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  1. looks like a good option that might fit rather easily. Okay, Im just about ready to order that... anyone have this installed and have any reviews on it?
  2. So it appears that the weakest link in my car... is the renault gearbox... Has anyone considered a swap or upgrade? Id like to swap it out before I lose another gear and Im wondering what the options are. Also, Id love to upgrade the driveshafts, any suggestions on that is appreciated as well. Thanks!
  3. So Ive had a beautiful run of luck with the car as of late. Last week I put new tires all around, that afternoon I blew out my drive shaft, the right side, sheared off completely at the connection point, luckily I wasnt in motion or I would have done more damage. The explanation I got is that my tires were too sticky, it caused too much torque on the shaft and when I dumped the clutch, it just broke. Anyone had this issue? If so, are there upgraded shafts available? or a crossreference? The drive shaft is $1800 from lotus. . Well, while it was in the shop I figured Id throw out the stalling problem Ive been having. Fuel was the easiest place to start so we did filters, then we changed out the relays, then finally tested the pump, which was showing degrading output over time. So hopefully thats the culprit, but again, its $1600 (usd) and another $400 for seals, labor and lotus badge tax. Dont know if anyone has any input on any of this, but I needed to vent it, cause I keep getting the question from friends.. "wheres the car?", and my now token reply is "back at the shop, draining my wallet..."
  4. Fuel pump, any cross reference? It looks like thats what my stalling issue is, the pump is degrading in pressure over time. So the bad is that the pump is $1600 from Lotus... do I have any other options? Also, the axle shafts... any crossreference there, or is $1800 a pop the best option?
  5. For what its worth, when I first picked up my car I was seeing the same thing, the speedo was all over the place, car idle was erratic, etc.. I had plans to take it down to get it looked over and then a day later... poof, it was dead, nothing.. no power. To make a long story short, after checking all the fuses, the alarm etc... it finally dawned on me to take a peek at the battery, the neg cable was loose and had come completely away from the terminal. I repositioned the cable and tightened it down... and everything was fine. So Id take a look at your battery first, make sure its charged and well connected.
  6. UPDATE!! So I got the ezscan and have been having much fun with it. The check engine light was showing an "Evap Leak - small leak". I cleared the codes and it hasnt come back, but does anyone have any idea where this might point me to look? Ive been playing quite a bit under the car (since that seems to be the only way to access anything) and Ive checked all the hoses I can find but to no avail. At very least, all is good for the time being!! Thanks for all the help and assistance!! This group is invaluable!!
  7. Okay, sucked it up and paid $146 shipped for a brand new one off amazon. Figured with the shop rate at $105 that was a steal. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it. Will update when I get it and find out whats goin on...
  8. okay, update, so I tried the ECU reset last night. It stalled at one point, but I just started it back up and let it go. Thought all was good this AM until it stalled again while driving. Now I have a "check engine" light on. Came home, disconnected the battery thinking maybe it needed the full reset again. Well, battery on and the check engine light is still on. Seems to be running well.. but that light.... So whats the best way to diagnose the light. is there a specific tool to plug in? if so, what and where?? Thanks again!!
  9. I havent seen this happen in cooler temps, and I shut off the AC for a bit and didnt see it happen after that. Just dont want to end up stranded. So new ECU, or a flash?
  10. So its rather hot out here in Utah. Been hovering between 95-105 during the day and not dropping to less than 75(farenheit) at night. And Im wondering if the heat is part of my problem... So heres the scenario, Im driving along on the freeway, 5th gear, AC on max, about 95mph. I suddenly feel some power loss, hit the gas, nothing and no dash lights. Push in the clutch and hold, and the car stalls, ie, dash lights, tach drop. I put the car into 4th and let the clutch out. It restarted, and seemed fine. Then "poof", did it again, same exact scenario. This happened 5 times in as many minutes until I could get off the freeway. I popped the engine cover, it was hot, but my temp gauge never got over 100. Once at a stop, the car started just fine, didnt give me any issues. One more item of note... my engine speed has been varying a bit, when Im at an idle it will fluctuate from 800-1000 with the occasional drop to 600. Other than these issues, everything is running great.. Any input is appreciated as I would like to get more familiar with the car and its nuances instead of dropping $$ at the dealer. Mainly because if she does break down somewhere out here, the average mechanic is going to have no idea where to even start... Thanks in advance!!
  11. Here she is, taking her out for a good rally up the canyon this weekend and will post more pics from there...
  12. just to update, I took the sensor apart, blasted it with some heavy duty cleaner, and a little lube. Put it back together with a little 3m adhesive, dropped it back in, and topped it off, poof, no more light. I took it out again and turned it over a few times, working flawlessly... Althought I like the Jag part idea...
  13. it was the coolant level (little pic of a radiator), but it was steady and not flashing. Id rather get it working right if possible. Is the Peugot part the same as stock? Cause Id rather pay Peugot pricing that lotus pricing...
  14. So Ive done some good searching.. pulled out the sensor, gave it a good douching, but alas, Ive still got the light. I noticed in one of the other threads that someone said something about some other coolant sensor in the front, wondering if anyone could point me in a direction on this. Or maybe Im barking up the wrong tree. The light came on yesterday after a drive of about 120 miles in 100 degree (f) temperatures. the oil temp is good, and the car stayed between 80 and 100 on the temp gauge the whole time, but as I got within a mile from home, the coolant light illuminated (steady) and hasnt gone off yet. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  15. have to wait till I get the car back to spy for it, but it sounds like its not worth the time. ah well, guess I'll either deal with the wind noise or just leave the top cracked open. Thanks for the response and the advice!!
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