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  1. yes your right it did belong to cliff originally and yes the colour was a bet but if you can't have a bit of fun in life your taking yourself too seriously. I bought the car as a rolling chassis way back in 99 and did the twin turbo conversion it was a stripped out race car then so no wind down windows or should I say electric, the side vents are for air flow for the intercoolers and if your going to have a wing have a big one! In the ten years I've had it it's been to le mans six times so reasonably useable just a bit warm!
  2. does anybody have a cure for S2 lotus wind screen wiper mounting problem ie the alloy mount with the tapered hole which wears out and doesn't grip the tapered steel mounting I've been told that the wiper assy is obsolete but with the amount of esprits out there I sure there must be a solution
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