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  1. No, but the capri one comes closer but even the capri one is not a direct replacement (pinion shaft is longer) however I used capri rack parts to overhaul my '85 s3 one. got the parts from a shop in b'ham (btw a small amount of play? in the u-joints or at the pinion? I had some small play on the pinion to the rack. simmed the spring and installed a new nylon bush, problem solved. if it's play on the inside ball, they can be adjusted slightly
  2. Thanks Bibs,a refresh helps but need to do it with every second page. I'll look futher into it, Rick
  3. Hi, I have loading issues since a few days, going to a thread, open any page (first, second, last) this one will load directly, then as soon as I click on another page in the same thread it gives me a small window on the bottom of my screen "loading" even after 5 min still nothing, just the message "loading" (win7) thanks, Rick
  4. I have a rhs crack as well, allways wanderd where it's from. I have relocated my battery also but that's because I wanted a little bit more weight up front in the rain
  5. I was looking at some pirelli p600 235/60/15 but I just can't justify £290 for the rears alone so I'll probably end up with the vredesteins as well (and hear many good tings about them as well)
  6. can we do this in 2016? 40 years of the esprit(1976) and 50 years of the europa(1966)
  7. take a small detour to salzburg and go to bad aussee, lotus club austia, lovely people and a nice small lotus museum
  8. Hi Wolfgang, tel number copied... I see it is close to the 61 I take on my way from holland to lörrach. on my way back I often sleep in Rheinböllen. so you will see me in the not so great future cheers Rick
  9. lotus-62

    Audi V8

    I have a little nissan turbo engine (ca18det) with around 220bhp (just a stage 1 chip/turbo) as I want power from low on. un1-13 gearbox (the renault 21 turbo one often used in the gt40 and countach replica world), it's the same as the stevens esprit gearbox but with a longer diff (3.444) but I have smaller rear wheels..... If I had to do it again audi 6 speed audi v6. before you buy an s3 chassis check the distance between the rear wheel centerline and the bulkhead just to avoid problems, unfortunately I am in dubai for the next week and a half as I have an s3 standing next to my 62 so it would be very easy to check for you. if you pm an email address I am more than happy to sent a few pic's
  10. Wolfgang how about going back to basic with the body ( I am a big fan of topless esprit's btw) remove al the spoilers and air intake so the original simple line comes back, giving it a more sofisticated look? what is your cylinder compression and how much is the turbo pressure, just wondering if it is a turbo engine or a "bolt on" job on a NA engine btw I work for a German company (Lörrach) as a service engineer. I often pass frankfurt so..... like to visit some time in the near future (I own a europa as well)
  11. BTW the fuel pressure regulator looks like a bosch to me. and looking at the fuel rail / injector brackets it is a homemade efi system as any company would not make anything so shitty like this. (IMHO) sorry (I don not sound nice) if you go on with this car change the fuel system for a good (safe) aftermarket one
  12. nice to see the exhaust looks like a homemade job. chassis looks like an early s3, dash is s1 , 4 bolt front hubs from an s2? more pics please, good luck with the car
  13. lotus-62

    Audi V8

    Hi 62 boy, I have a 62 as well and I can tell you the v8 is too long to be comftable, I spoke to someone that somehow shoehorned a v8 (ford302) in a 62 and the bulkhead needed to come foreward so the space between the seats is gone, (no comfy ride). why not go for an audi v6 as (according to richard winter from banks) anything more as 270 bhp is a waste of power in the little 62 btw any pics? would love to get in touch with 62 owners rick
  14. so basically (if I understand correctly) when I convert my NA S3 to turbo power I have a real S3 turbo or do I need to call it a turbo S3? LOL
  15. does somebody know the dimensions of the inner o-rings? (gearbox to driveshaft spline o-ring) need new one's but want to buy local (faster as shipping from the UK) thanks, Rick
  16. they are the same as on my s2 europa, flat but with a rolled edged
  17. Pijnacker or pnacker as we say it is 20min away from me so do come over. I have found a R25 v6 driveshaft and it fits like a glove so I am going to order 2 new one's
  18. Hi Dan thanks! all the information I needed, I much appreciate that 720 is indeed R25 v6 but espace v6 as well, however on 1 website I found 730 mm for the espace v6 so I was just wondering how long the esprit drifeshaft are. I have 2 r21 turbo shafts and yes they are shorter. (too short for me) thanks, rick btw where in australia are you? for work I have been to adelaide three times and twice to geelong. had a nice weekend with the lotus club victoria driving in the victorian mountains.
  19. HI all, I am building a banks europa 62 with an UN1 gearbox (stevens esprit rear setup with my own trailing arms/) I need to order the drifeshafts but can't find the correct lenght on the internet. is there somebody with an driveshaft laying around who can measure the total lenght of the driveshaft with the inner CV joint /tripod fully compressed (basically the shortest lenght) the longest driveshafts (that will fitt the un1) I can find are 722mm and 730mm thak you in advance rick
  20. hope this works, (copy) essex colours look good on an eclat
  21. bought a running NA '85 esprit 3 years ago in the middle of a banks 62 build-up ( I wanted something to drive) turns out the m.o.t. guy must have been blind because there was so much wrong with the front suspension/steering that I find myself in another restoration (one thing leads to another, I even started with an rhd to lhd conversion at the same, because I needed the parts anyway so why not in LHD and do the conversion. esprit is at a standstill as a member of the belgium lotus club paid me a visit to see my banks 62 build-up, he came all the way in his twin cam europa and the europa bug hit me like never before so the esprit needs to wait awhile before she gets any attention did manage to find one of the previous owners (through the forum) and he still had the original wind deflector I was missing
  22. I remember a cosworth powered esprit at donington years ago think it was a red stevens one,
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