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  1. Thanks Steve, much appreciated, I need a new belt anyway but was hoping I could turn her on the starter motor (no plugs/pump ect) once a month without a new belt. as it will take another year before I start working on the s3, (I want to finish my Banks europa 62 before I start working on the esprit)
  2. thanks Luc, it is not for protection in the long run but to get some oil between the pistons/liners/rings before I turn her (by hand) if I like what I see I'll turn her on the starter to get some oil pressure rick
  3. i have an esprit that was done at stocks coachworks.... not impressed, (moisture in the paint) maybe it was an low budget job
  4. thanks Buddsy, I was just wondering if normal oil is too thick maybe some 0w20 will do the trick Rick
  5. Hi, my engine has been sitting still for the last 5 years (shame on me) I want to spin her around (whitout plugs and carbs) but before I do I want to put oil in the cylinders / on top of the pistons) I'll turn her by hand first, engine oil needs to be replaced later anyway so am I ok with wd40 or is this a big NO? it is just to make sure the rings don't stick and brake.... I am not planning on starting her for the next year due to much more work but like to turn her around a few times before I do rick
  6. I am converting the handbrake to an electric one to avoid this BUT nic966 did it correctly, the biggest problems we are having is to find parts from LHD cars because so few were sold in the EU back then. so going to RHD makes it so much easier for finding the parts (rack/pinion, heater cover, and the handbrake) I know more people converting to LHD
  7. so why not go for a body damaged early stevens and replace the body with an G-esprit? you get a better chassic/engine and the better looks? don't worry about an LHD to RHD conversion, I have done the same but from RHD to LHD and because there are much more RHD esprit parts around in your country it will be lots easier to do, I did not even had to remove the body to do the (little) welding for the padel brackets. don't let a LHD one put you off.
  8. exige s1 with 550 bhp? das toch nie normaal da ding gaat oerend hard
  9. Don’t forget Bauke is on a mission to own every single esprit ever made, (even if it is only for a week or twoo….) BTW Bauke hope you'r not selling her too soon so you can bring her to the november 5 lotus meeting at van der kooi
  10. BTW I made my own sheet steel backbone chassis, I took the measurements from the old one, ordered the steel a little heavier and welded it up with some extra stiffeners in the backbone.
  11. one 1647cc engine for sale
  12. why not go for a Banks replacement chassis? you can go for a space frame OR a sheet steel as the original (so you can use your suspension parts). I do not like the spyder chassis as the top arm for the rear suspension is very short imho and because you engine needs a rebuild, think about the renault 1647cc crossflow (renault 843 engine) good luck with the build
  13. I don't like aluminium and salty roads.... so I went for a recore to make it longer/wider and 3 new fan's (s3 NA)
  14. how can they justify that much money, is the world becoming insane?
  15. Zig, a friend used to have a 911 (1984 targa) one's we took it apart we found the clutch to be less than 2mm thick, and it was still working, so I guess the 7.9-8.0 "used one" is still like new
  16. Dan the fact that you do not see any esprit on uk roads anymore is because Bauke seems to buy all of them and ships them to holland.
  17. Dan, it is the light/shadow through the rear screen that makes it looks like it is half an engine.... George, this looks like the twin cable linkage set up sold for weber carbs
  18. I went there a few years ago (was in the b'ham area for work) very nice people and very helpfull, got all the parts I needed to do the job myself good luck.
  19. no it's a nissan ca18det and yes thats a un1 (013 as used in the 21 turbo) and that blake pipe between the turbo and inlet is soon to be replaced with an esprit chargecooler. so now you know why I like engine swaps
  20. porn... that last picture is nice, looking good. unfortunately my esprit engine is good so I have no excuse for a swap..... however I do have a little
  21. more please..... (I like engine swaps )
  22. Hi Giorgio I had my 2 rad recored/extended to 900mm (vs the standard 600mm) and installed 3 fan's.
  23. Geo, the late s3 front/braking is not an easy fitt to your early s3. I have a late s3 (1985) but converted to bigger brakes as the oem brakes of the late s3 are just ok for the car. your better of with an aftermarket set instead. or get some modern 4 pots from ebay and find a disk that will fit. on my '85 I went for pug disks and nissan calipers. was very cheap

    good luck, rick 

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      pug = peugeot , the calipers I am using are from a '90 non-turbo 300zx. only build in 1990 the steel one's are still used today on the subaru wrx, the later have wider disks, (32mm vs 24mm) the peugeot disks I have are from a 406 coupe (2 liter not the 3 liter) this set up works very well on the later uprights but not on the earlier uprights. you have triumph gt6 uprights on the early s3, in the old days people used BLM princess cast iron 4 pot calipers as they are a direct fit to the triumph upright, and redrilled ford capri (think 2.8) vented disks. they even sell spacers for the calipers to make them wider.. still I think if your looking for second hand aluminium calipers on ebay your better of. good luck

    3. geo


      Thanks for the info - all very useful.

    4. lotus-62
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