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  1. Geez, It's not my style or taste.... that being said, that car is already one of Lotus's most ugly cars to see in real life..... Can't blame him for trying to polish a "****" :0 Ok let the flames begin Paul
  2. If you pause the movie, you see that the roof is just A and B pillars, no center transverse break until the rear bulkhead. Sooo..... I wonder if this is how Lotus got away with the low roofline single piece windshield and roof glass to not be in violation of the DOT safety requirements of hitting the head on the roof front in a crash like the current (old Esprit) which lived with the DOT waiver for the last few years on this.... never thought that our Stevens Esprits would now be regarded as the "Old" version Hmm, Now I need to update my Esprits styling cues to resemble the new Esprit Paul 85 TE 94 S4
  3. Also, I'd like to see what he did to bring the hK (HP) to 400 horses.... with only 980 kg, the 0 to 60 should be somewhere in the low 3', must controll envy ............
  4. WOW! On the thread, go to page 2 and 3.... there are tons more pictures there, I especially like the one showing the underside (beautifully clean) showing the 3 pneumatic pistons which lifts the car off the ground to quick change the tyres. Also, neat to see the frame and sheeting that replaced the wood bulkhead. Paul
  5. Hey there, I've always gotten great thumbs ups with these wheels. I just wish that I was able to find more for sale..... I dread the day that I get a bad curb damage or other and can't find a replacement. I do know, after looking at cars, that the F-40 used almost identical wheels, and there was a factory custom Aston Martin from the 90's that used these wheels on a limited edition model, sorry don't remember the model name. If anyone has any info on how to reach speedline(if they are still making this wheel, or have old stock) that would be great! I also love the way that they disguised the 5 lugs behind a false knockoff center lug so cleverly that the local Goodyear tire store actually couldnt get the tires off once, called me up to say they were at a loss and I had to give them the secret to getting the wheels off. Paul 94S4 85TE
  6. I like the idea of a clear cover.... I will see just how much work it would be to do. If it's feasible, I will take a high speed shutter movie, and let's see what's happening in there! Paul
  7. I've been just wondering as I look at my plenum box over my carbs....... how can the air from the chargecooler(or turbo) possibly balance pressure to all four air inlet horns? It comes in a small rectangular inlet right between #2 and #3 cylinders, and there must be a whole lot of turbulence getting to the 2 farther air horns. I wonder if there is a lean/rich imbalance going on...... How many of you all have had burned cylinders/ valves, etc, and which cylinders were they? If enough replies, I will make a graph, and let's see if there is any anectdotal data that can make some light on the question. Just to start things off, I have had (in my first engine) a burned piston(hole burned right through the top) in #4 piston, and also 2 burned valves, both in #1 piston. Just by looking at the flow dynamics, as best I can guess, it looks like #1 and #4 might be lean, and more power from #2 and #3.... also, another indicator might be burned head gaskets..... Any data from your records? All this is leading to that I might be thinking about how to re-design the air distribution from the turbo to the air horns on the carbs..... Improve engine potential power without getting detonation on one or two cylinders, while the other two cylinders are still below threshold. Paul 94S4 85TE
  8. Hi All, I am looking through the Esprits on Ebay, and I'm noticing that the AUTOCHECK Scores all seem to be bad......Even when there is no problems found the score is bad.....Why do they ruin the chances of a seller to sell at a good price with low scores that don't reflect the condition of the car??? Case in point, a 89 Esprit on EBAY item number 380261402856. It gives a score of 64 but then in the score details section, there are NO problems at all........ If I were this seller, and the unjustified low score caused people to not buy my car, I would be so livid that I'd be tempted to take action against the scoring company..... It seems to have no rhyme or reason as a 3 year older Esprit (Ebay item 280552460331) WITH a reported damage/accident in the AutoCheck Score got a higher score of 66.......... Now I know that us, in the Esprit community can look past those scores to see the cars for what they are, but shutting out all the potential buyers who come to blindly rely on the score as a filtering tool smacks of arbitrary un-justice........ So, in the interests of all of us who for whatever reason might need to sell our loved Esprits, I wrote to the company this following: "To whom it may concern. I'm interested in buying this Lotus Esprit on EBAY, item number 380261402856 I'm concerned about the failing score of 64, but owner insists that there is no problem. In your report viewable on ebay, there are no issues found, so why is there such a bad score? I'm concerned that there is some hidden problem. Please tell me what it is that you found that gives it such an unacceptable score. Thanks, Paul Wendling 951 206 9156" Let's see if I get a reply......... Oh, and by the way, on their website, in small print, it says that it is a division of Experian... that figures, the company that consistently is being sued for unrealistic scoring risk factoring....... Do any of you folks have any stories about this problem?
