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  1. This is just another reason I cancelled, apart from the appalling customer care. I didn’t want a part finished car that was then gone back to with parts that arrived late. A recipe for poor assembly and rattles. T.
  2. Yep pretty civilised and a car I was impressed with, glad it’s still being enjoyed. Coincidentally I was just looking through the classifieds at later Esprit’s, fancy another, V8. T.
  3. I think you may find logging in to TLF impossible soon if this attitude persists. Cease and desist use of the car before it melts! 🙂 T.
  4. Blast I must proof read more often, missed out the I and the A from the middle. T.
  5. Doubt he will be on the forum or would have already been infected by the “my car’s tucked up for winter” syndrome. T.
  6. I afraid you are contractually obliged to give a minimum 3 month notice. In the meantime, your exit interview is scheduled for the evening of 3rd December. T.
  7. Or, it could be that I have my PA do it for me. T.
  8. What, no jibe about my inability to cut and paste, tut tut, you’re slacking 🙂 T.
  9. 24. Trevsked 25. Lollie 26. Harriet Trevor.
  10. What a shambles, when Geely stepped up it was thought the answer to all prayers, decent investment in a great product. Lotus now make the Conservative party look slick. Trevor.
  11. Not sure if Harry has ever bought a new Lotus? Trevor.
  12. Good grief, would never have put that number on your birthday card! Happy birthday. Trevor.
  13. €143k is for the Alonso which is pretty special I believe, the A110R is €101k but Alpine have historically priced UK cars below the exchange rate as they need to be competitive. Paris show should reveal pricing I think, it’s going to be a great car that’s already a good one. Suspect they may even deliver on time. Trevor.
  14. Thank heavens Alpine have kept the faith and still working on light cars, it’s what we love about Lotus. They have the advantage of a parent company making enough money to enable Pythia, a luxury not afforded to Lotus. Trevor.
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