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  1. Like I said, very few will do this I think but of course some will. Time will tell. T.
  2. I like swapping gears and using all limbs so it’s a V6 for me. There seems to be a belief that the i4 is a much cheaper alternative, but I may be wrong however I’d think if you equal the spec on both cars then I can’t see there will be too much difference in the cost. Also many are talking of tuning potential of the i4, can see very few people tuning this while in warranty so that will be 3 years away. Why buy a car based on a power upgrade towards the end of 2025? Surely there will be an upgraded Emira to buy then with a fresh warranty? And fives will be on hybrid or all electric by that time with 2030 looming. Trevor.
  3. Trevsked

    Lotus Emira

    So not official but just because he said so?
  4. Trevsked

    Lotus Emira

    How do you know the factory and Silverstone agreed they would be No.1?
  5. Less of the small thank you. T.
  6. I have no recollection of this device being fitted nor do I accept responsibility for the fitting of said item. Just noticed you are at Gold Member, couldn’t have put it better myself. T.
  7. Yep my old car. I’d say that’s a good price as it’s a proper Lotus motorsport built car and the fella that converted it wouldn’t have cut corners on the RHD conversion. Trevor.
  8. I’m pretty sure you’d get a decent price on Collecting Cars and the benefit of putting your comfortable reserve on it. Should also save a raft of time wasters. T.
  9. Or, you could say life is too short, move on. You can always buy another but the problem is you probably wouldn’t want to pay the money you’ll be asking for it. If you’re happy to do that then there’s no problem. T.
  10. You do know it’s a car, right? GLWS anyway, Evora’s are fab, you’ll love it I’m sure. T.
  11. Did I see you near Wantage this morning? Trevor.
  12. Think it was Olive Green but just happened to see it in the opposite direction as I was about to turn left. Trevor.
  13. Yes the sales there are very good I understand. Should be a very good car, I’ll be very disappointed if not but no reason given the extra time and resources they have now for it to be anything other that something we hope for. Trevor.
  14. Where have you placed your order Karl? Trevor.
  15. Evening all. Yes was my old car for 5-6 years I think. Sport 350 has proper go and the Nitron suspension move it closer to the Evora in ride and handling but of course held back by an older design and less stiff chassis. I constantly did work on the car each year as preventative service and the car was all the better for it, complete suspension rebuild by @CHANGES not many miles ago. I wasn’t particularly looking to sell but work on the house meant it would be beneficial to move it on. I’d planned to get the turbos stripped and rebuilt, not that they were worn but again preventative stuff and did tell the buyer that’s what I’d do if I kept it. He ran it in to Hofmanns and had these rebuilt along with manifold studs and various oil and brake lines, no doubt other stuff too. Very little mileage since I sold it and a good buy I’d think which pains me a little to say as I’d like it still available for sale so I can buy it back at some point. As far as I’m aware it would be due a cambelt service now and that would need doing straight away if it were mine. Trevor.
  16. Happy to help 🙂 I think Graham still has the car but not sure if he uses it much. Trevor.
  17. As I read it that case was based on video evidence and in this case there won’t be any? Quite an old case too so not sure if things have changed. Trevor.
  18. Not any more I believe, lots have returned their deposits. Trevor.
  19. I do really miss my GT430, fab on road and track. Was an epic day at Silverstone, seems a long time ago now and probably the last time I tracked it. Trevor.
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