  9. Well, I must say, good job, and not being afraid to experiment, even when you don't know the final outcome is very commendable! Since none of us knows what a custom mod will liik like until it's finished, as it exists nowhere else in the world is a gamble, but only those with the imagination and courage to take it to there will have any satisfaction of creating something new... I like the wing, rear defusser, and the matte color. I also happen to like the side exhaust. What would finish off the exhaust is if you put a high temp rated material in an oval downwind of it... like the gt racing cars have.... now, if your exhaust was dual, coming out both sides of the car, that would be awesome. The only thing I would have to see in person is the striping, as it's hard to make up my mind just by a picture.... so many times things that look great in person don't translate well to a still photo. By the way, what is the hood vent for? I too am a fan of vents, but they should have a specific functionality.... I did the same thing to my Esprit, putting in side vents just behind the rear tyres, to go to extra Chargecooler radiators located just above the fuel tanks. In my picture, you can also see that I put ground effects all round the my esprit, and can't walk away from it without walking backwards EVERY time I park I know you will be doing the same thing! And as to the comments, I know what you feel, as I always am getting people saying "Hey! Is that the newest F or L car???" I Love the fact that our Esprits are SO rare, and of a such forward design that they will forever remain timeless and new All the best, Paul Wendling 94S4 85TE
  10. Yes there is definitely a clear coat as mine on my 94S4 is taken to peeling just where the A-pillar meets the bonnet..... It just keeps getting bigger, bigger, bigger........... Paul 94S4 85TE
  11. I also have noticed this phenomenon in both my stock suspensioned 94 S4 and heavily modified/lowered 85 TE suspension. Especially after not driving the cars for several weeks, I get in, and for the first 50 miles or so the ride is very harsh... feel every little pebble and paint lines in the road..... bangs the car harder..... then, after the 50 miles or so, the ride gets smooth..... stays smooth for up to a week or so(if not driven). I tried to figure it out, and I came up with the thought that the shocks are much stiffer than normal suspension cars, and with a very light weight of the chassis, it reacts to the shock oil being sluggish until it has a chance to get "kneaded" and soft. ALso, it could be a combo of enging mounts, bushings, etc all working together. It is definitely something that I have not noticed on any of the other cars I drive, except my Cadillac Allante' which does it a little. All the best, Paul
  12. Here's some pics of my car, and before paint.... You will notice I also sculpted in extra air intakes behind the doors for the intercooler radiators located just over the fuel tanks. (That may not be to everybodies taste) I also put some ground effects straking and splitters under the car. Paul
  13. Be careful when blending body seams "chamfering". I know that there are schools of thought that "modern" cars have an all smooth body...... But if you have ever seen people blend their car's body lines/panel lines, then you knnow that the overall end result is that it Really, Really ends up looking like an upside down plastic "thing". Gordonie did it to his yellow V8 aka"Mello Yello" and having seen the back side, where he blended the panel lines, bumper, etc.... it really ended up looking like a "kit car". If you really want to smooth and blend the car's panels, I suggest that you put a thin black "panel line" between the pieces... It will look so much better. Just my 02c Paul 94S4 85TE
  14. Hi Christopher, Give me a call anytime.... phone is always on (951)206-9156 Paul
  15. I think that Detlef at Lotus Prepared by Claudius has a personal G-car carbed that is there on the power level. One thing to remember, though, is that the G-cars are a Lot lighter than later models so true 300 hp will give any later model Esprit a run for the money. Paul 85TE 94S4
  16. Hey Chris, Give me a call at (951)206 9156 One way to prevent heat warping issues is to do a heat soak cure. On your negative molds, what are they going to be made out of? If they can take extended high temp, like up to 250 degrees, then you can heat cure the vaccuum injected pieces in an autoclave / One technique that works well with CF layup is to use the higher temp clear resins, I believe you can still get them from Reynolds Advanced Materials. Some of them have a longer cure time (over 20 hours), but if you do a layup into the mold with the resin, then vacuum CF cloth over it, with a biscuit material of high temp material behind it should give the rigidity. In High temp areas, unless things are made out of exotics (ceramic, metal, etc) you will Always have a sagging issue. The way to minimize this is with actual material thickness under the CF film. Adds a little weight, but in the end prevents those issues. Also when you do an in-mold cure, pour sand into the hollow area, smooth, and put a heavy plate on top. This