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  1. So I'm guessing fitting should be fairly easy from a DIY point of view then?? It's handy if they come with a loom though as if you want you can put the car back to origianl by bolting the original units back in?? I assume this is the case. Does the body need any cutting or anything?? Cheers Alan
  2. I do like the chrome bezel bits the most!!! Will they fit the standard ones lol? Is fitting fairly straight forward with wiring etc for self fitment? Look nice. Cheers
  3. No probs. Thought it might be a bit easier as Hull is the back of beyond.. We ll apart from Grimsby anyway lol Racing was good and have got my gearbox and engine as well now. The rebuild can continue. Saw the guy with the yellow exige later on and he'd calmed down a bit. Was going to drive it to a garage in Northampton to get the suspension geo looked at as the wheel had taken a fair knock. Hope the other Elise owner was ok. If I hadn't been getting the stuff would have been in either the elise or the V8 so again glad I didn't take either of them!!! Cheers Alan
  4. Hiya, One of our NYLOC members from ooop north has bought it. Will get the full low down at our next meet. Cheers Alan
  5. On a side note is the oil level ok?? It might be it has been over filled which has to get out somewhere maybe?? Cheers Alan
  6. The bbc version was the best. I played it to death on the amiga i had. tharglets were always cute lol. Funnily enough I was hunting through the loft the other day and found the story book that went with it. Do you remember stealing the ship from the graveyard??? TWOC ing in the space age! Cheers
  7. Nice. Did you see the stirling moss collection?? I have a couple of friends who have 500's displayed in that. Cheers Alan
  8. Hiya, About 120 odd cars running this weekend (few fezza's today which might be interesting) Is anyone going?? Might take a run over today for a shufty? Cheers Alan
  9. Hiya, me and dave re-did mine gold as they were naff and 2 were new so were silver. We used a volvo colour which is quite nice. Cheers Alan
  10. Being in Hull I'm not that far from York. the G car isn't really finished enough but the elise and V8 are ok. Cheers
  11. th4neuk

    S4 Sunroof

    That would be me then! Yep I have the glass roof from my 89 turbo. No idea what they are going for at the moment though. Cheers Alan
  12. In a way it depends if you are now going to up the boost with having the chargecooler fitted. On mine I had it rejetted to cope with a max of 1 bar boost after I fitted the chargecooler setup. Was good for 289bhp on the RR. Cheers Alan
  13. I haven't read the whole thread but I gather it will be flying over for the Goodwood revival weekend. My friend who races the 500cc F3 cars is heavily involved in the organisation of the vulcan. At some point I'm going to she if she can get to show me round it. Awesome plane. Cheers
  14. Hey Wilf, I have a really good friend who I go racng with who restores and works on cars of this era, If you want PM me your number and I'll put you in touch?? Cheers Alan
  15. I'm actually with Paul C on this. I would love to see an all out version that you could take on the track and really give the beans. Almost like the original homologation cars they used to have to make for gt racing. Absolutely awesome and if they do what lotus do the very best and make it handle all the better! From a driveability point of view Xenons would be nice though. And please no naff LED front lights!!!!!!!
  16. hmmm 89 turbo when I was 30 V8 when I was 34 Swapped the Turbo fir the G Car when I was 35 Must admit it is fantastic having the young and old cars as driving them is a completely different experience (apart from listening to see if something is breaking lol) Deffo good with the wind though lol
  17. Dave did a cracking Job of the wheels on my G Car. They have come up a treat. Gonna get him to come back and do te silver bits now lol Cheers
  18. you could try Dunno about an esprit but plenty of trackday loti Cheers
  19. Will check the diary. Can we bring both esprits?? Cheers
  20. Hiya, Crikey that was some list, You kinda forget how much we did to it really. A few of the other things that were done: Petrol caps and locks assembled Fuel breather pipes completely replaced We also painted the wing mirrors before fitting Rear Shock absorbers replaced Removal and correction of dodgy aftermarket alarm system Front bumper assembled New grill mesh for front bonnet and engine cover I'm getting on with the final bits but am looking forward to getting it taxed now Cheers
  21. WAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oh yeah!! It PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!! No problems at all. However..... The wastegate is sticking, the fuel gauge doesn't work and the air brake pops up if you hit a big bump (rear tailgate) Not bad cnsidering it's the first time on the road in fifteen years! Cheers
  22. Cheers guys everything is crossed, Dave pull yer finger out and find a project then lol!! Be good to come and pull it apart and rebuild it. So when are we going to extend your garage then?? Cheers
  23. th4neuk


    Yep very similar to you a few weeks ago. Was about to book ferry to go to Le Mans then realised my passport had run out! Trip to Liverpool and
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