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  1. can somebody shine a light on this?   black stevens body from JUN 87,  (pre production?)   chassis number SCC 082 DEV  HHH 10005    

    Jun87 (dutch reg. date) must be G-body, was this a test car? or is the date wrong? 


  2. On 05/06/2022 at 13:50, NG5 said:

    If you plan on tuning over 170hp, I'd look for a UN3. (btw I suffered brain fade in my earlier post when i mentioned the UN1 box, I meant UN3) 

    you did it again lol, the UN3 does not exist, it is called the NG3!  (and NG1, NG2, NG4, NG5)  it is the smaller gearbox of the 2.  the UN1 is the bigger box. (too heavy for the Europa but used in the esprit)



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  3. also William, you do not have to go too crazy with BHP on a Europa as you want the car to feel save to drive, in the end this will give more fun in driving.  200 bhp in a high revving NA engine is perfect and you do not need anything bigger then an NG3 series gearbox. 

  4. On 04/03/2022 at 17:14, William Enzweiler said:

    If I find a bell housing adapter is the transaxle strong enough to hold up to the power of the Zetec. 

    hi William, the small renault gearbox will not handle soo much torque (I was told by Richard from Banks europa's) ,   maybe the NG3-000 gearbox is a better option for you (renault fuego 2.0) ,  I went for the UN1-013 with halfshafts and bearings but thats because I have a turbo charged engine with a lot of torque AND I wanted a wider rear to fill the body work on my banks 62,  good luck with the rebuild and please keep posting pictures

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  5. Hi Richard, looks good! I made a lot on my lathe and mill as well, I have similar door hinges but the bottom one keeps working itself loose I do see that my inner thread is finer (m16x1), maybe I sould make a few new ones in 16x1,5 (just to see) or make the inner pin lockable to the body 


  6. On 29/03/2022 at 10:51, Richardinaustria said:

    Thanks Rick, I'm near Innsbruck, only a couple of hours away, I'll go and have a look, I'm a member of the club so should be easy.


    my beloved Innsbruck.  I've been there many times (Hall.i.T) last year I was in the stubaital and went to the Innsbruck Zoo. next time I am over I'll pay you a visit so we can talk europa's LOL  btw the club has a very nice hillclimb on the loser panoramastraße.    good luck with the Europa


  7. Hi, looking for some information about piston surface area for the brakes,  the rear stays standard so I presume I can't go too big at the front?  I have 285x26 discs up front so not too big,  the smallest 4 pot pistons I can find already have 1,25 times the surface area of the single pots I have now.  does anybody know how much I can go bigger but still keep a good balance between the front and rear?  for the little europa I seem to have the same problem, the balance bar in the brake pedal is way of so I need smaller pistons at the front as well.  just wondering how much smaller lol.  best would be to buy smaller for the europa and put the wilwoods from the europa on the esprit but maybe this is overkill as well.  for the esprit I have 4 pots that have twice the surface area so way too big....

    thanks, Rick

  8. if I would go for a swap in my esprit (s3)  I would love to put a bmw M power straight 6 in her (on TBFI) a friend owns a M1 so maybe I am a bit biased lol,   the v12 is overkill, I like that audi v8 hilly did as well or that Renegate LS3 swap. good luck with any build, if you happen to make a build blog I will happily follow it as I like engine swap's (my europa has an nissan 1.8 turbo swap) 


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