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  1. At Goodwood for the Bell & Colvill track day but should be able to come up straight after. Trevor.
  2. Glad you got where you wanted to noise wise. Can I ask what the cost of this is? Trevor.
  3. So you’re the fruit loop who can’t stop himself :-). Seen your car on a few occasions, very nice and quite an undertaking, hope it lives up to expectations. Trevor.
  4. Congrats on the new car, youll absolutely love it I'm sure. Trevor.
  5. As you say, if those are the figures then I’d be happy. Do you run a sensor and gauge in the car? Would be nice to know what’s going on when out on track, that’s the environment that’s harshest I’d think. Nice thing about supercharged over turbo is the consistency. Trevor.
  6. As Stu has said, can you please post the before and after AFR’s. Do you have any concerns that there is nothing left in the tank so to speak, once the car is on track and hot, to keep enough fuel going in to control temps? I know ignition will retard but then the extra is useless if not there when required. Trevor.
  7. Thanks for organising as always, nice place and lovely people not to mention the cars too. Trevor.
  8. All you S2 owner, what have you fitted to yours? @peteyg Trevor.
  9. Simon has a good point, from memory the standard tyre gets close to rubbing the inner wing as standard I seem to remember? Perhaps the 70 series are just that bit too big. Trevor.
  10. True there are a few available but if you want the Sparco seats that narrows it down a bit as does colour/location. Also better to deal with someone you know and trust, has a great reputation. I’ve not looked at what’s actually available new and unregistered on forecourts, makes a difference with manufacturers warranty. Also the reason I’ve not looked is important to me. If I’m edgey about ownership then I tend to watch what’s available and the prices. If I’m happy then it doesn’t bother me at all, as is the case here. Trevor.
  11. Ooooh, red interior, don’t think I’ve seen one like that before, very nice. Trevor.
  12. It’s a great colour and @Sizona had as possibly his top choice before he went Military Grey. Keep us posted on progress, must be one of the last GT430’s for sure. Trevor.
  13. I’m surprised this hasn’t sold already, the GT 430 is the best all round car I’ve ever driven, by some margin. Hope the deal can be done and look forward to hearing what you think. Trevor.
  14. Congrats Paul, looks great. Trevor.
  15. Trevsked


    It’s the Lotus lighter version. Trevor.
  16. Trevsked


    Latest magnificent machine, not flown it yet, will wait for ideal conditions for the first one.
  17. Better not be or there goes the loft conversion 😂 Trevor.
  18. Congrats Paul, I’ve driven the previous version and it’s the most demanding car (in a good way) I’ve ever driven. Very good on the road too. Trevor.
  19. Ahhh, penny just dropped 🙂 Trevor.
  20. Looks great Barrie, congrats. Hope to see it up the Ace soon. Trevor.
  21. Was on ebay a couple of times in the last few weeks. Lacquer is lifting so needs paint and engine has to be tired at 85k miles surely. Made over £11k the first time but the reappeared with same seller a few days later where it didn’t go over £8500. Someone making a few bob which isn’t an issue as anyone could have bought it for less but they didn’t so I’d say the value us lower. Trevor.
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