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  1. (just incase somebody else needs them) found them in the UK!!! I have them next to each other and can confirm they are identical. search for RSVACON (
  2. can't believe that first pic is from a used unit. so clean inside.
  3. I'am in as well, however not with the Esprit as she is in parts..... hope I can take the Banks 62.
  4. my beloved Innsbruck. I've been there many times (Hall.i.T) last year I was in the stubaital and went to the Innsbruck Zoo. next time I am over I'll pay you a visit so we can talk europa's LOL btw the club has a very nice hillclimb on the loser panoramastraße. good luck with the Europa
  5. Richard, where about in Austria are you located? there is a great source of information in Bad Aussee (lotus club Austria) they have a few europa's on display
  6. found this on the wilwood site..... still don't know how it works but if they say so....
  7. no I did not and to be honest I have no idea how that works as the pressurized brake oil works on the surface area only. I'll dive into it, thanks!
  8. Hi, looking for some information about piston surface area for the brakes, the rear stays standard so I presume I can't go too big at the front? I have 285x26 discs up front so not too big, the smallest 4 pot pistons I can find already have 1,25 times the surface area of the single pots I have now. does anybody know how much I can go bigger but still keep a good balance between the front and rear? for the little europa I seem to have the same problem, the balance bar in the brake pedal is way of so I need smaller pistons at the front as well. just wondering how much smaller lol. best would be to buy smaller for the europa and put the wilwoods from the europa on the esprit but maybe this is overkill as well. for the esprit I have 4 pots that have twice the surface area so way too big.... thanks, Rick
  9. if I would go for a swap in my esprit (s3) I would love to put a bmw M power straight 6 in her (on TBFI) a friend owns a M1 so maybe I am a bit biased lol, the v12 is overkill, I like that audi v8 hilly did as well or that Renegate LS3 swap. good luck with any build, if you happen to make a build blog I will happily follow it as I like engine swap's (my europa has an nissan 1.8 turbo swap)
  10. Alex, still based in Holland? where about?
  11. thanks Thomas, that's a start, looking at the holes in the body and pod on mine one it looks like the wiring and rod interfere so all I need now is a picture from the space between the body and pod. maybe some testing before I put the loom in
  12. does somebody have (or can make) a few pictures how the headlight wiring runs between the pod and the body? mine is gone, I need to see how they are situated to avoid any problems between the wiring and the liftmotor rod. best is with the pod lifted and rod disconected but I am happy with ant pics thanks, Rick
  13. so tell us the story about the heater..... seems a diy job? is it still working?
  14. if you are going to "just" repair it, use epoxy instead of polyester as (apparently) epoxy bonds better to old polyester as polyester does. good luck
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