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  1. Thanks for organising again, nice venue as always. Thanks to Internets for giving me a lift in his awesome 250 Cup, although always saying what a great cat they are I’d forgotten just how good. Rattle free, compliant and quiet enough for the road yet brilliant on track, fabulous testament to what Lotus is capable of. Trevor.
  2. I can see what the attraction of the 360 but fir me it didn’t drive as well as the Evora and definitely nowhere near a GT430 which can now be had for similar money. Interior fir me has also aged, 430 is better I think. Don’t buy a 360 paddle shift, get a manual, the auto has a mind of its own. Steering feel was the biggest disappointment but engine it has to be said is a lovely thing. Trevor.
  3. From memory, mine were 350ftlb all round. Surprised me as assumed the rears would be higher however I was very happy with the setup, certainly for road and light track use. I’d start there and if not happy go a little higher but really think you should try the recommendation first. Trevor.
  4. This could be a nice car with a bit of discount off it. Id agree with @sparky, the GT3 is probably the best driving Esprit variant for road use, if it’s 4cyl you’re after. Trevor.
  5. See what you did there. Think I was remembering the one on the left. See what you did there. Think I was remembering the one on the left. Tonight victory was clutch flexi hose replacement.
  6. Didn't they used to do an ice lollie i those colours? Trevor.
  7. Just watched and a few oservations of a car I enquired about and was a potential buyer but got no response on, so I am keen to like it. They gave it to SD as he's the only YTuber that fits, The roof would be a nightmare in wind. The ride is under developed. The Bluetooth is difficult to use or they'd have done so. Very noisy. It's apparently, rogue, insane and unreal. I love the look of the car but based on his video, I'm out. Trevor.
  8. That nova looks really good and the Turbovec wheels are a fantastic match with the car. I'd love one now now but would feel a little daft in one. Cue insults from the usual crowd..... Trevor.
  9. spent a while trying to figure out how a simple 1980’s sunroof catch works, one for Sparky to ponder when he comes round. i noticed a slight weep from a pipe and it’s the clutch flexi hose. I’m surprised it ever held pressure as it’s a hose held with a jubilee clip each end and there isn’t a swage on the fittings either. Whipped that off and will see if I can get one made up locally tomorrow.
  10. Easy tiger, I’m in the zone currently. Trevor.
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