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  1. Thanks for the link that was exactly what I was looking to do. Didn't like the alternative of mounting the crank sensor on the outside of the pulley. Lot of creativity went into your installation great work
  2. I currently have my engine in bits with block and head off for machining. I am fitting fuel injection as I have a new manifold from an s4 engine. I am planning fitting a megasquirt to control everything and I'm having a boss added to the block for a knock sensor. Hope to find a trigger wheel to fit the inner side of the crank pulley as it's a 3 belt pulley. Pistons are forged with nikasil liners. I will also be fitting a charge cooler and along manifold with later Steven's turbo. Would be good to get feedback on the megasquirt if anyone has 1 fitted.
  3. Hi Harry, would like to know cost of your reversed cap set and price of the quaife LSD cheers Andu
  4. @ChrisJ thanks for that, when I checked the history it came up with no match. Good to know it's still about, lovely car, unfortunately I bought her from uksportscar, to where she returned a few weeks later.
  5. The reg no is D319 KKM. I previously owned a monaco white with magnolia half leather interior reg no B423 MLL don't have chassis number for it but its not on the mot checker site. It would be interesting to know what happened to it
  6. Thought I should add my car SCCC082910GHD12340 Chassis 2340 First reg 06/10/86 Colour calypso red Interior magnolia O/E sunroof andmac
  7. andmac

    Bye Scotland!

    Wow! You guys do realise that us Scottish members are able to read??
  8. Best of luck with your new venture John. I think there will be a place in the market for you, the hardest part of purchasing a Lotus is finding one in the first place. Given your enthusiasm for all things Lotus I am sure you will make a success of this. Merry Christmas and all the best for the future. Andy
  9. Took delivery of my second Lotus, an excel se to keep the turbo esprit happy. May be posting in what made you unhappy topic in a couple of hours when I pick the wife up from work and she discovers another Lotus outside
  10. I bought a turbo esprit from uk sportscars. I also got a good immpression on visiting them. That changed once I uncovered all the lies I had been told. Long story short they took the car back and refunded the purchase price. I wouldn't write off any car he is selling but go in with your eyes open and don't take anything on trust. Get independant inspection before buying. Price is another matter, their cars are always priced at a premium. Good luck with your search.
  11. andmac


  12. There is a copper sealing washer for the sump plug.
  13. Still more useful and entertaining
  14. Sorry have to take issue with this, why call him a knob? Knobs are extremely useful and should not be disrespected like this !
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