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  1. What's the score for someone who is presently Lotusless? I would like to come, but only have my German motor at the moment.
  2. Andjons


  3. Lots of interest on the phone, but not so many came to kick the tyres. Quite a few did ask me to drop the price, before they'd even seen it!
  4. Too tempting - I only just sold my S4!
  5. Really lovely V8, in the car-park at Earlswood Lakes, Redhill, today at about 1pm.
  6. I bought an aluminium drive wheel, to replace a chewed-up white plastic one, from RodneyDickman, in the States: It works a treat.
  7. No. This is number 3.
  8. Andjons

    Le Man 2014

    Doing the 24 again this year. Not decided yet whether or not to take the Esprit.
  9. Aha! That'll be me. The 61 is the number of the 1994 winner, for which this car was made as a commemorative edition. We all sticker up for our annual Le Mans pilgrimage.
  10. This one passed me by - can't buy tickets online; is it still possible to get a ticket, so I can come in my S4 Comemmorative limited edition?
  11. Approaching a peage on the way back to Calais from a great weekend at Le Mans. My friends, following in a Merc SLK 55 AMG got confused when they saw two green Esprits driving side-by-side.
  12. In his post at the top, S4Denver refers to a "blown intake gasket". I am trying to work out which gasket he is talking about. Anyone offer any suggestions?
  13. To add to my previous post - IAC value is about 38 at idle, and MAP is around 38-40.
  14. Which hose? I have no EBPV and have done the necessary mods to the vacuum lines. I have reset the IAC and followed the suggested procedure in the Freescan manual. When I start up, the idle is regular, but about 1400. When I stop at lights, for example, the idle doesn't go below about 1300-1400. If I switch off and start up again, the idle is a comfortable 1100 or so. Aaaargh!
  15. I also have high RPMs, and I don't think it's the IAC valve. You mention a blown intake gasket. What are you talking about, and where is it?
  16. Surely there must be more? I'm going on the Saturday. Hopefully.
  17. 959...T. A gold Elite in Horey, Surrey, on Monday 28th November. Anyone?
  18. Andjons

    Red Esprit - A11

    Big column thing was probably the war memorial?!
  19. Thank you everybody. I will get some VHT wrinkle from Frost (once they get some POR15 black in stock, so I can order it all together).
  20. That sounds easier. Is the Rover vermillion the one from Halfords? Or where would you suggest getting it from?
  21. I want to paint my cam covers, but don't know what paint to use. I have seen reference to VHT red crinkle spray paint, but understand the colour may not be a very good match for the original. I have also seen reference to Dupli-color chevy orange, but cannot find anywhere that sells it in the UK. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the right brand and colour to use - and whetehr I should use a brush on paint, or an aerosol?
  22. I don't know which was likely to be the more painful! I hope Tracey's better now.
  23. It depends on your VIN. Assuming you are talking about non-USA, I think before VIN 2031 is blue/blue/yellow, and after is green/blue/green.
  24. Sorry to be a flake. I've now got a shed load of work stuff to see to before Monday. Don't think I can make this one.
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