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  1. Name: Lotus Excel SE Click to view: Lotus Excel SE
  2. nah, this was definitely the nicer "silk" red, not the common Calypso Pink (ducks for cover).
  3. Manoeuvring outside a hospital in Headington, Oxford this morning. I need to get a "My other car's a Lotus" sticker for my Honda.
  4. hodders

    Moved House

    I'm in North Oxfordshire, often in Banbury. Reasonably well placed for Lotusbits and Paul Mattys. Haven't been out for a curry for a while, good selection in Parsons Street in Banbury, also the one in the centre of Kidlington. Nearest Club Lotus group is the BBOA (Bucks, Berks, Oxon Area), they have monthly meets near Jn 3 of the M40. Try the Warwick to Banbury road B4100 road, runs parallel to the M40. The Motor museum at Gaydon is also on that road. HP10 0
  5. 4 - 5 times a week. Not so much in the winter though, or if it's solely a motorway run (=just adding mileage).
  6. I was there: here's a few photos, including a very yellow Evora and my Excel. http://s511.photobuc...mview=slideshow
  7. Having just had the same problem a few minutes ago, your problem may be that the URL generated by Photobucket is very long and there is a limit to the length. Try renaming the photo in Photobucket to something shorter and/or moving the image to a top-level PB album with a short name.
  8. Just posting for the first time on this forum, made a few posts on the old forum.
  9. Hi, popped over from the forum.... out driving my burgundy K plate Excel SE today, joined up with a red R plate Esprit ?SE? for 10 mins or so (we sure took out that white motorhome van, eh? )
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