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  1. lotus-62

    Pyrenees trip

    Castellane to Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon over the D952 is a very nice drive, the southern alps/verdon natural park is a nice place to drive and in between Grenoble and the south.
  2. Hi Paul and Bibs, thanks but got a call this morning that my trip to the UK was cancelled instead I am coming over somewhere next week.
  3. well he has a 912 lc engine (like me) so no turbo talk please 😁
  4. I have HC piston with steel liners so no need to go for HC liners.
  5. lotus-62

    New project

    so what is this? looks a little like yours: is it the same kind of esprit or totally different?
  6. 27Nm seems a lot to me for m7 (test on the bench with a m8 in steel and see how it "feels"....) is the aluminium already damaged? why not helicoil it, because of the bigger tread from the helicoil (or the like) you can put more torque on it
  7. so what is the strenght marking? an M8 in 8.8 has 25Nm but in 4.8 its only 13Nm. if it is wet (oil) reduce with 10% so 27Nm seems high for a M7 or is it 10.9? btw is the bolt going into a cast aluminium treath? and how deep? i
  8. lotus-62

    Buy?or pass?

    there is an G-esprit gearbox on ebay uk (b'ham) for 500 sterling.
  9. no it is not, even on the capri there are different one's, apparently capri v6 rack's are beafier. if you look at the pinion shaft lenght you see they are different in lenght. (escort very short. capri very long, esprit somewhere in between) AND the escort rack is smaller /shorter
  10. Kevin, just google for a picture from a capri rack and a tr7 rack. don't think it is a tr7 rack, I used inner ball joint parts from a capri to repair my '85 esprit rack (nylon cup's and springs) is it a burman steering rack?
  11. btw it is not an capri unit, (pinion shaft is different in lenght) look for a manufactures name in the alu casting near the pinion. i have seen at least 2 different manufacturers so maybe they have different parts inside as well
  12. looks like my "85 esprit, I got most of the parts from a specialist up in B'ham (Kiley - Clinton Engineering I asked for capri parts (inner ball joints, springs and all the nylon parts as well) there are a few different style's, the cheap one's (lotus) have 1 needle bearing and 1ball bearing the later one's (capri) have 2 tapper bearings, I redrilled my casting to use 2 tapper bearings as it is much better to minimize play (a normal ball bearing has a little axial play) this is not a problem on the (way to expensive) new units that are available because they have straight cut gears but on the better and beefier old units with helical cut gears you don't want your pinion to go up or down first before it moves the rack. btw on the new units the rack is 19.05mm (3/4") on the old one's the rack is 22.2mm (7/8") search for a capri manual in pdf there are good drawings that explain everything
  13. thats only 1/3 of it. this is the other side and the view outdoors.
  14. Gotti, I will, believe me I will. I have been to the lotus museum a few time's when I was visiting a customer in knittelfeld (öBB) I always took a detour through bad aussee to visit Jozef. (last time was 2 months ago) unfortunately that machine at öbb has now been moved to hungary. I went to the bergthrophy 2 years ago, lovely meeting with nice cars. this is what I call a hillclimb, 6 miles up the mountain to the top I plan on going this year again if the weather is good.
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