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  1. Dbroughton, I was picking up my white S3 Turbo (brown interior) there at lunchtime today but a little sidetracked to speak to others as I had my daughter with me and had to get back for my son after school. Didn't get time to look at the other cars except the silver V8 on the ramp. Trevor.
  2. Mayesprit, I think you are right. Does anyone know if it is satin black? The wheels also need a refurb and I believe these should be black also? Trevor.
  3. Stagowner, Just happened to be white not actually having gone out t buy one that colour. I had slight reservations about the brown leather when I bought it as it was very dry and looked quite dirty/worn but having so far put a tub of connolly hide food on it, it is now just starting to show signs of how rich it must have looked when new. As I say the pictures make the car look a lot better than it does in the flesh. Kimbers, I live in Rickmansworth Herts. Buddsy emailed me to welcome me and suggest I post here. All, What do you think about returning the bumpers and mirrors to black? The fromt bumper needs painting as it looks like i was done with a brush so would only be the extra work on the rear bumper. I assume the black is satin? Trevor.
  4. Molemot, Thanks for that. I will have a look and see what there is and run it past you on here. Trevor.
  5. Ok so let me try this,
  6. Not used photobucket before so will try and upload/link more shots now. ok, Anybody know what I am doing wrong? Trevor.
  7. Guys, My 81 dry sump car seems to hit the limiter at an indicated 5750rpm, is this normal? Can I adjust it as the info I have says 210bhp at 6250rpm. how do I check and adjust? Trevor.
  8. All, Buddsy suggeated I post a couple of pics of my car and said hello. I had an S2 many years ago and thought it was a wonderfull car so no surprise that I am back in Esprit ownership only this time with a Turbo. Cost a fair amount to get a C service as soon as I got it and only had it back a couple of days and got a few more problems but that will be sorted this week I hope. It's an early dry sump car with Compomotive 4 stud split rims in the classic bond white with full brown leather. Nice and original (read tired ) but nowhere near as nice as it looks in the pics. All the usual things to sort but loking forward to a bit of fun motoring soon.
  9. Guys, My first post on here as I have only recently get my Esprit. I seem to have exactly the same fault with my car. It had been in for a C service with Moorland Jones last week and running well until last night when I returned from a run out (60 miles or so) and on the way back along the M40 it seemed a little hesitant circa 4000rpm. I then went to the Ace Cafe where it was running fine at the traffic lights 100 yards before parking and left for an hour. When I started up it was down on idle rpm and i thought it was just a little cold. The drive home showed a misfire/hesitation out of roundabouts/corners etc but put your foot down and seemed ok. Once home it seemed to run on 3 cylinders. Taken it in to MJ once again and yet to hear what they think but ill let you know what they find. Have you sorted yours yet? Trevor.
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