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  1. don't need to, we are not hijacking someone's post, it's mine LOL je hoort nog van me. Rick
  2. thats only half an houre away from one of my customers in heist op den berg, family is around Antwerp (hoevenen/kapellen/essen) In the near future I'll be back there for a machine rebuild, this will take a week or so. can visit and talk lotus if you like. Rick
  3. @Filip, nice Idea about switching them in series. on my spitfire the otter switch sits on the cold (outlet) side but the engine is directly behind the rad so no long delay in water temp drop, on a mid engined car you want the otter switch in the hot side so when the water is too hot the fans go on before entering the rad to avoid a hot peak in the system returning to the engine but if the rad is big enough one does not need fans at all? but looking at various mid engined cars I just copy what they do. (otter switch in the hot side) looks like I am going for the front mounted otter switchs, it keeps the wires short and simple and clears the engine bay. btw where about are you located in flanders, I have a few customers and family menbers in flanders. Rick
  4. looking at my 1985 s3 I see the otter switch being located in the back close to the engine, however on the later cars they are up front very close to the rad. what is the best position? on my (custom) europa I made an otter switch with 2 tempetures settings, the lowest switches on the first fan and the higher switch sets the second fan. (otter switch is up front in the rad (hot side) thinking to do the same on the esprit with the 3rd fan operated by a dashboard switch. I am rewiring the esprit with all new copper so I can go both ways (that doesn't sound straight LOL) thanks, Rick
  5. me not have A/C (I'm the poor one in the family 🙂
  6. get a 3way T-valve in that position, so at least you can fine tune the flow to the heater. or even better make it an electrical operated 3 way valve so you can switch on the heater flow in the winter.
  7. Steve, I was thinking of silicon grease as well, this or white grease. but I think i'll go for silicon grease. apparently grease does extends life expectancies of steel to plastic gears. thanks
  8. I am cleaning/repairing the headlight lift motors, found out the grease is "dead" (well dead I don't know but it is old and hard 🙂 ) what is good grease to use? as I can imagine the plastic wheel can be weakened by some of the modern greases around. thanks, Rick
  9. so if I understand it correctly we need to buy parts from the suppiers because they are so nice to supply us with parts and to keep them in business so they can keep supplying us with parts in the future? I think they are in it for the money. it's a lotus, DIY is part of the fun to keep them on the road. I don't like to throw money in it on parts I can make myself. in this case I would make them out of aluminium and paint them black. good enough for me. (jm2c)
  10. I had the same thing on a NA engine after I had wraped the exhaust in heat wrap, I had a high idle so after turning the engine off it still sucked in some air/fuel mixture, this then went into the hot exhaust manifold and 2 sec after turning it off BANG, (but only on a hot engine) I lowered the (too) high idle back to 850 and this (for me) solved the problem.
  11. do you happen to have the dimensions from the oiled brass bushes? so I can buy them in advance? (id/od) sj lists them from plastic but I wanne go brass as well. thanks
  12. I am a sucker for bright blue on a car like the first series countach, a G-esprit Alpine A110 and don't forget my little banks europa 62
  13. I would love to see a bright blue S1 with an blue tartan interior (does not exsist I know but just the thought of it)
  14. Nr 4, something else: I love blue on an S1, with a nice set of polished wolfrace wheels.
  15. I'll call you crazy, not for the chassis on top but for the use of a GS break to do that! lol
  16. digging in some old pictures I found one of how it all began.... (many moons ago LOL) Richard from Banks Europa Service advised me not to go faster than 50mph but found out 80mph was a nice speed. I traveled at night to avoid heavy traffic, channel tunnel was quiet 5 in the morning and I arived around sunrise in French. still remember that look in the eyes of a ferrari owner hitting full on the brakes just to have a look what that was on top of my little astra. best trip ever!
  17. I am going to make a new one anyway, the rust does not look good and bonding it in sounds like a good plan to me. makes for a better joint between the steel and grp then just the rivets. thanks, Rick
  18. no, I can't see it to add any stiffness as well but I am really wondering what the function is. can't believe it does't do anything at al.
  19. long small steel strip underneath the front lid, it is rusting away and I want to replace it with some new steel, is it there to help keep the lid curved? or can I remove it witout a problem and replace with a new one? thanks, Rick
  20. I seem to remember (from a long time ago) there is an maintenance/ overhaul file how to repair them, I am looking for it myself as I need to do work on them as well
  21. no luck today, did as I was told to do but no movement... full with wd40, will see tomorrow.
  22. thank you guys, new attempt tomorrow. I bought the car in 2011 in London, from a chap that owned it 1 year, I used it for a few weeks as too many things were wrong (brakes and steering) and my banks 62 needed al my time, a year later on a trip for work in the UK I met another former owner, he told me he had a nice surprice for me so when I showed up at his house he had the original sunroof bag and original wind deflctor. boy was I happy. btw I am thinking of making an grp mould from the sunroof so I can make an grp panel incase I break the glass (just to be safe)
  23. s3 my85, I have never removed the sunroof, can anybody tell me how to? I can move the pin 2-3 mm sideways and I presume there is a locking mechanism? but because there is no movement in the "blue" part I am not sure. thanks, rick
  24. my engine has not run in 7 years so I am going to pre-oil first, thanks for the tip to use the oil pressure switch as I was thinking to make an adaptor to the oil filter but this wil work as well , I am going to fil up an big air cylinder and put compressed air on the other side so oil will be forced under light pressure into the engine.
  25. my '85 s3 is in pieces right now, I've installed an corsa D colum/motor. it's just for slow speed (first/reverse) so I'll make an on/off swith on the first and revers gear stick position.
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