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  1. http:// Best of luck to the Lotus boys.... two in a row would be terrific.
  2. You can always do a driveby at Trev's place.... he's got loads! Seriously though, Sparky and I have noticed a diminution of all types of Lotus in the last 18 months. It could be worse..... the only time I see a Marcos is as a reflection in a shop window as I'm driving past it!
  3. People would pay more willingly if they knew that ALL of the revenues, after operating charges, were going towards another crossing to ease the burden on the existing overcrowded ones..... as long as there were achievable plans in place to provide a new transit point and that all of the money wasn't going to be sucked into a namby pamby enquiry debating the future of some new insect colony which is of no merit to anyone.
  4. It would be a terrific method of population control as the runners eventually encountered cliffs, chasms, ravines, oceans etc. Who said that we can't learn from lemmings(mythological behaviour or otherwise)? Personally, I don't do 'running' so you would still have to put up with me after the fitness freaks had removed their honed and toned carcases from the gene pool!
  5. Nice to see a top turnout again at the Ace..... The Lotus contingent was almost outnumbered by the three Marcos Mantis's that turned up (mind you, that represents about 8 months of Mantis production!) You could have held WWIII in the empty space in the carpark and still have had enough room for a couple of decent sized Armageddons...... The usual suspects triumphed and Felix was sorely missed. Come back soon mate. I think we can sort out that little problem with the authorities.......
  6. Will it emerge with cubs in the spring?
  7. Is that the vague aroma of 'cop out' I smell?
  8. Trev's info is slightly incorrect...... It's now officially the Lotus/TVR/Noble/Ginetta/Marcos night! 1/ Trevsked (Evora) 2/ Sparky (GT3) 3/ Internets (GT3) 4/ Skiing (S3 with one red bumper and one black and no rear valance - mid makeover!). 5/ Wookie(S5 with a few streaks of un-polished polish - some troll keeps sticking them on overnight!)
  9. Well, it would appear that after all of that "USA GP, I'm up for that!" gobshite of a couple of years ago I'm the only UK based forum member going to the event! Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'll happily meet up with any of you there......
  10. Sorry, can't attend this year as I will be at the USA GP in Austin. Have fun!
  11. Truly surreal, must have been the product of a lot of planning.
  12. Something that puts the weight high but the actual loading on your hips with a waist belt to keep it there. The most comfortable one I've ever used was an army frame with a high shelf to which a kitbag was strapped. I guess they've been replaced by what is known as a Bergen but that will probably be too voluminous for your requirements. A decent trekking store should be able to advise but you may have to travel some distance from your domicile to find a well stocked one. Have fun. I may be in your area in February so may be able to look you up for a tea/coffe/beer/sherbert.
  13. Wasn't going to go last night after a full day at sveral different locations (hanging theatre lights, fitting a 4 stroke engine to a Pitts Special model, sorting out a mate's broken Spektrum transmitter then finishing off with a trip to an SWMTC rehearsal) but finding myself at a loose end in Slough at about 20:00 thought I'd brave the Olympic Lanes on the M4 and see what was going on. Small group of Lotus owners, good chat though. Bright sunshine expected for the next meet as the Olympics should be finished by then! (dream on....)
  14. Right now, one of my journeys (West London - near Heathrow) is great as it incorporates an 'Olympic Traffic Lane'....... Even though the matrix signs say "Olympic lane now open to all vehicles" the brain dead numpties using the road get out of it in their lemming-like droves leaving an almost empty lane to travel in. I've no doubt it will be inconvenient at the times when the Olympic Lanes are actually switched on but it's only going to be for about a month so I'll live with it as most of my routes are unaffected. I'm looking forward to the competition(s) enormously.
  15. Prometheus - excellent addition to what looks like it may turn out to be a septiligy - as long as Ridley Scott is above ground! Thought Rapace was excellent (was just as good as in the original Dragon Tattoo trilogy which I'd highly reccomend)
  16. Don't know exactly how it did, but it didn't last the whole distance. I believe that it was entered as car number '0' which is reserved for one experimental vehicle each year and as such was only competing against itself rather than any of the official categories. As to the back being wider than the front.... I wonder how the F1 pilots in the 70s & 80s (I think) got on with their huge rear tyres/tracks compared to their fronts, especially when navigating the close confines of Monaco? Oh yes, I remember now..... quite adequately!
  17. Alex, you've probably discovered most of this already but those mirrors are a common item on quite a few sports cars. Your problem is a broken turret (or 'toad stool' as the TVR boys call them) I did a pictorial write-up (under the name of Captain Speaking... don't ask, it's a long story) on the Marcos forum a while ago which you can find at:- along with ideas for sourcing parts. The MHS referrred to in the text is Marcos Heritage Spares who are in Wiltshire, which I guess is not too far away from you. We've replaced turrets on a few Esprits but, given that they are made from monkey-metal they don't take much of a jolt before they break.........
  18. wookiecj

    4. Bahrain

    Been away for a while and now I return to see that not much has changed.... YAWN!!!! Put it away chaps. Well done Lotus Renault, Iceman, Grocer and all of the boys and girls in the team..... let's have more of this sort of stuff in the next 16 outings this season. Caterham, get your arses into gear... Gert has a tattoo gun ready for you! (Would that count as sponsorship?)
  19. Now that the 'ownership' issues are resolved I feel that Iam able to support both teams (which I really wanted to do in the first place) so it's a well done to Kimi from me and loads of sympathy for Grosjean. Just need Caterham to feature a bit more prominently next week and I'll be a happier bunny. Early days yet but the championship battles look promising. Haven't upgraded my Sky package(yet?) but enjoyed one of their preview shows which seemed to escape into the low-def channels last week. The beeb did seem to be floundering a bit but no doubt they'll pick up the pace..... I do miss Brundle though.
  20. Must have missed Bibs as I was only there from 09:10 until 11:00(ish).........
  21. Well, that's probably my trouble.... I do hang around! And, some people don't return phone calls(mentioning no names Trev, nudge nudge, wink wink). Iconoride:- ..... practice your 12 oz wrist curls.... Bloody Norah John. Short measures again?
  22. Sorry felix, didn't realise that you were and old codger too!
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