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  1. Congratulations David, will be a fantastic year I’m sure. Keep us up to date. Trevor.
  2. Very nice venue and thanks for organising 👍 Trevor.
  3. I'm planning on joining you, Sizona and Stubox will come too I think. Trevor.
  4. Trevsked

    Bilster Berg 27th July with LOT

    Awesome track, only one straight benefits from power and as NW76 says, its a technical circuit. I took my 250 Cup and it was sensational. would like to do it again in the 430. Trevor
  5. Trevsked


    Surface to 2500ft Restricted around Isle of Grain, whats that mean @Bibs? Trevor.
  6. Trevsked

    Speeding tickets

    Can’t say I’ve had chance justvto have it running in the background, always seem to have it set for a destination, not because I need it but so that it tells me if there is any traffic I need to avoid. I’ll have a go today if I remember. Trevor.
  7. Very enjoyable night, thanks for organising once again Bibs. Nice to catch up and chat to those that I did and the pub put on very good meal too! Trevor.
  8. Trevsked

    Evora Crash on M40

    All those posters that feel it's the Cruise Control, do you believe the CC stays on when you aquaplane? I'd have said absolutely not and would think the systems detection of the front and rear or side to side wheel speed differential would disconnect quicker than most humans can react. Trevor.
  9. Trevsked

    Evora Crash on M40

    🙂 Have you tried replacing the clutch switch? That's the usual culprit and any bump moves the pedal and that acts on the swich and it disconnects the CC. Thats been the case on my previous cars and also if thye car goes over a yump on the motorway it will diconnect. 98% of the time it's great. Trevor.
  10. Trevsked

    Evora Crash on M40

    I always find the cruise control on Lotus to be very sensitive and any loss of traction at all results in the CC disconnecting . Trevor.
  11. Trevsked

    Evora GT430

    Porsche PDK is very well developed, in fact so much so I believe drivers are advised to leave the car in auto rather than interfere with the accuracy. The Lotus IPS unfortunately wont hold a candle to that system on track, works fine on the road but I understand from a few that it sometimes gets a little confused or doesn't select a gear at paddle command in the heat of the moment. Then of course ther is the ommision of the LSD too. Trevor.
  12. Nice morning indeed, loved JG220’s Elise 250 Cup, congrats. Trevor.
  13. Trevsked

    Hofmann's Saturday Social - November 17th

    Weather looking nice enough at the weekend too. Trevor.