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  1. Williams car isn’t std so can’t be a demonstration of how the DPM system works when it was tuned around std Lotus specification. You wouldn’t swap traction control systems off two different F1 cars and expect them to work obviously. Trevor.
  2. Trevsked

    E5 PRT

    Spotted Chorleywood Road Rickmansorth this morning. Trevor.
  3. That’s a function of the engine management rather than the exhaust although an air leak from an unsealed exhaust will contribute if there’s unburnt fuel. In other words it’s the same but slightly muffled. Trevor.
  4. Yes it does make a nice noise but if you feel the need to be very shouty then the std system is more suited. Personally I am a little self conscious when overtaking as think the std system is slightly offensive to my victim. Trevor.
  5. No, bought and sold back to B&C. Trevor. Better than the Lotus item? Trevor.
  6. Personally I think it’s the best sound, for me the std exhaust is just too loud and this is by no means quiet, there’s a vid somewhere from Goodwood, think @stubox has it. I sold my car and it was taken off and for sale. Trevor.
  7. Coincidentally I’ve collected my Lotus track exhaust and about to advertise it. Cost me £2400 fitted I seem to remember. Personally I think it’s the best way to go as Lotus approved and does the job perfectly. Will be advertising at £1250. Trevor.
  8. I’m afraid I have nothing to help here, you’ve written more than I’d heard of. @Mike Kimberley would know more. Trevor.
  9. Well, I won’t bother listing them but with the latest purchase the list has hit 93 cars. At one point I thought @lotusleftlotusright had started writing the list for me, we have similar taste, or lack of it :-).
  10. So glad I’m much younger than you. Happy birthday. Trevor.
  11. Morning gents. I als think there was only a brown interior which has been referred to as tobacco and the difference in shades is either the passage of time and use and possible shade difference in the original hides used. Trevor.
  12. Thanks for organising again, nice venue as always. Thanks to Internets for giving me a lift in his awesome 250 Cup, although always saying what a great cat they are I’d forgotten just how good. Rattle free, compliant and quiet enough for the road yet brilliant on track, fabulous testament to what Lotus is capable of. Trevor.
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