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  1. I’m trying to sort my morning out and will be there if I can. Trevor.
  2. And you said you’d restrain from humour in responding 😂. You’re so uncontrolled 🙂 Trevor.
  3. I could be interested yes, message me your number and we can chat. Trevor.
  4. Correct, 4 studs and no roof radio. I may have the chassis number somewhere but the owner is on on here and may be better for him to sort that. I’ll message him as I’m not sure how often he visits. Trevor.
  5. Thank Hofmanns for laying things on this morning, good effort and appreciated. Managed to miss the M25 issues thankfully but plod was out with camera vans in two positions on the way home so two weeks watching the letterbox. Would love to buy the silver Esprit S2.2 that was there, confirmed to me that it’s top of my list. Trevor.
  6. Stratton’s were part of the reason I sold my GTE. When I approached them about spares availability they just didn’t know or want to help. I know others that contacted them too and had similar response. Trevor.
  7. Hi Chris, looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Trevor.
  8. No idea, I’ve not seen it. Trevor.
  9. A reasonable response but not one that describes “prime example” in any way. Respray through Stocks when they were doing than was at least £8k probably nearer £10k. Interior is £10k with Fultcher I believe if not a little more but suspect a lesser return could be had for £7k, not what the car deserves and not “prime” The engine was changed no doubt due to failure and to speculate you can find the original is a bit far fetched and the engine currently looks like it’s been under water judging by the corrosion. I doubt that would come to life without proper precautionary investigation. Seems to me there is too much romance around some of these cars and reality comes somewhat short of dreams. Ask anyone who has restored a car if they came in on budget. Trevor.
  10. How do you see costs on this then? Trevor.
  11. Over priced surely? Wrong engine potentially, interior wrong. Find another dry sump engine if you can, which I doubt readily, respray, interior, surely those alone would cost £24k let alone the pain of it all plus the purchase cost of say £13k so finished for £37k. Makes no sense as you could buy a matching numbers car and use it for less. Trevor.
  12. Trevsked


    We need a bit of this 😄
  13. Trevsked


    Would make good footage I think. Trevor.
  14. Trevsked


    Not too different from my own machine? Trevor.
  15. Yep sorry just saw the classified advert. Bonne chance. Trevor.
  16. Uk autos don’t have TC. Trevor.
  17. Gees, that looks like a complete rebuild would be the only way to do it properly. Anything less I suspect will lead to continual issues. Trevor.
  18. Yep my old car and it was a good one when I sold it and know the owner spent lots as stated over the last year, not because it needed it but because he wanted it to be the best. Must be very nice now, I’ve not seen it but will call down some time. Trevor.
  19. You may well be right and these splinters are killing me 🙂 Trevor.
  20. All interesting stuff as I've currently got the urge to change my headers. Anyone know what the performance gains are here without changing the rest of the system? Trevor.
  21. I do like a TR8 but would prefer a Tony Pond, @changes tribute. Trevor.
  22. Congratulations David, will be a fantastic year I’m sure. Keep us up to date. Trevor.
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