will continually force the material against the mold as it is heat curing for a perfect shape. Now, another way to get a great piece out of Aluminum is to create your own press mold. For an engine cover size piece, you would probably use less than $500 in materials. Make a negative (start with a workable negative out of ren-shape or other smooth polishable material, then make a positive rubber casting mold. Then fill the positive mold box with a hard metal filled epoxy (used for tooling applications). You now have a press mold negative which will hold up to having 020 or 040 softened aluminum sheet pressed into it multiple times. You next need to make a positive press mold using same techniques, with a hard steel plate on the outer side (top and bottom) of both mold pieces, make sure you take metal thickness into account for proper fit. Then, (this is the only tricky part) find a metal fab shop with a 5 ton or bigger press that has a table size to accommodate the mold. Press the softened Auminum plate in it, and voila, you have a beautiful part. (If you can't find a large press, the I have actually done the "trailer park" thing and we drove our work Suburban onto a mold (with appropriate ramping on either side), back and forth until it was pressed) You still need to anneal it by heating piece to dull glow, and then dunking in a high temp rated oil which should be cool (if none is available, use highest viscosity transmission oil you can buy). If you don't have access to an oil dunk tray/tank then the next best thing to do is heat a section of the Aluminum piece with a torch to a dull orange glow, then spray freon refill bottles you can get at any auto parts store and flash freeze the section you just heated (takes a little practice to not over-temper the metal and crack, but with a little practice on a scrap piece of aluminum, you can get the hang of it.). You now have a piece which is Aluminum, weighs LESS than any CF layup you could ever get, is hard, and will never sag in heat.. Here are some pics of metal work that I have done, using some of the above mentioned techniques, just to show you what is possible on the details. Paul
  17. Hi Christopher, Where in California are you? If you are near Los Angeles, I have a special effects studio where we do all sorts of things in a similar vein.... even Vaccuforming machines up to 4 feet by 8 feet. I make all sorts of parts using all sorts of manufacturing processes... this link shows an armour suit I designed and built (and ended up doing the stunts in as well). The dark musculature undersuit was vaccum infused into nomex and nylon matrix. I am also making many custom pieces (air dams, spoilers, side skirting, quarter window surrounds, custom engine bay venting etc. They are not main structural members, but are strong enough to withstand aerodynamic forces. I'd love to hear what you were thinking of doing. Oh, and by the way, since I'm near Burbank, there are lots of available surplus Nomex honeycomb panels to be found left over from the Lockheed manufacturing days. (not cheap, though...) All the best, Paul Wendling (951)206-9156
  18. Give us a call, we can show you around, perhaps enjoy supper at one of your choice restaurants on thursday. Paul (951)206-9156
  19. Hehe...... I only live 2 miles from that dealer....If anyone wants me to go look at the car and answer any questions about it, I'd be happy to drive there in my wife's 1994 S4.... show them the difference........ also ask to see it's power steering pump and rack By the way, has anyone here actually seen the car in person? or know it's history? Seems to have had some strange things done to it....... Paul
  20. Ok, give me a call anytime... This offer also is for anyone else who wants to as well! (951)206-9156 By the way, I've got kids, and when our daughter, Sienna Sky was born, we picked out a Peg Perego car seat that color matched Julie's Calypso red 94S4..... It's all in the attitude and what you enjoy.......... let your wishes be tempered by the responses on the net, and when you're finally out of residency and the exhausting hours, you will have something super fun to look forward to! All the best, Paul
  21. The best way to go, if you're on a budget, and to feel safe if you ever needed to get anywhere is to also buy an auction clunker you can keep at home for emergencies... In today's economy, our car auction site here in Sun Valley consistently sells cars for about $300, mostly the old, unwanted vehicles like Chrysler minivans, old geo's, hyundais, etc..... Cost of the car (even giving the benefit of the doubt) $500; registration, less than $100; cost of liability insurance, especially if there already is 1 car for every driver on the policy could be as little as a couple of hundred dollars a year, buy basic new tires( as used ones are usually shot) $300....... Now, I know that things are different in EU regarding taxes and fees, parking space, ect.... So, you are under a grand, and you now have a backup car for worry free Esprit driving on a budget..... better yet if you only go local, get a moeped, and really save $$ If people naysay after you do this, then I think they have somehow lost the feeling of utter exhiliration....... no matter how often it breaks down, just the memories and expectations of spirited canyon runs keeps you dreaming of the "Next Run" and looking forward to getting bac k behind the wheel..... just turn on the ignition, and all those wretched memories of repairs and bills seem somehow to just fade awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy........................................................ Paul 94S4 85TE
