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  1. Thanks for the heads up Mark, I’ll see if I can pop down for an hour in the morning. Trevor.
  2. Trevsked

    Emira GT4

    That does look good, but it should be at the price bracket, although I’ve nothing to compare it with. Trevor.
  3. Trevsked

    Emira GT4

    Was it just GT4 customers and press that were invited or were there any Emira road car customers present?
  4. I know, familiar face but we got there in the end 🙂 Trevor.
  5. RACY was epic and sure it continues to be. Great to see it being used 👍 Trevor.
  6. Saw three GT430’s at Bicester Scramble today, one was my old car. Trevor.
  7. I love a light flywheel and clutch, looks very nice. Trevor.
  8. Last time I looked the Ace wasn’t operating after 18:00. Not sure why but I’ll have a look and see what their hours are currently. As Pete says, it’s now British Sports Car Night. Trevor. Looks like they are open in the evening now but no British night listed for the coming months. It pretty much died a couple of years again. Classic Car night doesn’t seem to be listed either. Trevor.
  9. Have I stumbled on a ricer forum where we are looking at big power figures to be the answer to our dreams? Perhaps Emira has done it’s job and appealed to those that don’t love Lotus core values of being a drivers car, after all, their strap line is “for the drivers”. I can’t see too much of a shadow being cast over the comparatively light GT430 by a heavier 4cyl Emira. Perhaps I’m stuck in the past, not that I mind, it’s quite nice her 😁. Trevor.
  10. To echo Pete’s thanks, well done as every year Bibs. Good to see those that were able to attend and the pub made a great effort to keep us all happy. Trevor.
  11. 1, 2 & 3: Bibs, Rachel & Chloe 4 & 5: Sparky & The Ayatollah 6 & 7: internets & Mrs internets 8 & 9: Pete & Sue 10: ChrisJ - Not coming 11: Dan E 12: Spyros - Not coming 13: 14 & 15: Bart & Caroline 16: Cliffy 17: Scott 18: Nick 19: Phil 20: Dave 21 & 22 jan ade 23,24,25 Trevsked, Lollie, Harriet.
  12. Was nice to see you all today, it’s been a while. Trevor.
  13. Sparky's Friday nights are legendary however a little too upmarket for me. T.
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