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  1. i have knowm same problems few months ago on my SE big troubles just after 4000 T/Mn i have change sparks and fuel filter and the problem a been solved Philippe
  2. hello I have knowing the same problem at this moment and i have dedided to change shell connecting rod and refurbish oil pump On your photos i can see leakeage but its not the reason of the iddle low pressure may be the oils eal of the cam shaft
  3. Hi Boys, Just joined the forum, 90 SE living in France... hello to everyone... I am trying to solve a problem of low engine oil pressure at idle (mostly). At the moment I am looking at rebuilding the oil pump. I ordered a new rotor and annulus. I have the pump housing on the bench... looking stupid because I just can't manage to remove the rotor/pump from the auxiliary shaft ! There is that circlip at the end of the shaft... so I removed it, then pulled by hand on it, thinking/hoping it would/should come off fairly easily... but it doesn't ! Looking at the parts list, there doesn't seem to be much mystery to it, just the circlip. I tried hitting the shaft with a rubber mallet, but it wouldn't move at all. So, I welcome any help/suggestion/feedback from people who have actually managed to do it ! Thanks a bunch in advance, Regards, -- Philippe
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