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  1. Thanks for the link, that’s a cracker of a car. I don’t think it’s overpriced really given the tiny amount of miles covered and an opportunity to relive the past perhaps. Would I buy either of these cars? Yes if I could afford them then why not. I’ve just had an Apline A310 mechanically refreshed and it owes me more than these cars, with the benefit of hindsight I’d definitely have one of these two sitting in the garage.



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  2. I’d be interested to know if there are any with lower mileage than this one, I suspect not. A crying shame it hasn’t been used but having seen it and been in it I can vouch for the mileage. I tend to view these cars as brand new and what I’d pay for a new one of these if it was in the showroom right now. Not sure where it will go on price but given the mileage and being one of the very last S1’s you’d think it could set a new bench mark figure. Lovely car.



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  3. Sadly Jimichanga makes good points when it comes to power to weight and I’d guess this is perhaps where he is most disappointed with where Lotus are headed. I’d agree on that too but accept that all cars if they want to compete in a mass market and end the financial struggles that Lotus have had in the past. Knowing Lotus staff and their core values I’m confident they’ll add the sparkle to Emira that is lacking with the cars in the competing sector but will be amazed if it’s better than a GT430, probably the pinnacle of the current era Lotus. Emira may be a sideways step in outright performance but a forward step useability with road craft perhaps the target over track ability. 
    I look forward to using mine on a daily basis, can’t wait.



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  4. 1 hour ago, Nipper said:

    I'd have no qualms remapping the M139, especially if Lotus hamstring it to sell the V6, which is the only reason I can see why they are doing it. I doubt many would buy the I4 if it was cheaper and making more power. 

    I'm not sure how the I4 is cheaper, they must be making more margin on the V6.

    Like I said, very few will do this I think but of course some will. Time will tell.


  5. I like swapping gears and using all limbs so it’s a V6 for me. There seems to be a belief that the i4 is a much cheaper alternative, but I may be wrong however I’d think if you equal the spec on both cars then I can’t see there will be too much difference in the cost. Also many are talking of tuning potential of the i4, can see very few people tuning this while in warranty so that will be 3 years away. Why buy a car based on a power upgrade towards the end of 2025? Surely there will be an upgraded Emira to buy then with a fresh warranty? And fives will be on hybrid or all electric by that time with 2030 looming.



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  6. On 10/06/2021 at 12:55, TomE said:

    The factory order book isn't open yet so I think it's very unlikely any dealer can say much about delivery dates for individual customers.  They'll know what Lotus have as a target for first customer delivery dates and planned numbers per month.

    After the rather unfair process for converting dealer deposits into factory deposits on the first Evoras, I hope they come up with a better way of handling it for Emira.  For Evora the factory book opened on a pre-advised date and all the dealers logged in that morning to add their orders (customer, demo, stock).  It was mostly down to how quickly each dealer added orders that determined where their customers were in the factory's queue.  A fairer system would be for the factory to ask dealers for a list of dealer deposit holders and dates deposits paid, then allocate slots in date order.  But I doubt that'll happen.

    I know Emira #1 is allocated to a Silverstone customer as both dealer and factory agreed that a while ago when the customer put the first Type 131 deposit down.

    How do you know the factory and Silverstone agreed they would be No.1?


  7. 4 hours ago, Sparky said:

    Yeah yeah, it was there when I bought it; just never got around to deleting it.  Blame that rice rocket junkie @Trevsked.

    I have no recollection of this device being fitted nor do I accept responsibility for the fitting of said item. Just noticed you are at Gold Member, couldn’t have put it better myself.



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  8. On 21/02/2021 at 20:17, Karl M Roberts said:

    Hi, Lotus Silverstone, they are brilliant and very knowledgeable and helpful. I fully recommend them. Yours, Karl

    Yes the sales there are very good I understand. Should be a very good car, I’ll be very disappointed if not but no reason given the extra time and resources they have now for it to be anything other that something we hope for.



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