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  1. Nick it is a long time ago but did you find any bigger callipers for the back ? cheers, rick
  2. don't buy "hard/race" bearings like acl, I like the standard bearings because they are soft, if you have an oil problem you want your bearing to be fucked not your crank because it is a lot cheaper to buy new bearings........ check your bearing clearance with plastigauge because you do not want your clearance to be too big. don't know if lotus is selling more than one grade bearings. btw aftermarket bearing have the biggest clearance so they fit all crank's don't use them on a performance engine if you can find 0.01-0.015mm on your bearing clearance you end up with more oil pressure an thats what you want. (on my little nissan turbo engine (1969 lotus/banks europa) I started with grade 5 (biggest clearance) , after the plastigauge I went back to grade 3 bearings.) so I ended up buying 2 sets but better safe than sorry on a crank good luck
  3. in the gt40 replica club they use the un1-13 (from an renault 21 turbo) they match it to 5 liters of ford v8 (350-380bhp) only the 5th gear gives a problem but there are stronger 5th gears around. other problem with the 5th gear is it's design, it hangs on the end of the box with only 1 bearing......... so yes you need to be gentle in 5. the diff does not like wheel spinning a lot and some are running oil coolers on the box if you want to learn a lot about the un1 box go to , go to the gearbox section and search for renault un1, have fun reading...
  4. why I went for an esprit? think I was drunk or I am braindead... but we all made that mistake lol. the restoration of my europa took so long I wanted a car I could drive. now I have two lotuses in parts and drive a renault megane, thats the braindead part btw.....
  5. I have no Idea whats in it al I know (from the invoice history) that somebody paid a lot of many to convert to high compression pistons (steel liners) in the past. what is the best way to check them? any marks on them? thanks, rick
  6. sounds like a plan because I like mid range more than top end, thanks for the reply!, rick
  7. Hi, I have an N/A 2.2 912 LC ('85 s3) engine with aftermarket high compression pistons (unknown history) I am going to convert to TB fuel injection, will I benefit from a 107 camshaft? will it give more top end or mid range? thanks, rick
  8. still for sale victoria
  9. does anybody know the silver paint code for the s3 bbs wheels? thanks, rick
  10. stand alone ecu.. thats what I am doing on my s3.
  11. remember the gt6 has the same trunnions and a very heavy all iron 6 inline at the front (and don't forget that gearbox) . I have never seen a esprit with broken trunnions btw (or a europa) for me it is just the idea this can happen far away from home with the spitfire I left the car on the side of the road, went home drilled a m12 hole in it and went back to repair it on site. then drove home very slowly..... (was on a sunday)
  12. white body with a dark blue interior does it for me (don't like black) or what about grey?
  13. not at the front..... but it is THE reason I went for an post 85 (after a trunnion broke on the old spitfire and I already have a europa with a trunnion (I wanted at least one lotus without a trunnion) and the post85 sits a bit higher so nowadays with al those speed bumps (sleeping policemen) it's nice to have a little more room.
  14. don't know the name for it but it's that curvy thing on the dash that has the gauges in it, need one for a kit car and I have allways liked the v8 dash... I can shape one from foam but it is a lot of work to do it wright so i better buy one.
  15. looking for the binnacle only (no gauge needed) anybody know where to get one? thanks, rick
  16. thanks, now I understand the PM lol
  17. Hi Nicolas, If you speak dutch instead of french PM me and I'll tell you, I am doing this at the moment without a "bodyoff"
  18. my europa is 40.1" with 4,5"front and 5"rear clearance on 15"wheels, no way there is any eprit lower than a europa, a buddies gt40 rep. is 40.5" and my s3(MY'85) looks like a pickup truck next to the europa and the gt40!
  19. Hi I am looking for a "cut through" drawing / pic from the inlet valve/runner so I can look for the best position (angle) for an fuel injector. thanks, rick
  20. cool, thanks, I was thinking about the T or maybe a small elektric waterpump (a chargecooler one) I have aftermarket HC pistons but have not driven the car much I have a nice IR temp. reader so will check the temp. for each cylinder after a long run..
  21. Hi I have read that the 912 LC has a hot spot at the back of the 4 cylinder, how to avoid? can I just T the water pipe that runs from the head to the heater into the collector underneath the inlet manifold? is this what they did on the later engines? (and maybe make the T a bit smaller so the heater still get hot? thanks for any information, rick
  22. nic I think the 4 spoke 15" with the centercap without the bolts look like a million dollar, they give the car a very clean look paint the wheels gold and keep your body dark blue matellic...
  23. thats what I did on my europa as well, i have replaced one reverse light with a bright clear LED bulb (21w) when it is off, nothing to see but when on, one big red fog light. I have an s3 as well and like the idea of an s1 look on a s3 chassis but I have too much work on the europa... mine is a '85 so its too high anyway
  24. hi, '85 NA s3 rebuilding the front atm (new tripple fan rad and overhauling the brakes and brakelines) does anybody know why lotus has put the otter switch in the "hot" side of the cooling system because on all my other cars the switch is in the cold side of the rad and to be honest it makes more sens to me too because as long as the wind cools the rad enough you don't need the fan and as soon as the returning coolant is too hot the fan's are starting to work. is this lotus only or standard mid engine stuff (caused by the longer water flow trough the car and delayed cooling?) thanks, rick
  25. thats why I like this forum, the "hard way" makes sence to me but if it ruined your engine who am I to do it again with mine thanks for telling!
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