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  1. btw it is not an capri unit, (pinion shaft is different in lenght) look for a manufactures name in the alu casting near the pinion. i have seen at least 2 different manufacturers so maybe they have different parts inside as well
  2. looks like my "85 esprit, I got most of the parts from a specialist up in B'ham (Kiley - Clinton Engineering I asked for capri parts (inner ball joints, springs and all the nylon parts as well) there are a few different style's, the cheap one's (lotus) have 1 needle bearing and 1ball bearing the later one's (capri) have 2 tapper bearings, I redrilled my casting to use 2 tapper bearings as it is much better to minimize play (a normal ball bearing has a little axial play) this is not a problem on the (way to expensive) new units that are available because they have straight cut gears but on the better and beefier old units with helical cut gears you don't want your pinion to go up or down first before it moves the rack. btw on the new units the rack is 19.05mm (3/4") on the old one's the rack is 22.2mm (7/8") search for a capri manual in pdf there are good drawings that explain everything
  3. thats only 1/3 of it. this is the other side and the view outdoors.
  4. Gotti, I will, believe me I will. I have been to the lotus museum a few time's when I was visiting a customer in knittelfeld (öBB) I always took a detour through bad aussee to visit Jozef. (last time was 2 months ago) unfortunately that machine at öbb has now been moved to hungary. I went to the bergthrophy 2 years ago, lovely meeting with nice cars. this is what I call a hillclimb, 6 miles up the mountain to the top I plan on going this year again if the weather is good.
  5. Gotti, hartberg..... I have a customer over there (stahlbau Grabner) I use to go there for maintenance, hope they have a little problem with that machine so I have a good excuse to visit hartberg in the near future. btw are you going to the lotus club austria bergtrophy as that will give me another good excuse to go this year because I would love to see your car.
  6. I am the opposite, searched long for a good N/A s3 because I do not like the look of a turbo. for me an s1 or s2 is the best looking esprit but I wanted a glass roof and an trunniun less front so went for a late s3. please do not convert your s3 to turbo looks (there must be esprit owners out there with s3 turbo look a like's that are happy to swap with you) maybe thats a cheaper option
  7. I had to reweld a broken weld on a friends esprit (where the T meets the backbone) so when it was time to work on my esprit I made this , it is a copy of what lotus did on the later esprit chassis , I think lotus was aware of the weakness in this part. so if you are still at the beginning of chassis work you can do this as well before you put any coating on it, this is what I call chassis preparation..... :-)
  8. Hi Nic nice you'r still around. I had spacers on my 85 front, sj list them as "A082C4069F INSULATOR (between top of spring and top cap)" I replaced them with an 1mm thick teflon shim to make the front lower.
  9. good luck with the esprit, be careful for a little project called "new girlfriend" as it is a known to take away all resources (money and time) love the exhaust btw,
  10. dot 4 is just the minimum boiling point, there are dot 4's available with a higher boiling point, I am using Ferodo super formula, has a minimum dry boiling point of 320
  11. I have seen one in holland but the owner wrapped it white.......
  12. thanks Roger for the reply, so binnacle only for me then!
  13. Roger I am in for some new leather as well, I am aware about the reflection from the binnacle but what about that first 15cm of leather directly underneath the frontscreen, does that reflect as well? (thinking of making that part black but a one color dash looks better imho baie dankie, Rick
  14. a TLF member from the US did this on his turbo ("esprit Aviation") he is very happy with it. (I am doing it on my s3 but work came to a stillstand as my banks 62 needs all my time at the moment) so I can not yet tell you anything about my project. I have the pump up front with a 3 way thermostat, a small cpu controls waterpump speed so I can set the engine temp and the cpu also controls the fans btw he is running revers flow if I remember correctly
  15. @G_Reaper from an article featured in the November 1992 edition of Classic and Sportscar magazine: Andrew Short runs BSS Spares across the yard, a separate company from Banks, "but if we've something to develop, we do it together" so yes he did work with Richard.... (so now we know why his company is BSS as well but if you look him up on the web the company is BSS parts and is located in Croston )
  16. it is not from Banks Service Station (Richard Winter) however ther is an BSS in southport (Richard is in Banks, just north of southport) this one (BSS in southport) is Andrew Short the real Banks Service Station is the big question is why start a business (in lotus cars) near Banks Service Station and call yourself BSS as well?
  17. for the bendix, I have a set of renault 25 rear brakes and they look identical but the piston diameter is a lot smaller, however the matra bagheera rear brake calipers have the same piston diameter as the esprit (if I remember correctly) here is a link how to rebuild them
  18. how is the engine bay looking on both cars, if the 2.2 bay looks perfect it must say something about the mentality / craftsmanship of the owner (and so the rebuild) I have seen work of so called specialists, that you and me can call ourselves specialist, so if not done by somebody in the lotus world you still don't now if it is done correctly. when I did my europa engine I've read and read and studied and read again, bought tools for it, maybe a specialist had done a cheaper job but I wanted to do it myself. so to make a long story short I'll go for the second esprit (2.2)
  19. Barry, I have a very good tip, leave them in....... haha
  20. does anybody know this car? looks like a nice swap
  21. a fuego turbo is nice, or maybe a nissan turbo like I did
  22. honda has 15" steel wheels with 4 holes on a 100mm pcd, (don't now if the center hole is big enough)
  23. we dutch can be sarcastic as well.
  24. had a talk with Mark,he remembered the car and he treated to kill me if I did not rectify the measage I left behind about his paintjob.. just kidding He did not ask me to rectify it but apparently the PO left the car underneat a cover (car was outdoors underneath a cover when I picked it up) so I guess the hot London summers is to blame) Rick
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