK. Today we went to Tsim Sha Tsui, ate at Gaylords and simply walked around. Next Thursday we have to get up very early in the morning to go to the dragon boat race. My brother will be in China from Tuesday morning and not return till Wednesday evening. I am not sure what his or the plans are yet. It seems to change daily... Probably easier to meet somewhere Tuesday or next weekend as it looks more promising next weekend weather wise.... Cheers. Keep you guys
  14. whats with all this heavy rain? oh well looks like the nice cars will have to stay indoors.... My bruv his partner, clairbear and me will try to find something to do today, not sure yet cos the others are still in bed! Looks like it will have to be some day next week before we can get together. So what do you guys do for a living, excpet drive Esprits or similar but perhaps not as fast, ahem. Rain rain go away come never again.... when we are visiting.....
  15. Hi Dennis, really nice to hear from you & thanks for the mobiles. Yeah it is a bummer this weather! But it wont stop us from enjoying ourselfs. Will let you know if we decide to drive to Lok King. If not I agree we can meet up next week in Sai Kung somewhere. That would be nice. See you and Eric around soon for a nice
  16. Hi guys, Clairebear and I arrived ok. It is so warm here in HK! Anyway we will go over to Lok King this sunday. Well as long as the weather stays good. I will drive in Aston Martin, my brother in Lamborghini. Hope to see you guys there.... Cheers Gavman
  17. Many thanks Eric, sorry for my slow my response. Sooooo busy doing 'important' stuff that I forgot to check the forum! Claire would love to see the culture in HK, not sure if we will do a trip to Macau or China. She is not into food as much but more into visiting a temple or two, famous market streets, places not too crowded by clickety clickers (snap snap snap photographers). She would like to be able to take some great photos. Food is not a big priority as to her its just food, what she want is the awh thats nice.... B) My brother is rattling his brain pn where to take us and will be
  18. Hi guys Clairebear and I are coming over to Hong Kong If there is a meeting or event we may pop over to it to say hello or bow to the Esprits Cannot bring our Lotus with us due to size and weight but could bring a picture of it! We will be staying at my brothers house in Sai Kung. He has a few cars and perhaps we will pop over in one of them; Aston Martin or Lamborghini Countach. Sorry he has no Lotus and thinks they are too che..... well, he means to say not serious and real enough... cheeky man! Clairebear has never been to HK and is sooooo excited to be coming over. I was
  19. Welcome Rikki I was brought up in Hong Kong for many years.... My wife Clairebear and I are coming over to Hong Kong 21st May for 2.2 weeks (2 weeks 2 days). 2.2 was chosen due to my own 2.2 litre.... We will be staying at my brothers house in Sai Kung. He has a few cars and we may be driving one of them; Aston Martin DB7 Volante or Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary. Sorry he has no Lotus as it is I who own an Esprit Turbo Chargecooler SE. We would love to bring it with us and join you for a day or two but I am afraid it is a little too big and heavy to fit in our luggage
  20. Been a nice day meeting you all Thanks for all your advice on my business idea
  21. Hi guys, I came across this: Sounds cool so I joined! Cheers Gavman
  22. It was a great two days, I met some wonderful new people and saw a couple of old faces. Many thanks goes to PNM Engineering for the engine rebuild work and I enjoyed my drive back home
  23. Yes we did get home ok thank you Alan, The car drove beautifully and certainly feels smoother and more powerful. However I will have to run it in first say 1k miles before having a blast! It was nice meeting you too, and many thanks again for the lovely loan of a soft micro cloth as it helped bring out more of the shine in the car See you around Gavman and Clairebear
  24. Thanks Bib, yes that was correct. I was going to sell the car but suddenly it developed a fault which resulted in a engine rebuild. I am likely to keep it now because so much work was done and I am not sure if I want to let it go to someone else to enjoy just yet! It is on Petes stand, looking good Job searching in Switzerland was not successful; the role I wanted just mever happened simply because of the recession. We were very disappointed, anyway I had a local based job interview which looks promising as I will be attending a final interview next week. Also another one is on the hori
  25. Hi all, I already added a message here elsewhere on the forum but accidentally saved it in wrong place but here it is again: So no more hiding behind the I am pleased to say my Lotus Esprit Turbo Chargecooler SE 2.2 is now running after engine rebuild and passing the MOT yesterday afternoon. Much work was completed including crank, rod, piston, belt, clutch, water pump, oil pump, huge list...... It is being delivered to the Lotus Event at Castle Donington today (17th Apr 09) by wonderful Pete of PNM Engineering. It will stay at the show for 18th and 19th and exact whereabouts
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