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  1. vredestein holland is terrible on email, but half a year ago they told me the sportrac 5 was no longer in production, but end of the year a new tyre is going to be available but as I need them as well, I am going to ask this week at my local vredestein supplier .
  2. YES I like to see some pics as well.... not that I am biased but I like the 62 a lot....
  3. I did some wind noise reduction work myself as well. I went a bit over the top but still very happy about it.
  4. btw be very very careful, I used to do this with my europa and thats how I ended up with some cracking in the grp
  5. don't let steve strange007 know about this, he will put it on ebay for double that and claim it is new.
  6. a bit late to the party... but maybe for somebody in the future, the rack in itself is basicly a ford capri unit (but does not fit as the pinion shaft has a different lenght) however the parts are the same (inner balls, rack bushing, some bearings) if the play on the inner ball is a little it can be adjusted. just drill out the steel pin, look out for a capri manual in pdf format.
  7. lotus-62


    on Wikipedia is a very interesting article on this,
  8. yes I am aware of the DV prices but even for them this sounds over the top. we had a car wrecker nearby with very high prices for parts (always had exclusive cars as well) , years later it turned out it was a cover up for whitewashing. well I just need to make sure to tread my esprit a little bit better......
  9. 600 for a good one is already too much imho but for one that needs welding? luckily I have a mill and a lathe.......
  10. 600 for a broken rear hub, needs welding? what are they thinking or am I missing something, please enlighten me
  11. well done nic, and being stubborn is a good thing. (it's my middle name lol) btw my fingers are itching to start working on the esprit again.... but I keep repeating myself to finish the europa first.
  12. snowrx thanks, I've heard vacuum is very low on 4 throttle bodies. some put 4 in 1 with a small damper before the sensor. Alpha-N only needs barometric correction with an sensor in open air. some will do a hybride of Alpha-N with speed density part throttle. I want to see what MAF will bring... just a testing/learn curve. Andy, yes FI is not for more BHP, BUT it gives the points you mentioned above plus I like the fact that the leaking carbs on top of the dizy are gone (and the dizy itself) plus my carbs are in a very poor state so why put a lot of money in them for a rebuild/tune . engine will response better as well because the spark timing is more accurate and better to program. laika, I need a new pump and new fuel lines anyway. a fuel regulator is at the end of the fuel rail and a single return to the tank. thinking about a intank fuel pump with a semi swirlpot inside.( a folded sheet metal spiral around the pump so in a hard corner and low on gas the pump will not suck air. did this on the europa and seems to work well. I only see good points with FI
  13. I have been thinking about vacuum for engine load (MAP/alpha-N ) but as the car is for the road I think a MAF/hot wire will be better, plumbed somewhere in the inlet before the filter box, so I just end up with vacuum for the brakes. did you do Alpha-N and how does it drive?
  14. don't go for direct on the head. it shortens the inlet lenght way to much so you loose instead of win. keep the lenght the same and you are safe. I like the bend instead of a straight fit (but same lenght) the injector is at an angle and because of that bend it does not hit the wall direct but points straight at the head and has a bit more time to mix with the in comming air. I don't know if the port in the head bends perfect so the injector sprays at the valve, with an injector that has a narrow spray pattern you feed both valves without wetting the walls too much. short inlet is nice for high revs but I drive on the road so mid range is what counts for me. one of the first guys that did this on his s3 made his own throttle bodies from old dellorto's but they where too short and he directly noticed it, extended back to the dellorto lenght and all was fine. (still not enough BHP I think because later he put an audi v8 in it) and yes, I like the jenvey's as the same bolt pattern let me put the air box back in the org. place there are throttle bodies around that look like dellorto/weber carbs and have the injectors inside.
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