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  1. Mo, for the front wheels it is easy, replace the hub's with aluminium hubs that are available in 4x100 like I did on my europa, the hubs come in spitfire (small) and gt6 (big) bearings, you need the gt6 one banks service station (europa enginering) sells them (the box section it to check for toe in/out and camber)
  2. Mo, thanks for using my pictures from my wheels LOL, I have two extra mid sections why not weld them up and redrill to 5 lug it will look beter as well you will paint them gold so nobody will see... 5 lug compomotive wheels...... that is nice..... any idea when you will pick up the wheels? greetings, rick
  3. John, thanks for the information, more or less the same information/explanation as on the gt40s website so I'll go for stainless (a added bonus is that stainless keeps the heat more inside the tube compair to aluminium......) Giorgio: I have only bought the body shell, front bonnet, front wishbone's front hub's (aluminium) and the intereur from richard I have made the chassis and rear suspention myself I have plenty of pictures but no time to make a nice build log some information: front disk 300X20 4pot willwood's rear solid disk with esprit rear caliper. gearbox is a renault un1 013 (21 turbo box) and engine is a mildly tuned nissan 1.8 16v turbo ( 210-230bhp if this is not enough I can instal a stage 2 chip and a bigger turbo for 270bhp but I think this is to much for the little car..... wheels are revolution 5 spoke 7*15 and 8*15 fitted with 195/50 and 225/50 toyo's targed weight is 850kg due to a stronger chassis and roll over protection it is the perfect cross between a esprit and a europa with a little gt40 added...... I need to find a way to post more pics without using to much upload quota ciao, rick
  4. I am going to replace my coolant pipe's that run trough the backbone(in my europa) and want to use stainless steel instead of aluminium, the question is does stainless steel cooling lines promote dissimilar corrosion in the aluminium engine? and how will the coolant fluid react on the stainless steel (reason for asking is that on the waterinjection kit I can not use an aluminium bottle because it will be eaten away by the water/meth mix) thanks, rick
  5. lol, I have voted about 10 times last half year to get the slot mags back in production (there where 3 old style wolfrace wheel to vote for so hopefully my 10 times have helped
  6. Hi I was just wondering if anybody knows the diameter of the rear caliper (inboard brake's) I don't have any and want to convert to outboard (because of the audi box) I have some renault 25 (bendix) rear calipers (like the one on the early s-esprit) but 36mm calipers in stead of the 45mm if 36mm is ok it save's me some money.( I am only using the car on the road so don't need very big brake's (the car is a '85 with vented front disks) thanks
  7. I have a set compomotive's they need cleaning. PM if you want them
  8. I know it is a bit late....I have done it on my brake's ( have converted the europa to rear disk with the same calipers) as soon as the plate is in a bit you can slide the caliper out after pushing the locatoin pin in hope this will help
  9. Hi Danny thanks for the information, I bought them for my banks-62 but bought 5-spoke revolutions instead so they are just taking up room, however because the 62 is still not finished I am looking for an early s3n/a as a cruiser so maybe I can use them on the s3. but they do need a good clean....
  10. Hi all, I have a spare set 3-piece compomotive esprit wheels (early s3t/essex style) they seem to be very weak (thin alu) how much run-out is allowed? I have about 2mm on the outside rim. and how do I seal the wheels on the inside, the o-rings seem to be gone long time ago... thanks
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