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    1986 Lotus Esprit Turbo HCi
  1. Hello, I need your help. The VIN # of you car was listed in a Craigs List add as being for sale in New Jersey. Is your car for sale?

  2. Finally found some time to get back to the car. Connected the two plugged off line to the nipple on the piece that sits at the bottom of he brake boost... and now no brake warning light! I have no idea why the prior owner disconnected but the simple fix corrected the problem. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.
  3. Thanks. I haven't done it yet. Figured I had better do all my stretching exercised first!
  4. Thanks Andy. I'll give it a try. I guess Lotus figured since they made getting to the plugs so easy they had to create a challenge with the wires!
  5. I purchased a new spark plug wire set for my 1986 Esprit Turbo HCi. It is easy enough to get to the spark plug end of the wires but wow, the distributor is really buried up and under the engine. Has anyone replaced the wires on their turbo that might have some tips or tricks to share?
  6. Thanks very much for the suggestions. It is the brake fail light...not the handbrake light. I'll connect these up and see if it fixes the problem. If not, I'll disconnect the connector and see what happens.
  7. Yes, Jeff at JAE said that the part is no longer manufactured so they would have to go direct to Lotus and their old stock.
  8. Thanks. I agree, it needs to be corrected. I too cannot imagine why the prior owner appears to have disconnected...perhaps it is because a replacement switch is $155 from Lotus! Oh well, $155 will seem really cheap when the brakes fail and I am headed into the beyond. Thanks again for the help guys. I really appreciate it!
  9. Thanks guys. So I assume that you are suggesting that the two items (the nipple on the off-white piece in the first pic) hooked to the second connection that is now capped in the second pic. Correct?
  10. When I purchased my 86 Turbo Esprit HCi the BRAKE warning light on the dash was constantly on. I have been trying to figure out why. I assume it is warning me that the brake fluid is low. I made sure that the fluid reservoir is full of brake fluid. Next I tested the cap on top of the reservoir with the two connected wires to make sure the low fluid switch was is. Just for good measure I replaced the cap to be sure the switch was ok. The BRAKE warning light is still on. Tonight while looking around for other possible problems I noted what I show it the two pictures attached. In the first picture there is some sort of off-white plastic device that connects the bottom of the servo-brake booster. I noticed that the device has a nipple for a hose connection but there is no hose connected to to it (see arrow). Anyone know what the off-white plastic device is? Should the open nipple be connected to something? My next questions are about the second picture ...coming off the servo-brake booster is a black hose, I assume a vacuum hose, with an in-line tee connector. The smaller hose coming off the tee is capped and nothing is connected to it. It is possible that the nipple without anything connected to it and hose coming off the tee without anything connected to is might be related? My final question...any ideas on what I might check that would cause the BRAKE warning light to remain on? The brakes on the car seem to work just fine. HELP!
  11. Anyone have any recommendations for an excellent wire set for a 1986 Turbo HcI?
  12. I loved the stuff, used the engine oil in my alfa with no issues, used GearMax in my 86 Lotus Turbo HcI gearbox and my 66 Ferrari 330 gearbox. Ended up rebuilding my 66 Ferrari gearbox after problems. Can't attribute the rebuild solely to GearMax but the Ferrari mechanic who rebuilt it strongly recommended I NOT use it again. I have since changed my the Ferrari and Lotus to Redline MT90 with the mechanic DID recommend and I won't be using the Royal Purple again - oil of any type. Just reporting my experience and not making a commentary about Royal Purple. BTW, now using Mobile 1 racing oil for the engine.
  13. Royal Purple 20-w50 engine oil and 75w90 in the gearbox. My car loves the stuff. Shifts really well after going to Royal Purple. And I only fill the engine oil to the lower limit on the dip stick.
  14. Yes, that is what I am talking about. I guess that is their purpose and nothing more. Correct?
  15. My 1986 HCi turbo has 10 brass manifold plugs - 5 up, 5 down. They are about 1/2 inch deep and maybe 1" in diameter and have an o-ring between the plug and manifold. Looks like they cover the oil galleys of the engine because when I open them up all I see is oil sitting in the head of the manifold. Anyone know what their purpose is?
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