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  1. I bought a NA for the same reasons, (no turbo,no spoilers,glass top, cleaner look) I wanted the old style (also known as the G-esprit) the better chassis, bigger motor so ended up with the s3 as well. good luck with the car! btw it was much easier to find a turbo then an NA back then (2011) is that still the case?
  2. this is the spring loaded timing belt tensioner isn't it? do they let the timing belt jump a tooth or two? and would it make sense to replace it with the later non spring one? (to avoid jumping of the belt, or is ther another issue on the root of the belt jumping problems I hear once in awhile? ) thanks, rick
  3. the voltage stabiliser has a little hole, on my cars this hole is used to mount it to the back of the speedo or rev counter (don't remember) . seems to work....
  4. WOW! , Rob you are a brave man to cut up an esprit like this..... I will follow this post with much interest.
  5. I don't like self tappers in thin GRP, I would use threaded insert instead or at least spire clips.
  6. still looking? I know one set for sale but some plastic missing (from the top) can sent you his email if you wish.
  7. I can't believe Mike at lotus bits has no 45E's around as he does conversions to throttle bodies as well. I too am going to convert to throttle bodies as it takes out the biggest fire risk in the car. (and makes the engine run better) however I am not ready yet so my 45's are not for sale at the moment. (I'll keep an eye out for you for some 45E's, does he need 1 or 2 ? )
  8. Benjamin, the rack is not used on any ford (well maybe the capri perana) but parts can be used from the capri, however some capri racks have tapper bearings (better) the esprit rack is using needle (pinion shaft) and normal ball bearings (little bit more play) I milled my esprit rack to take the tapper bearings as this will eliminate any play in the axial direction from the pinion shaft. (from memory the capri pinion shaft is too long for the esprit but I have seen a picture of an perana with a shorter shaft btw escort shaft is too short and rack too narrow) I got my parts from a company in b'ham google "kiley & clinton" Rick
  9. Dave, the big question is..... how much is very little LOL, 0,1mm? 0,05mm? but a big thank you for the reply, back to the workshop for now.
  10. I am about ready to drill the mounting holes for the disk, just wondering how much run out in the radial direction is ok? I have no cnc machine so the plan is to center the disk as good as possible (with an digital vernier) than clamp them together and drill the 6 holes from the back. thanks, rick
  11. haha I know but it is a europa and nobody uses the europa sub-forum so no pics...... well maybe I open one on special request after all the very first esprit is europa based.
  12. in the ad they say that painting is very easy , he got an offer from a painter to do it for 1500 euro...., the whole interior can be done for 3500-4000 euro. think the seller is off track a bit
  13. This car doesn’t have an M.O.T but would see no reason why it wouldn’t pass straight away as is. so tell me why don't they do an m.o.t. on the car as I am willing to believe that it would make more money with an m.o.t. that without? please enlighten me.
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