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  1. Clutch pedal on my 97 V8 went soft all of a sudden this morning - realised the hydraulic fluid container was empty (my fault as I hadn't checked the fluid levels for 2 months). Refilled it - but there is still air in the pipe running to the clutch. This is as the pipe has a metal u-bend that sits a couple of centimetres above the hydraulic fluid container, so the air pocket cannot escape through to the hydraulic fluid refill container. Bleeding it through is not an option - will need to bleed it all the way through from the front to the rear, with the air bubble continuing to rise towards the u-bend at the front (about 30cm higher in the front than the rear. Any ideas on how to get rid of the air-pocket / or is it OK to keep driving it with air in the pipe? Clutch seems to operate fine with the air-pocket in the system.
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