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  1. Thanks, would you know were I could get '88 - '92 Lotus Service Manual with Section LF. I already have 86-87 without the LD section Steve
  2. Hi, I looking schematic for engine management system a 1988 Esprit HCI with Bosch k-Jetronic injection (Australian car same as US cars) I'm willing to pay for it, so any help were I might be able buy it would be great. Steve
  3. Hi can any one tell what is the difference between a turbo head casting and non turbo casting. Steve
  4. Hi, I havent hit pheasant, but late last year I hit a Kangaroo (just a small about 3 to 4 feet tall) while doing about 80km it landed on the bonnet and dragged the wiper up the screen than roll over the top and kept going. It put some make marks in the glass and destroyed the wiper that all, I was lucky Steve
  5. It was a great night, it possibly the prettiest car Lotus has built since the Esprit. here is the video of the night Just need to drive one now.
  6. Hi, all Has any one replaced the A/C hoses that run through the chassis? Steve
  7. The power to weight of modern motor bike is around 1kg per BHP, to put this in context you need 800 bhp for an elise. A track test done by an bike mag in Australia between 911 GT3 and stock 1000cc bike both set lap time that were very close, The car was faster through the corners and slowed down in less distance (car have better contact and grip with the road), but the bike able to use its power on the straights to make that time back.
  8. Have a look at these:
  9. Maybe I’m a bit late on this but if it is a HC car then it not Australian delivered (most likely UK and the salt on the road would have kill the chassis). If it was Australia it would be HCI (with K-jetonic fuel injection). If you decode the VIN number you will know.
  10. Is there any work being do on the Esprit? If so why hide it when everyone knowns what it going to looks like?
  11. So what the point of a Lotus advert on Renault car, when everyone knows it just advert because lotus has nothing to do we the car except the advert? Why don't Lotus put there advert on there own car? And build it up like Colin did and TF is. Maybe they need bigger b#### !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. One HD TV in Australia is commercial and it call it Renault. Because Renault Team builds the cars body and motor. Maybe from the back you can the word Lotus, but all I can in this pic is 'L US ' and from that that camera thats covering the 'OT' look forward the only name that can be read is Renault. Correct "The team name as it stands in F1 cannot change during a season into the contract under a specific name and will loose the points they already have gained" So why spend all that money on putting your name on a car that will not be call your name by TV? Tell if I'm wrong, but having the naming wrights for anything is about having it called by your name, if not than why do it.
  13. If all this money is being spent wisely than why does the TV coverage of the GPs only call the GL car Renault and the TF car Lotus Renault.
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