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  1. Was up at Maison Sparky yesterday and assisted, mainly holding and steadying, during the pin extraction. It should have been renamed a Grudgeon Pin given the reluctance it showed in venturing out in to the light! Having seen all of the bits, casings, chambers etc, branding this job as 'challenging' is a fairly mild assessment of what lies ahead. Doable, of course, but Sparky will need a snorkel as he won't be surfacing soon!
  2. Have you told them that the guarantee expires as soon as the engine is turned off?
  3. Having been the passenger in Christine on her handover day during the relocation run to Watford Exotics Esprit Emporium and witnessed, first hand on a weekly basis, the progress starting from mild euphoria at the prospect of a 'C' check with some rectification work and descending into a life sentence of Herculean proportions via the fifteenth sub-basement located underneath the Slough Of Despond before the Phoenix like rise to regaining 'wheels on ground with engine running' status, I can only marvel at the tenacity and quantity of effort that has been poured into this motor. Truly awesome. I'm currently designing the tickets for Sparky's forthcoming event. "Pushing water uphill, using only his nose, with his hands tied behind his back and his gentleman parts shackled to a 10ton weight - Live". Although it will be fairly easy for a man of his abilities, I think it will be worth witnessing... I'll let you know when the event is scheduled.
  4. Happy Birthday Trev. Trying to catch me up? Don't worry, you'll soon be an old fart...... if you're not one already! Mwah (big man-kiss).
  5. I had half expected that response...... But presumably you'll not be turning down any offers to assist with Marshalling etc. on the Brooklands site as I have a certain amount of experience, contacts and cache at that location!
  6. 1. Trevsked - New v6 Exige ( Would be nice) 2. Sparky - Believe it when I see it (He's promised!) 3. Bazza - some funny coloured car (Bet it's the mini) 4. Internets 5. Dodge1867 6. Hopo - an Esprit 7. Sizona 8. Wookie - Not a Lotus, maybe a sleigh.
  7. Can't remember if I've posted this one before but it's my favourite from the 2012 USA GP. Seems like a good time to trot it out. It's Jenson putting some manners on Bruno at turn 15 round about lap 20.
  8. re:- "So, Massa has joined Williams, Maldonado is out, probably taking his $30m sponsorship with him." Frank must have a financial rabbit to pull out of his hat because Massa doesn't usually bring money to a team...... Heard any rumours?
  9. Oops, still haven't finished thinning out last years 2,000+ photos and won't be adding any this year but I will be enjoying it from my living room. As to who wins? Would love it to be Webber, Grosjean or Button but it will probably be Vettel. One day I'll forgive him for 'multi21'.... but not this year! Bearing in mind our multi-talk-but-no-meet fiasco of last year, I think you guys should arrange your meeting place and time before you get there. Enjoy.....
  10. Unfortunately, I shall not be able to attend due to a prior engagement. Have a great time everyone!
  11. It's TOMORROW.... 18th May 2013 from 18:00...... Hope to see you there. Wookie.
  12. Trust the Regional DisCoordinator to get it wrong....... It's Lotus, TVR, Noble, Ginetta and Marcos (aka Esprit S5s)! You must have blinked and missed our contingent....... I will however disappoint you next month by turning up. Your yearning for scarcity value may be satisfied on Saturday 18th by turning up at the Ace as it is the ANNUAL Marcos and Morgan event at which there will, of course, be a lot of visible tarmac.
  13. Merry Christmas to all, from somewhere near Hethel (9 miles away).
  14. Sadly I'll have to bottle out of this one as Wednesday evening is my only pre-christmas opportunity to deliver my Goddaughter and her brother's Xmas prezzies down to Southampton. 1/ Trevsked (Sport 350, the best of the best of the best :-)) 2/ Sparky (Best GT3 ever) 3/ Internets (Second best GT3 ever) 4/ Wookie (S5 Esprit) 5/ Skiing (Most Expensive S3 Ever). 6/ Dave Freeman (Lowest and least mobile SE ever) 7/ Hopo (s3 turbo) 8/ Dodge (S4 the yellow terror) 9/ Palmergeddon (S4 the blue new boy) Trev, tyres currently fitted are Front 235/40 18 Goodyear Eagle F1 (£157.99 ea incl) Rear 255/35 18 Bridgestone Potenza (£197.44 ea incl) Prices are from two different companies, delivered to my place. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  15. Let me set out my stall..... I don't own a gun but do enjoy shooting (occasionally) on properly controlled ranges and have done so sporadically for over 40 years. My heart agrees completely with Roger 912's sentiments but wouldn't there have to be certain exemptions for things like nature conservancy culls etc? My liking of the shooting process does not include ANY form of live target, even if food is the by product, but there are some instances where a firearm is the most efficient and humane solution.
  16. John, yup sure was in its element. I saw youngsters eating turkey legs that were bigger than their own bodies! I went largely for the donuts, Aussie pies and coffees but was surprised by the lack of coffee vendors. Only the fancy coffee place in the plaza, Krispy Kremes and a noodle joint were doing it (only 5 outlets on the whole site). Given the amount of food and liquid being consumed the whole site was kept almost spotless by a small army of 'pickers' who were largely unemployed due to the crowds willingless to use the many garbage bins.
  17. Texas by chance? Yup, believe so. I'm guessing that these pics might spark an epidemic of 'BBQ Envy'!
  18. Trev, Will be sussing that out tomorrow. I actually need 4 as the rear tyre was also damaged and the other front was due for replacement. Sounds like the best possible time to get my wheels refurbed too..... hence the possible non-appearance of the S5 at the Ace this month.
  19. In too have major issues with a tyre so the S5 may not be there in which case I'll be the one dodging the 'wheelie-bikes' crossing the road as I exit the truck.
  20. Neat rescue (fair amount of swearing for those with sensitive ears). I think that the cost of the aircraft is overgenerous though.
  21. Is the engine for sale seperately? I see no pictures of the 'dirty bits'.......
  22. Harking back to John's "Doofus" photo, this picture is more or less the same view taken at ground level about 40yds away from the tower base showing some of the elevation change at the corner........ it's steep!
  23. Sorry not to have posted some photos before this but I still haven't adequately sorted the 3000 snaps I took over the weekend. Here's a taster from about lap 20 as Jensen was leaning on Bruno and asserting his seniority. Terrific race, great town, excellent circuit...... but majorly dissapointing not to have managed to establish face to face contact with The Iconic Pridester.... maybe next year. More next week when I return from the USA. edit'd fer speelin mistokes.
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