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  2. I bought the Lotus Esprit marine: I am trying to get it shipped to the southeastern US--Atlanta, Georgia. It could come into any port on the southeastern US coast. The least expensive and most secure method is to share a container with another vehicle. I realize I can send it ro ro (roll on roll off) where it is simply pushed on and strapped down on the deck. I am afraid that the motor and other unique things may be stolen or the entire vehicle itself, given the way it looks. Mine is already at the port in South Hampton. The contact I have at Kingstown Shipping doesn't have anything on the horizon to share a container. Does anyone need to ship a vehicle--car or boat to the southeastern US? Can anyone supply me with contacts for other UK export companies that I might check with as well? Of course I can google places, but I would like to know they are legitimate.
  3. Here's one for a little more. mine actually cruises in the water for $990,000 less.
  4. Nice video about this starts at about 1:30
  5. I am quite excited about it and I made the deal on 07/07 (date on my purchase agreement) exactly 47 years to the day after the movie debuted--07/07/77. It's "relatively" inexpensive as motorized toys go and we all know that he who dies with the most toys wins. if you're not adventurous you may not make it out of this life alive. Oops--that was 37 years to the day after the movie debuted.
  6. Some background on it:
  7. As one of the sub shells used in the movie went for almost $1,000,000 USD last year and I don't have a spare $1,000,000 on me, I have opted to buy this to go with my 76 white esprit 104G. At least you can drive this one and it's not just for display. So, I have done the deal and it is headed to Atlanta, Georgia, USA in several weeks. Now it will flotus.
  8. Don't know how you got to this, but click on Ebay at the top left. Then under used, select Lotus and the following comes up:
  9. Down the road from The Dragon
  10. 79 Esprit Commemorative Edition No. 002 Mario Andretti Presentation Car
  11. Happy Birthday, Roger! Mine is tomorrow--Dec. 5th Strickland......James Strickland
  12. My 76 Esprit 7606014G. 5th Esprit made. 2nd oldest known to exist. 1st Esprit built in James Bond livery of white/tartan/rhd. 79 Esprit Commemorative Edition No. 002 Presentation car in formal ceremony to Mario Andretti for he and Lotus winning the 78 F1 World Championship. Presented by Colin Chapman to Mario at Jamestown Motors in Long Beach, Ca. before the 79 Long Beach Grand Prix Both cars were present for display at the James Bond Gala and Princess Diana Celebration March 006 in Atlanta.
  13. Bibs,

    Is it possible to get my 76 esprit 76060104G put on the registry? It has been about 3 months since I first contacted you about it and given it is the 2nd earliest known to exist it would seem you would want to list it. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.


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