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  1. Geez, It's not my style or taste.... that being said, that car is already one of Lotus's most ugly cars to see in real life..... Can't blame him for trying to polish a "****" :0 Ok let the flames begin Paul
  2. If you pause the movie, you see that the roof is just A and B pillars, no center transverse break until the rear bulkhead. Sooo..... I wonder if this is how Lotus got away with the low roofline single piece windshield and roof glass to not be in violation of the DOT safety requirements of hitting the head on the roof front in a crash like the current (old Esprit) which lived with the DOT waiver for the last few years on this.... never thought that our Stevens Esprits would now be regarded as the "Old" version Hmm, Now I need to update my Esprits styling cues to resemble the new Esprit
  3. Also, I'd like to see what he did to bring the hK (HP) to 400 horses.... with only 980 kg, the 0 to 60 should be somewhere in the low 3', must controll envy ............
  4. WOW! On the thread, go to page 2 and 3.... there are tons more pictures there, I especially like the one showing the underside (beautifully clean) showing the 3 pneumatic pistons which lifts the car off the ground to quick change the tyres. Also, neat to see the frame and sheeting that replaced the wood bulkhead. Paul
  5. Hey there, I've always gotten great thumbs ups with these wheels. I just wish that I was able to find more for sale..... I dread the day that I get a bad curb damage or other and can't find a replacement. I do know, after looking at cars, that the F-40 used almost identical wheels, and there was a factory custom Aston Martin from the 90's that used these wheels on a limited edition model, sorry don't remember the model name. If anyone has any info on how to reach speedline(if they are still making this wheel, or have old stock) that would be great! I also love the way that they disguis
  6. I like the idea of a clear cover.... I will see just how much work it would be to do. If it's feasible, I will take a high speed shutter movie, and let's see what's happening in there! Paul
  7. I've been just wondering as I look at my plenum box over my carbs....... how can the air from the chargecooler(or turbo) possibly balance pressure to all four air inlet horns? It comes in a small rectangular inlet right between #2 and #3 cylinders, and there must be a whole lot of turbulence getting to the 2 farther air horns. I wonder if there is a lean/rich imbalance going on...... How many of you all have had burned cylinders/ valves, etc, and which cylinders were they? If enough replies, I will make a graph, and let's see if there is any anectdotal data that can make some light on the
  8. Hi All, I am looking through the Esprits on Ebay, and I'm noticing that the AUTOCHECK Scores all seem to be bad......Even when there is no problems found the score is bad.....Why do they ruin the chances of a seller to sell at a good price with low scores that don't reflect the condition of the car??? Case in point, a 89 Esprit on EBAY item number 380261402856. It gives a score of 64 but then in the score details section, there are NO problems at all........ If I were this seller, and the unjustified low score caused people to not buy my car, I would be so livid that I'd be tempted to tak
  9. Well, I must say, good job, and not being afraid to experiment, even when you don't know the final outcome is very commendable! Since none of us knows what a custom mod will liik like until it's finished, as it exists nowhere else in the world is a gamble, but only those with the imagination and courage to take it to there will have any satisfaction of creating something new... I like the wing, rear defusser, and the matte color. I also happen to like the side exhaust. What would finish off the exhaust is if you put a high temp rated material in an oval downwind of it... like the gt ra
  10. Yes there is definitely a clear coat as mine on my 94S4 is taken to peeling just where the A-pillar meets the bonnet..... It just keeps getting bigger, bigger, bigger........... Paul 94S4 85TE
  11. I also have noticed this phenomenon in both my stock suspensioned 94 S4 and heavily modified/lowered 85 TE suspension. Especially after not driving the cars for several weeks, I get in, and for the first 50 miles or so the ride is very harsh... feel every little pebble and paint lines in the road..... bangs the car harder..... then, after the 50 miles or so, the ride gets smooth..... stays smooth for up to a week or so(if not driven). I tried to figure it out, and I came up with the thought that the shocks are much stiffer than normal suspension cars, and with a very light weight of the c
  12. Here's some pics of my car, and before paint.... You will notice I also sculpted in extra air intakes behind the doors for the intercooler radiators located just over the fuel tanks. (That may not be to everybodies taste) I also put some ground effects straking and splitters under the car. Paul
  13. Be careful when blending body seams "chamfering". I know that there are schools of thought that "modern" cars have an all smooth body...... But if you have ever seen people blend their car's body lines/panel lines, then you knnow that the overall end result is that it Really, Really ends up looking like an upside down plastic "thing". Gordonie did it to his yellow V8 aka"Mello Yello" and having seen the back side, where he blended the panel lines, bumper, etc.... it really ended up looking like a "kit car". If you really want to smooth and blend the car's panels, I suggest that you pu
  14. Hi Christopher, Give me a call anytime.... phone is always on (951)206-9156 Paul
  15. I think that Detlef at Lotus Prepared by Claudius has a personal G-car carbed that is there on the power level. One thing to remember, though, is that the G-cars are a Lot lighter than later models so true 300 hp will give any later model Esprit a run for the money. Paul 85TE 94S4
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