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  1. the pug disks are from a 406 coupe (2.0 4cil, not the 3.0 v6) 283mm x 26 if I remember correctly, the caliper is from a 1990 nissan z32 3.0 NON turbo, (only MY with aluminium calipers) 4 x 40mm pistons. I got a set from ebay usa for 100 dolars.... I like the fact they look like OEM and not aftermarket
  2. that looks nice, , I have a NA s3 and want the wheels a bit out as well.
  3. yes I can clearly see it, a 7.5 Amp fuse and a 15 Amp fuse are sitting upside down compared with the others...... o and that brake booster bracket does't look good btw. as if the padel travel is longer than the MC stroke (cylinder bottomed out) is the pedal stop still in place? it's an m8 bolt directly behind the pedal or is the "c" hole used instead of the "b" hole? in the brake pedal?
  4. vredestein holland is terrible on email, but half a year ago they told me the sportrac 5 was no longer in production, but end of the year a new tyre is going to be available but as I need them as well, I am going to ask this week at my local vredestein supplier .
  5. YES I like to see some pics as well.... not that I am biased but I like the 62 a lot....
  6. I did some wind noise reduction work myself as well. I went a bit over the top but still very happy about it.
  7. btw be very very careful, I used to do this with my europa and thats how I ended up with some cracking in the grp
  8. don't let steve strange007 know about this, he will put it on ebay for double that and claim it is new.
  9. a bit late to the party... but maybe for somebody in the future, the rack in itself is basicly a ford capri unit (but does not fit as the pinion shaft has a different lenght) however the parts are the same (inner balls, rack bushing, some bearings) if the play on the inner ball is a little it can be adjusted. just drill out the steel pin, look out for a capri manual in pdf format.
  10. lotus-62


    on Wikipedia is a very interesting article on this,
  11. yes I am aware of the DV prices but even for them this sounds over the top. we had a car wrecker nearby with very high prices for parts (always had exclusive cars as well) , years later it turned out it was a cover up for whitewashing. well I just need to make sure to tread my esprit a little bit better......
  12. 600 for a good one is already too much imho but for one that needs welding? luckily I have a mill and a lathe.......
  13. 600 for a broken rear hub, needs welding? what are they thinking or am I missing something, please enlighten me
  14. well done nic, and being stubborn is a good thing. (it's my middle name lol) btw my fingers are itching to start working on the esprit again.... but I keep repeating myself to finish the europa first.
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