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  1. The soft aluminium connector pipes bady corode underneath the rubber hoses where they are connected. The corosion expands and starts to lift the rubber hose away from the aluminium tube and water starts to weep from the joint - even when the jubilee clip is tight!. I suggest you remove the rubber hoses from the aluminium tubes and get the tubes out and thoroughly clean the ends with wire brush and emery cloth. You may find the aluminium is so badly pitted that you either need to fill the pits and smooth down (use Belzona molecular metal) or buy replacement aluminium tubes. The neck of the thermostat housing also corodes in the same way and needs checking. I hope that helps.
  2. The fuel pumps for the Esprit V8 are made by AC and are imported into the UK by ATL Fuel Systems. Their part # is KS153. ATL do not deal with the public direct, but sell through Demon Tweeks. They recognise the ATL #KS153. Both pumps are identical - just mounted at different heights. Demon Tweeks Direct, 75 Ash Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9UG, (0)1978 664467 I have used these pumps and the only difference is slight size of the electrical connectors - but easily modified. Running the pumps without fuel overheats the nylon brush mounting and jams the brushes so losing contact with the comutator. It took me quite a while to sort that out when I wanted some so I hope that helps.
  3. I am needing to replace the primary fuel pump after I think it pulled in some rust particles from a corroding fuel tank and is now jammed or seized. The secondary pump which looks to be identical runs fine. The pump has AC moulded into the bottom end cover so I assume this is an AC Delco pump. Can anyone help with a cross reference and source for a new pump please? Buying a new complete twin pump & pipe assembly is out of the question! I see this similar question was asked back in Sept '07 without a conclusive answer. All help appreciated!
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