  22. Dear AHG, Where do you live in California? If you are near Los Angeles, then I might be able to help you with some of the scary issues that the other listers are warning about. I also have had lots of experience working on my 2 esprits (94S4 and 85TE). I have a special efffects studio where I am able to do complete auto work (have rebuilt the esprit engines many times there). It you want to buy an Esprit, you're welcome to bring it to Pasadena and I will help you do a cam belt change...a must-do no matter what the previous owner says, unless he has the receipt to prove that it was done in the last couple of years (belt, new pulley, and check the hoses, replace other time-aged items that get brittle like the motor mounts, etc) Parts for an age overhaul, provided there are not any major issues with the car should run less than $300-$500 from JAE. That should keep you going for a while, also while the engine is out might as well put a new clutch in along with shaft thrust bearing/nyla washer. My 85 TE (in my avatar picture up left) was my only driver off and on through the 15 years I've owned it and I felt totally happy with that, even when I had to occasionally fiddle/repair it. If you are handy with a wrench, and do your own simple repairs, then pay me in pizza or other for the more "unusual" repair items, I'd be more than happy to offer my help! You will find that being an Esprit owner tends to create an enthusiast out of you, and we have plenty of guys here in the LA area who love to hang out together, fix the cars, go on spirited drives, etc.... If you want help with the pre-purchase inspection, I'd love to take you there in my wife's 94S4, and you can get a feel for what a properly sorted out car can do... that way you will be able to properly evaluate if the car you are looking at is a good driver, or if it has problems. One thing I'd personally stay away from is the Bosch injected cars (88 through 90 or so) as they tend to be fiddly, and there is not much available to do to change performance for the better. I have seen some beautiful SE's on ebay recently, and I personally think that the white cars look mean and stunning. That might be the way to go. Feel free to give me a call anytime at (951)206-9156 (anyone reading this, feel free to as well if you want to chat) All the best, Paul Wendling
  23. Well, hey there! You're welcome to say hi if you are in the Los Angeles area. We live in Pasadena, and have a special effects studio with some fun old prok=ject bric a brac lying around from movies.. I have an 85 TE (highly modified) and my wife has a 94S4. We always love to see new friends, so feel free to give a call when you are in the area. If you happen to be here on friday evening, we will take you to a neat car show at Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake. Tons of fun cars, all types, and celebrities like Jay Leno and others often drive through with their interesting cars as well. All the best, Paul and Julie Wendling (951)206-9156
  24. Nope, The answer is simple. My 85 TE does it too. Your son blipping the throttle gives it away. If the engine is revving fast when you turn off the ignition (at least on carburetted cars) then the engine can pull up to 50 or more revolutions before it comes to a stop. All that unburned gas goes through, and into the red hot exhaust manifold where it flash ignites, creating that awe inspiring bang. The way I prevent mine from doing it is to leave the car in second with the clutch pushed in, and slowly let out the clutch until I feel the disc start to catch. Then I simultaneously release the clutch more and turn off the ignition, ensuring the quickest stop. It's fun to experiment, but I am able to predict the size of the bang depending on how fast the engine is going when spark is interrupted with the ignition switch. Sometimes it sounds like a little pop, other times it is like a low monster exhaling gently, of course, to be really annoying, I have "tested" things the other way, and shut off ignition at 6500 rpm, throttle wide open.... he he he....... about a 10 second lull of silence, then, BLAMMM.... like a howitzer going off... big blue and orange flame and all out the tailpipe! Paul' 85TE 94S4
  25. Don't know if the issue has been fixed, but on the youtube video of the drivearound with your friend, the recording does sound like it's missing on a few cylinders..... I used to work on Countach's in the 90's with similar missing problems, mainly because the (on the EFI cars) O2 sensors off each bank were sending different ratios, causing a lean/rich condition that sounds just like what I heard on your video. Other than that it is awesome! Paul 94S4 85TE
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