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  1. And I have to say UG again. Are these cars really that hot of a commodity that we have to be worried about thieves? It is not like Ferrari 458 Italia, those cars are so hot they are burning up! (check the news if you don't get the joke!) I would hope that 2 intelligent people would be able to come up with a way to convey ownership of the car beyond a shadow of a doubt. Maybe I assume too much. Am I missing something? Where is 'how to power up the ECM manually..' quoted from? Is it a hint of some sort?
  2. Ug.... Yes, I have disconnected and reconnected the battery and I have a good charged battery to start the car with. I have not removed the siren unit to see if the battery is leaking. I will do that this weekend. Thanks to Bibs for a helpful hint. Now I know why I could not find an external battery. I may not get a public response to this but I would hope that someone could point me in the right direction. I am one of the only V8s in my club and the local dealer only knows about Elise and Exige which does not do me much good. I would hope that anyone reading this and knew how to
  3. But is there any way to just bypass the system so I can start and drive my car?
  4. Thanks guys for the replies, but I think the alarm is dead. The LED light should flash and I get nothing. Someone else has to have had this problem.....
  5. Hi everyone, Here is my problem. I have a 2001 V8 Esprit and the battery went dead. I charged up the battery and I noticed that the alarm LED was failing to blink or even light up for that matter. MY alarm is set to auto arm and the LED should be blinking. When I try to start the car the starter disable is engaged. I can hear the fuel pumps kick in but the engine does not crank. It appears as though the alarm has died. Is there any way to bypass it? Please, I understand all about the alarm disarming wand and the key fob batteries going dead. When I plug in the disarming wand the
  6. Hi guys, Have any of you had to replace the oil cooler lines on your car? I just finished installing my engine and now I have a leak in one of the hoses that runs from the oil filter assembly to the oil coolers. It looks like this is going to be a nightmare to replace. Did you use stock Lotus hose or did you get an aftermarket one? Thanks, Spunbearing
  7. Well, I got it back together and fired it up this weekend only to find one of the oil lines is leaking. Will this project never end? I am also getting a code for the engine knock sensor and one of the cats was glowing red hot at idle. I double checked and found out that I had the O2 sensor wire crossed but with the oil leak I have not been able to find out if this caused the over heating of the cat. I already took it out and check for blockages. The engine sounds good when it runs. Has anyone else had this problem?
  8. The Esprit is just too fragile to let multiple people own it. For that type of investment you need a more reliable car. The list of people I would trust to drive my car or even been able to shift it without taking out 2nd gear is very very small. I think the main requirement would to buy in would be previous Esprit ownership. Just my 2cents.
  9. I finally got the oil pan out and I did have the sleeve in backwords. I attached a picture. The oil pan is going back in right now, maybe I will be able to start it later today?
  10. I wish this was the case because it is an easy fix but unfortunately the oil filter was on tight. I had to use my filter pliers to take it off. I had the oil filter assembly off the block so that I could clean it so I know that there was not a left over seal on the assembly. The oil filter that I put on was new from the Lotus dealer but I will double check to make sure that they didn't install 2 gaskets from the factory. I would think this would be easy to notice though. I just completed a complete engine rebuild and flushed out all the oil passages with pressurized solven
  11. I think this is why I messed it up. The pictures show the holes to be on the bottom, not towards the top.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply Mike and the pictures. That looks how I remember assembling it. I wonder if I placed the sleeve in backwards with the holes down. I have to take the sump off to find out. Ug. There really shouldn
  13. Hi guys, I recently rebuild my engine and I am having problems. I think I assembled the pressure bypass for the oil pump incorrectly. The rubber seal on my oil filer is being pushed out and oil is shooting everywhere. It was sealed correctly before I started the engine. Is there anything else that can causes this? Also, does anyone have a proper picture of the correct way to reassemble the pressure bypass? The service and parts manual are a joke where this is concerned. Thanks, Spunbearing
  14. Hey Sanj, it is me. I am a little slow on the reply. That Summit part has a mechanical pickup. Why not use an electrical?
  15. The connector (tab) on the end of mine got bent 90 degrees and cut into the plastic housing. I ordered a new one but Lotus is backordered and the earliest they said one would be in is a month. I have not tried mine to see if it still works. I hate to lose a month of summer and it would be easier to replace right now with the engine "instu" (sp?) then when everything is buttoned up.
  16. Thanks for the info Jim! There is only one terminal on the oil pressure switch. My V8 does not have a oil pressure gauge. I didn't know if the earlier models came with them but the ones with the updated dash do not.
  17. Hi guys, Is there a substitute for the oil pressure switch, Lotus part # A082N4039F? It looks like a common switch. Has anyone added an oil pressure gauge to their car? Is there a writeup? Thanks, Andrew
  18. Hi guys, I am putting the engine back into my V8 and I need a little help with routing the high pressure line coming off the power steering pump. Where does it go in relation to the frame rails? I don
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