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  1. I have a near perfect set from my 89SE 15front and 16 rear with usable Dunlop rubber.. Located in NY..thx
  2. SCCFC20A9KHF65245 1989 Esprit Turbo SE Red Exterior / Tan Interior Mark V - Long Island, NY USA
  3. I did the same upgrade to my 89.5 SE (JS sent it across the pond) with the same results... Just great. I gutted my cat and now I am failing emmisions testing with a high HC (hydrocarbon) level... Any advice would be appreciated. went for a later spec S4 St/St sport system and EBPV spacer from SJ Sportscars in the end, couldnt be ar$ed to drive 300 miles for someone to make one for it to be the same and much more expensive and I researched a bit about turbo exhausts to find:- it aint complicated, they aint rocket science, thats what I do at work all day. observations so far 1, its
  4. What is the difference in this wheel from my 89.5 SE wheel?? I may be intersted in it. Thx- Mark V
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