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  1. Evening all. Yes was my old car for 5-6 years I think. Sport 350 has proper go and the Nitron suspension move it closer to the Evora in ride and handling but of course held back by an older design and less stiff chassis. I constantly did work on the car each year as preventative service and the car was all the better for it, complete suspension rebuild by @CHANGES not many miles ago. I wasn’t particularly looking to sell but work on the house meant it would be beneficial to move it on. I’d planned to get the turbos stripped and rebuilt, not that they were worn but again preventative stuff and
  2. Happy to help I think Graham still has the car but not sure if he uses it much. Trevor.
  3. As I read it that case was based on video evidence and in this case there won’t be any? Quite an old case too so not sure if things have changed. Trevor.
  4. Not any more I believe, lots have returned their deposits. Trevor.
  5. I do really miss my GT430, fab on road and track. Was an epic day at Silverstone, seems a long time ago now and probably the last time I tracked it. Trevor.
  6. It’s a very masculine car to drive, there’s weight to the controls in equal measure. Walks a thin line between road at race car that’s for sure. Trevor.
  7. Yes I have a Superformance GT40.
  8. Dan, be honest, you wish you were a washer bottle. Next thing to arrive in, could be the Eclan I suppose. Make up your own mind as to whether it’s natural progression. Trevor.
  9. I like to think I’m reliable. Trevor.
  10. I was round there earlier and as usual Sparky has listened to your thoughts and thinking outside the box as always has made a start. Rather than place the engine in the front he’s made an inspired decision to turn the interior around. Will be mega with its now suicide doors. Trevor
  11. Question is, how much are you expecting and prepared to pay to fix it. What’s the mileage? If it’s 60k or more I’d think you’d just as well look at a full engine strip and attend to anything that needs it and that’s probably most things, £8.5-£10k inc labour? There will be a lot of work needed on the suspension without doubt along with the brakes so unless you are happy to part with £18-£20k I’d advise just selling. Trevor.
  12. It’s nothing compared to the transport finder arrangement fee, usually 10% or minimum £1k. Invoice to follow. Trevor.
  13. That’s definitely my car but with the original Isle of Mann registration. Was in a lot better condition back then by the looks of it. Love the other cars too, not heard of the French one but Darrians and Davrians always look good. Trevor.
  14. Where was that one offered for sale? Wheels always look a bit small especially on the rear. I’ll keep it standard for now but can see a larger rear rim looking better plus a bit of lowering. Trevor.
  15. The red car I sent to have work done and after two people letting me down I lost the will to continue so sold it. This then came up which was less of a project although probably turn out the same amount of work.. It’s more complete and original where the red car was missing much. I’d have preferred the 4cyl car really but life’s too short to wait. Trevor.
  16. Going to be the right weather for it over the weekend too Trevor.
  17. Nope, had a red 4cyl car that I sind but this is the V6. Nice Lotus connection too as it spent quite a lot of time at Hethel. Trevor.
  18. Thanks for mentioning me Bibs but sold those a couple of weeks ago to a member here. Trevor.
  19. Ha, all very similar tastes. Not as early but in the process of having this worked on. Had it not been for CV-19 it would be on the road this summer.
  20. No spares car with mine when I bought it. think I’ve seen your name mentioned a few times regarding Clans. think it would need quite a lot of mods for track use and the be other cars for that, including what’s turning out to be a good bit of fun.
  21. Like a lot of people, the lockdown has meant progress on projects that would normally never happen, certainly in my case. As usual one thing leads to another and went from just getting it useable and roadworthy to “I can’t leave that like that”. Now I don’t have the patience or ability of Chillydoggy but nonetheless have enjoyed the achievement so far. It’s not on the road yet but not far away although to be properly useable it will need modification of the pedal box to create more room for your feel, brake and throttle pedal seem to occupy the same space. Trevor.
  22. Ah, penny dropped now Andy. Coming along ok actually, enough to move it outside as has the screen back in. New carpets, dash in and digital dash all working. I should update my original thread with a few pics. Trevor.
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