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  1. Hi Dan thanks! all the information I needed, I much appreciate that 720 is indeed R25 v6 but espace v6 as well, however on 1 website I found 730 mm for the espace v6 so I was just wondering how long the esprit drifeshaft are. I have 2 r21 turbo shafts and yes they are shorter. (too short for me) thanks, rick btw where in australia are you? for work I have been to adelaide three times and twice to geelong. had a nice weekend with the lotus club victoria driving in the victorian mountains.
  2. HI all, I am building a banks europa 62 with an UN1 gearbox (stevens esprit rear setup with my own trailing arms/) I need to order the drifeshafts but can't find the correct lenght on the internet. is there somebody with an driveshaft laying around who can measure the total lenght of the driveshaft with the inner CV joint /tripod fully compressed (basically the shortest lenght) the longest driveshafts (that will fitt the un1) I can find are 722mm and 730mm thak you in advance rick
  3. hope this works, (copy) essex colours look good on an eclat
  4. bought a running NA '85 esprit 3 years ago in the middle of a banks 62 build-up ( I wanted something to drive) turns out the m.o.t. guy must have been blind because there was so much wrong with the front suspension/steering that I find myself in another restoration (one thing leads to another, I even started with an rhd to lhd conversion at the same, because I needed the parts anyway so why not in LHD and do the conversion. esprit is at a standstill as a member of the belgium lotus club paid me a visit to see my banks 62 build-up, he came all the way in his twin cam europa and the europa bug hit me like never before so the esprit needs to wait awhile before she gets any attention did manage to find one of the previous owners (through the forum) and he still had the original wind deflector I was missing
  5. I remember a cosworth powered esprit at donington years ago think it was a red stevens one,
  6. that's what I was thinking, plus the p600 is for the rear only (don't want 235's up front ) I was just a bit concerned about the looks
  7. chris, does not look bad, I see you have the sportrac 3, how do they handle? thanks, rick
  8. lotus-62

    Got one!

    we al made that mistake LOL good luck
  9. pirelli is still doing the p600 in 235-60-15 but can I justify the £180 v.s. the £78 for a vredestein sportrac 5 in 225-60-15 how is the look of the 225's compered to the 235's ? nankang is making a 235-60-15 as well any good ? why o why does vredestein not make a sportrac in 235....(I have emailed them to ask) . because I really like that tyre but I am just afraid the 225 will look too small from the rear. maybe some 10 mm spacers will do the job? (btw just a S3 )
  10. not just today, last couple of days are sad in holland,, first load of bodies to come home from Ukraine, 194 in total.
  11. have not seen any 3055's on my car, got the full interior out including the dash till the last bolt (rhd to lhd conversion ) btw have not seen any 2n3055 in a long time, they remind me of the 80's building RC stuff.
  12. Hi Rob, it's nice to see you are still working on the s3, (we met when I picked up your old s3 wheels some time ago, back then the engine was not in the car) always wondered how you got on with it, (now I know LOL) love the wheels btw. they look great on a g-esprit. Rick
  13. it's on my to do list as well, I've 118mm long jenvey dcoe throttle bodies (they look like cleaned up carbs) and a Kdfi cumputer (Megasquirt based) so as soon as my banks-62 runs I start working on the fuel injection for my s3 if you do it yourself it can be don for +/_ 1500 (some are also converting the old dellorto's and use second hand injectors to keep cost as low as +/_ 900. hilly did it on his s3 before he went audi v8.... good luck
  14. 1982 s3..... triumph gt6? edit: sorry think thats just for the top ball joints
  15. forget the carbs, throttle body fuel injection is your answer. controlls your timing and fuel, no need for a 5th injector and with a inlet air temp sensor after the chargecooler you can monitor the temp drop and change your timing if the air gets too hot or drops turbo. pressure (google kdfi)
  16. something like that BUT if yours has the needle bearing the casting needs to be machined, however if you have a 2 ball bearing pinion shaft you can replace the ball bearings with taper bearings (I used the skf 30202 bearings )
  17. Vanya my rack had some play as well, it was the pinion shaft moving up and down , the new ball bearing had some axial play, I replaced the needle bearing and the ball bearing with 2 taper bearings to get the backlash out,(I had to machine the alu casting so the new bearings would fit) apparently some late racks have this as standard (the ford capri uses a similar rack but with a longer pinion shaft with the more expensive taper bearings) think lotus wanted to save some money on the needle/ball bearing set up)
  18. get a machine shop to drill the needle bearing out and redrill to a bigger ball bearing or even better drill for 2 taper bearings like the later model so you can get the backlash out to have zero play on the rack-pinion
  19. Vanya maybe some dutch member can have a look? I'm in Germany at the moment but when I drive home friday AND I can make it on time I am willing to have a look just tell me the questions I need to ask....
  20. thanks Bazza but need the Nm as I want to order them local (NL) it looks like they are somewhere around the 350Nm but want to know for sure.
  21. Hi can somebody with an NA s3 have a look under the tailgate to see how much Nm the gas struts are? somebody painted them so I can not read the text on mine anymore. thanks, rick
  22. instead of a wrap look for plasti dip on youtube, it looks like it will give a better finish as a wrap (I have seen a wrap on a G esprit and it looked like sh*t)
  23. Dave, replace the bushes, the old one's are 30 years old. do you trust 30 year old rubbers....... lol
  24. lotus-62


    somebody in holland has the same two tone red limited edition esprit as this one, he wrapped it in white because he does not like the two tone red.....
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