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  2. Thanks Dan, but have some rear magnesiums just need fronts.
  3. Hi, could do with a pair of front Magnesiums and a pair of rear Oz Novas or do a swap, my rear magnesium's for you rear novas etc
  4. left mine at the petrol station
  5. MrP

    *** TLF SHOW CARS ***

    I might be interested in doing some 2002 Black on black
  6. Someone had been a naughty boy and was at the speed workshop at the cobblers ground Northampton ** DMK
  7. Just wondered if anyone has any laying around, "I wanted to try before I buy" just to see if I like them and whether I will enjoy the extra noise or if it will annoy me and if they'll trigger my cell light etc etc I dont really fancy spanking a load of money then end up not wanting them I am in Northamptonshire fyi Cheers
  8. Did anyone find an alternative for this rather buying from Lotus
  9. Ok I have had my flywheel re-surfaced and my AP clutch eventually turned up so now it has all been put back together and hooray I can select every gear and the car moves. I sat in the car for around 5 mins selcting all gears the more I did this the longer the throw became to select 1st until eventually POP it was like stirring porridge. I got out the car and the linkage on the side of the box had snapped/come apart OMG!! I guess when I originally tried to force it into 3rd I snapped the cable but when I looked at the linkages they appeared to be in tact even when I moved them by hand I could see the gear lever moving and vice a versa the same thing when moving the gear lever. So I have just spent the best part of 2K for nothing, I guess the clutch would of needed to replaced soonish anyway but still, and on top of that I now need a new selector cable (anyone have a spare)
  10. Ahhh brilliant thank you Bibs for clearing that up. I certainly didnt want to doubt what was said by the factory, but like you said the manual (that I have) does say 3.5mm and 5.5mm for the early ones, no mention of 2.5mm. Once again thanks
  11. They Spoke to or emailed a chap called Andy Plant?
  12. I have spoken to the chap who is having my flywheel ground and told him about whats been said regarding the 3.5mm step. He has since been in contact with Lotus and has been told that the step is 2.5mm!! like you have said it is a critical dimension and I am now a bit worried as what is actually correct, can anyone confirm for sure what is correct?
  13. Ahhhh that is good news happy days Ive been searching the forum since you mentioned it using just the term "ford" bought up some good info on it. Yes noticed that I wont be able to use the standard lotus clutch but from what I read it means that replacing the clutch will be far cheaper (not sure how much yet) as I can buy a replacement clutch direct from AP with the ford fitment, part no CP5082-18GRY (special). I have counted the splines and there are definately 23, do you think that I need to buy a complete new assembly or can the assembly be skimmed/resurfaced and just buy 2 new friction plates?
  14. I was wondering about that standard one are 1" x 24 right? It is an 2002 does that make any difference are the ford input spline an upgrade then?
  15. Right I took my gearbox to my gearbox centre and they did a couple of test on it basically what you suggested to do Wayne thanks and said it is sweet as a nut. I have took some pics of the clutch so you can have a look and give your opinion/suggestions. The clutch assembly face doesnt look great to me, can you have these refaced?
  16. Anyone else noticed that the co2 emissions are less on the 350 than they are on the standard V8!!! Anyone know why? 350 - co2 328 g/km V8 - co2 366 g/km Also as side note my 02 cost £260 for 12 months tax & 350 cost £215 for 12 months tax That bugs me!!
  17. Also I dont have any experience of twin plate clutches, can the housing some how get jammed so the clutch is constantly dis-engaged? For instance I have pressed the clutch pedal and somehow as I have released the pedal the clutch housing or something has got wedged allowing it to just spin around?
  18. I dont quite understand what you mean? Gunter, I am pretty sure it is selecting gears fine, but its too late now as I have removed the gearbox and clutch. What tests can I do and what should I be looking at?
  19. With the engine running I can select ANY gear or it feels like I am, but it has never been so easy to select a gear before having this problem. It doesnt matter wether I am pressing the clutch or not makes no difference, I can lift my foot off the clutch and nothing happens?
  20. Hi Bibs all the cables are ok, could it be clutch related or maybe I have broken something in the gearbox? I like the idea of sitting in the cabin and getting someone to fiddle with my knob but I would rather get the car fixed first
  21. Hi all, I dont seem to have any drive? My esprit has been quite hard to engage gear for a while now usually 1st gear, on a drive home the other day when trying to engage 3rd it was very hard to do so and I had to apply some force to put it in when doing so there was a bit of a bang and I thought that didn't sound to good, so I decided to leave it in that gear and drive all the way home. When I got home I took it out of gear and tried to select another gear, I tried every gear but there is absolutely no drive? it now seems to select every gear as smooth as silk but wont move lol, can someone point me in the right direction, I could do with some help. Thanks.
  22. Heres some data pics I tried to add last night
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