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  1. so as a start I want to replace all the bushes on the front before I do anything else (just to start at the basic and work my way out) question is do I go for standard or those fancy polybushes? I need a new rack anyway and want new tyers (still ok but 9years old) later in time I want to replace all the bushes at the rear as well. I did found out the body on the rear sits 1.5cm lower on the rhs (drivers side) is this typical wear in the rear spring? (front seems to be spot on) I was thinking to swap the rhs/lhs spring so when my 100kg is loaded in the seat it will level the car a bit more. any tips where to start? (I have started to spray wd40 on the bolts a week ago so hopefully this will help a little taking them apart) thanks, rick
  2. Hi all, I am thinking to convert my '85 n/a s3 to fuel injection, because of fuel injection I can raise the compression on the engine but the question is How much? I know on the ford 302 v8 they raise the compression by 1 full point if they switch over to fuel injection. is there an easy way to raise the compression on a LC engine or do I need HC parts. If I do not raise the compression and stick with the 9.4:1 from the LC engine can I use euro95 instead of euro98? because the PO told me to use euro98 but with only 9.4:1 it seems a bit od to me to use euro98 (in the lowlands of the eu it is getting harder to find good 98) thanks, rick
  3. " I had a discussion with a fellow forum member about the possibility of putting a Countach body over an Esprit chassis " Hi Nic.after looking at the build I was thinking the same thing, if he can do this with a F40 body we can do this with a lp500 proto body but you have to finish the esprit first and I have to finish the banks 62 first (AND I need to do a few small things on the esprit...) Hi Plasticfantastic, did you buy this c-reg "86 silver engine-less audi boxed esprit s3 from a guy in the south? I have been over to have a look at this one but body was shit and the welding he did on the chassis looked....... not so nice. just wondering if it is the same esprit we have been looking at. good luck with your build, I have never liked the F40( to modern) I like the 288gto a lot more but I very much like what you'r doing from a pistonhead point of view.
  4. I hate trunnions!! based upon problems I had with the spitfire...... but I hate UJ to, again based on the problems I had with the spitfire.....(but I think on the UJ it is my fault, heavy right foot and 120bhp on the org. diff..... is asking for problems it will be a couple of day's before I am back at the esprit but I seem to remember that handbrake thing so maybe I am lucky and have ONE trunniun less car LOL thanks rick
  5. Hi not new to lotus but new to the esprit, I am the new owner of a '85 n/a esprit, everybody talks about pre85 and post85 but my esprit is from april1985 so what do I have to say to the nice salesman when ordering springs/dempers/bearings/disks ect? pre or post 85? thanks, rick
  6. Hi I have sealed both halfs of the gearbox with loctite 518 and have got paper gaskets for the 5th gear cover and the belthousing, question is do I put the paper gaskets in "dry" or do I need to put something on top of them thanks,rick
  7. Hi, anybody going to the lotus club austria meeting next weekend (fryday3-sunday5 june in bad aussee) I am going but not with the lotus (still in parts)
  8. I would keep your rhd chassis and replace/move the existing brackets for the steering so you can keep your old chassis number (TUV) I'v been thinking to do this myself when I get an esprit from the UK good luck with the conversion
  9. yes it is.... but I am not in a hurry, car is not finished yet i'll find another one
  10. lost the bid, the seller did not wanted to send it to holland......
  11. hi, I am looking for an aluminium badge, the text is "lotus chargecooler" it sits on top of the chargecooler (looking for the early style), I have a new one that will go into my turboed '69 europa but it came without the badge thanks, rick
  12. hahahaha yes me too I'll let you now if I am going with the blue europa , rick
  13. yeh me to so I can continue to work on the europa :-) and now I can sell the spitty to make room for an s3na because it looks like the europa will not be ready for the donny show.... (or the summer) are you coing to the donnington show? would love to see your s3
  14. carbs rebuild, no leaking anymore, car is running nice, thanks for all the help rick
  15. ye good tip, to count, thats what i normally do as well. stupid I dit not think about it this time (think because there are so much new on carbs for me) anyway, it leaks from the very bottom so I assume it's the diaphragms that needs replacing but will do the rest as well. thanks for the reply, rick
  16. Hi Danny thanks for the quick reply, it is not for the europa as this car gets a turbo and fuel injection, I have another car (73spitty 2.0 lancia/fiat twink)so thank god there is no electronics under the carbs... both carbs are leaking so will do both. I am not afraid to take them apart but I'm more worried about the correct settings/adjustments. I have already bought a full gasket set so I know what I am doing tomorrow... (I was just hoping to avoid some work on the top of the carbs, lazy me) thanks, rick
  17. Hi I just found out that my dellorto carbs are leaking fuel from the lowest part of the carb, are they hard to rebuilt? I was thinking to just replace the seals on the lower part so I can leave the rest of the carb alone (don't want to touch anything I don't understand) thanks,rick btw it is not leaking it is more like a waterfall!
  18. Mo, for the front wheels it is easy, replace the hub's with aluminium hubs that are available in 4x100 like I did on my europa, the hubs come in spitfire (small) and gt6 (big) bearings, you need the gt6 one banks service station (europa enginering) sells them (the box section it to check for toe in/out and camber)
  19. Mo, thanks for using my pictures from my wheels LOL, I have two extra mid sections why not weld them up and redrill to 5 lug it will look beter as well you will paint them gold so nobody will see... 5 lug compomotive wheels...... that is nice..... any idea when you will pick up the wheels? greetings, rick
  20. John, thanks for the information, more or less the same information/explanation as on the gt40s website so I'll go for stainless (a added bonus is that stainless keeps the heat more inside the tube compair to aluminium......) Giorgio: I have only bought the body shell, front bonnet, front wishbone's front hub's (aluminium) and the intereur from richard I have made the chassis and rear suspention myself I have plenty of pictures but no time to make a nice build log some information: front disk 300X20 4pot willwood's rear solid disk with esprit rear caliper. gearbox is a renault un1 013 (21 turbo box) and engine is a mildly tuned nissan 1.8 16v turbo ( 210-230bhp if this is not enough I can instal a stage 2 chip and a bigger turbo for 270bhp but I think this is to much for the little car..... wheels are revolution 5 spoke 7*15 and 8*15 fitted with 195/50 and 225/50 toyo's targed weight is 850kg due to a stronger chassis and roll over protection it is the perfect cross between a esprit and a europa with a little gt40 added...... I need to find a way to post more pics without using to much upload quota ciao, rick
  21. I am going to replace my coolant pipe's that run trough the backbone(in my europa) and want to use stainless steel instead of aluminium, the question is does stainless steel cooling lines promote dissimilar corrosion in the aluminium engine? and how will the coolant fluid react on the stainless steel (reason for asking is that on the waterinjection kit I can not use an aluminium bottle because it will be eaten away by the water/meth mix) thanks, rick
  22. lol, I have voted about 10 times last half year to get the slot mags back in production (there where 3 old style wolfrace wheel to vote for so hopefully my 10 times have helped
  23. Hi I was just wondering if anybody knows the diameter of the rear caliper (inboard brake's) I don't have any and want to convert to outboard (because of the audi box) I have some renault 25 (bendix) rear calipers (like the one on the early s-esprit) but 36mm calipers in stead of the 45mm if 36mm is ok it save's me some money.( I am only using the car on the road so don't need very big brake's (the car is a '85 with vented front disks) thanks
  24. I have a set compomotive's they need cleaning. PM if you want them
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