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    I'm just waiting for the arrival of 'Lifebook' so that all these people with faces can get one... a life, that is!
  2. An indication of your location would be useful for people recommending locations/businesses/individuals which may be useful to you...... PS. Welcome to the Forum
  3. "Refitted wing, Roger ?"
  4. Might I refer the learned? gentleman to his previous posts..... :TTIWWP: I guess you'll have to show us why we should care (thud of gauntlet hitting floor).....
  5. As you say Bibs........ :TTIWWP:
  6. I know that he likes a challenge.... Sideways through Copse, anyone ?
  7. Yup, already signed up for that one.....
  8. Maybe I'll wipe the chicken grease and burger fat from my rancid beard and pop over to purchase me some real style. Stuff them poncey 60s leather jackets wot the eurowankers is wearin'. I always wanted to be a rebel without a clause.....
  9. The new Coffin? Oops, I mean the Morgan Inverted Bathtub thing they showed on Top Gear last Sunday?
  10. Yeah ? Dream on......! Is there a post with details somewhere ?
  11. Darn it ! I knew I shouldn't have given up the Tautology degree for an engineering one! If the Eskimos have loads of different words for snow (urban myth) why does F1 have to have loads of different names for an engine ? Oh, I know. It's so that there is a constant source of employment opportunities for the Marketing (aka Drones) Department, no? Lets get on with the racing so that we can stop discussing this excrement!
  12. A technique which seemed to work for us is to slacken everything off and then position the exhause pipes where you want them first, then tighten everything up 'backwards', ie working from the tailpipe(s) back towards the engine, constantly checking that the tailpipe(s) haven't moved from your desired position.
  13. I'd sign up to that if the odds are better than Mr Camelot's, as long as the people dawdling (say 10mph in a 30 limit) can't possibly win anything. There seems to be a lot of merit in Molemot's post too.
  14. Please send me a bunch of one-legged, single-parent, non-english-speaking, creche-coordinating, future-proofing, environmental, health-and-safety, non-discriminatory, multiculturally-aware, equal-opportunity. positive-discrimination, waste-transfer-capable Outreach Officers and I'd be pleased to show them what f***ing diversity is all about. I would expect them to come armed with their own orifice-ointment for immediate personal use following my short lecture. I will be happy to invoice any/all Councils farsighted enough to avail themselves of this opportunity to join a movement which will undoubtedly ensure their future employment.
  15. Hey Bibs, I didn't think that you needed an App. I thought that you lived in an augmented reality most of the time.....
  16. Pete, how could you make such a basic mistake? It's Sparky in 'Tarquin' mode (but I promised I wouldn't tell anybody... oops!)
  17. Nice pics.... welcome to the world of dissatisfaction. Started out with a Canon F1 (over 1000 mechanical parts), accumulated loads of lenses and a powerwinder back in the days of 35mm film. After a layoff I finally invested in a digital (Fuji 602) then a Casio Exilim F1 both of which I still use and have taken thousands of photos, mostly on auto but here's some that weren't, by way of illustrating your urgent need to get your gear in your buggy and get on down here.... IMMEDIATELY! Close by, you can even get shots of £7,500 sculptures.... All photos handheld, no tripod, but maybe leaning against something. I love night shots, but the wife wasn't too keen on freezing her bits off while was snapping away. I do feel the need to go back to a more manual process with a camera more suited to full manual and am considering a Nikon in the near future but it will have to be f****ng good to beat the lens on the Fuji (honest)
  18. "Mine, one day..." "Need bigger driveway!" "Not enough time" "Not enough money" "Shaddup'n get one!" "TE'r not TE?" "that's the question!"
  19. Firstly apologies in advance to lrg_machine (Jeremy) as I'm going to use his recent post as an example. Let me say at this point, for those of you who don't know me... I don't have a Lotus so I've no real axe to grind on this one although I can appreciate some of the frustration which appears to be driving some of the posts. It's just as bad on the Marcos Forum although there are many thousand fewer posts on that one.... I suspect that all forums such as these suffer to some degree or another. The title "Braking Broken" doesn't give a clue as to the type of vehicle or nature of the problem, apart from the fact that he has one (a problem, that is). Why not use "Braking Problem Esprit S4" and have a sub title of "No servo assist. rock hard pedal, warning light on" Specifying the model would allow all viewers to discount topics in which they thought they had no interest... or allow them to explore problems in other models which they know/suspect have similar/identical sysyems. More accurate and informative titles are a boon to searching too..... Without going to the lengths of making everything model-specific, thereby generating a lot of work for the Bibmeister and the Admins who would have to suffle things around and police the system, the solution really is in our own hands. This would allow the forum to maintain its current Lotus-centricity, rather than model-centricity, which I thought was the major objective... and it's not too difficult to do. Once again, apologies to Jeremy... it's nothing personal.
  20. I've started on the weight loss program... but may have over done it! Sounds like a good idea, I'd be up for it.
  21. wookiecj

    GMT + 1

    One report I heard said that it would be a boost for tourism as attractions would be able to stay open later and use the extra light at the end of the day thereby making the UK more attractive to visitors... what hogwash! When did you ever make a decision on a holiday destination based on how long the evenings were? If you did, you'd never go to the Caribbean. Johnny Foreigner obviously visits our shores driven by the desire to get wet and cold, irrespective of the amount of light available in which to indulge their craving for personal discomfort. I can see it making a differece to the way the natives feel about things but not tourist planning a visit. The rain doesn't deter them, so why should The Darkness (never really got into that group anyway).
  22. wookiecj

    GMT + 1

    It pretty much shouldn't matter to me as I am retired and keep my own hours, whatever the 'season' is supposed to be. I do however like it to be lighter in the evenings so I'm in favour of the change. It would make the 'car maintenance season' a bit longer... but changing what the hour is called won't change the temperature so in the Autumn it will seem colder whilst being lighter at the end of the summer (if we ever get one).
  23. Multi apologies - not in a position to leave the Heathrow area until 11:45... so decided to go 'mission abort'. Hope all went well and am looking forward to seeing the photos.....
  24. Andy... proponents of "extreme ironing" perhaps... but I doubt if too many owners would list that on their CVs! Then there are those who need a picnic shelf when out on a hoon. Extra luggage space? Guilty as charged over the fusebox...... .... and while you're at it, why not add recurring aircon problems? You need to keep your finger on the pulse (not mine) more....
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