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  1. Does anybody know where I can find indicator and wiper stalk for the 1987 G model. Getting the interior done and want to replace the old ones.
  2. There's also a large Lotus Esprit group on Yahoo . There may be interest there. I need to talk with my mechanic before I buy one. What day is the cut off day for signing up for the manifold. . There may be interest there. I need to talk with my mechanic before I buy one. What day is the cut off day for signing up for the manifold. Mark Franke 87 Lotus Turbo HCI USA
  3. Having a hard time finding fuel injectors in the USA. Is there anyone you as a source in the UK or Germany? Thanks Mark Fairfax, Virginia 87 HCI
  4. Anyone know where I can find a replacement key blank?
  5. Guys Can any reasonable shop charge and check the A/C for leaks? Or should I go to a Lotus specialists ? My regular shop can't get to it for weeks . By them I won't need it til next year. Mark Franke USA
  6. Dave Ill take one for my 87 Hci turbo. From what recall Ill need a new turbo as well that has an integrated waste gate ? Thanks Mark Franke USA
  7. Guys My front turn indicator in the bumper has had the bulb socket rot out. I have a whole new unit to put in fortunately. I just don't see how to get to it. Does the bumper have to come off or do I have to take out the headlamp pod? Nothing in the manual . Thanks Mark Franke 1987 HCI Esprit
  8. Guys Bibs got this done from the factory with a better design for the G model a few years ago. I bought one for about $550.00. May be a good idea to ask him. I think we had a group buy of about 50 which lowered the cost. Mark USA 87 turbo esprit
  9. The mirrors off my 87 HCI say Ford inside. I think they are off a UK Capri. Or a Fiesta I found my gaskets on ebay motors UK
  10. Bibs got mine too. T shirt and Polo shirt are awesome Thanks
  11. still in the pint booth

  12. Adam, can you tell me who you had print your details I have a set of just "Esprit Turbo"decals. What I need is the ones with HCI in them. My car is in for repaint right now. Also does anyone know if on federal models and 87 was Turbo Esprit under the bonnet badge or was it blank? Thanks Mark Franke
  13. Tom the wheels look great. I paid about the same to get mine done. Worth it though. How is the car running? Did you use Ralph at RS Motor Sports to work on it BTW is your car origanal interior i think mine has the same color. Matk F Car with Ragtops for paint:(
  14. Done thanks so much Mark Franke
  15. I never thought I would say this. I'm enjoying watching paint dry. Thanks Mark Franke
  16. Bibs I put in a reply for a manifold Aug 4th. Can you add my name? Thanks Mark Franke 87 HCI
  17. Hey, if this fits the 1987 HCI, US Fed spec car, I'm in. What a great opportunity. I visited The Lotus factory last week. If you have not been you are missing out. The are great guys. Thanks Mark Franke
  18. Folks my G box probably needs a rebuild. Transaxle oil with a mixture of metal leaking from speedo angle dive at the gearbox? Bad sound and not going into gear How much does the gearbox weigh with and without bell housing. Any sources UK or USA for a good rebuild? Thanks Mark Franke USA Saw the factory a few days ago wow
  19. Hilly I may be interested calipers at a good price. I would have you ship them to my cousin in Essex. Let me know thanks you Mark Franke may be interested in other bits as well for 87 HCI
  20. Brian Lotus has a set of liners and pistons on Ebay now for $588/ 400 sterling That is a set of 4. much cheaper than in the last few years Mark Franke
  21. Chris, there the DC area. I know at least three other Esprit owners in the Fairfax area including myself. There is a DC chapter of the Lotus Ltd. club. Also an annual gathering at a local numbers house. Contact me off list and I'll give you a few details. My car is still in restoration. Hope to have it in a week or two. A couple of reliable folks for advice as well. [email protected]
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