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  1. Just last week I finished my fire extinguisher training. Here's what they said (its for work, but I asked about cars and garages). The dry chemical (class A, B, C) put out gas/flammable liquid, electrical, and paper/wood/rubber. This one is the recommended one as it puts out just about everything. They do destroy electronics - so much so that if you will likely write your car off if you fire one of these at it. You also need an industrial clean-up crew as the particles are too small for a normal vacuum to trap. CO2 are for class B and C fires (gas/flammable liquid, electrical). They will also work on paper/wood/rubber but are not recommended as they tend to blow that stuff around (causing more fires) and don't provide continued suppression for burning wood or rubber - so it may light up again. Firing that on a hot engine component could crack it (as they are super cool), but its cheaper than writing off all electronics in the engine compartment or entire car. Class D are for exotic flammable metals, so if your magnesium wheels are on fire, you'll need one of these - but they don't put out anything else. Haylon is now a banned substance, as its a serious ozone destroying chemical. There's a replacement one that has haylon-something in the name. Its also really deadly - much more so than CO2 (which will kill you if you get shot in the face). Class K are for kitchen fires (grease). This is the foam one that foams up a good foot and a half thick. The fireman putting the course on said the dry chemical is the way to go as your primary concern is stopping the fire - but it will destroy electronics. He said if you fire it in garage, it could fly all over and destroy any electronics it gets on - he cited on garage fire where one was used and it put out the car fire but also destroyed the guy's Harley (which wasn't near the fire). But then he didn't have to re-build his garage.
  2. "A Lotus Esprit Turbo from the James Bond film 'For your Eyes Only' is to be sold at auction. The car which appeared in the 1981 film starring Roger Moore is expected to fetch over
  3. "A DRIVER spent two nights in jail after being accused of "revving his car in a racist manner". Mechanic Ronnie Hutton, 49, yesterday described his court ordeal which finally ended when prosecutors dropped the allegation of racism. But he was still convicted of a breach of the peace for revving the engine of his
  4. CALGARY - In their first month in service, new speed-on-green cameras have nabbed about 850 speeding drivers doing an average 27 km/h over the limit, according to new data released Thursday by the Calgary Police Service. Speeders caught driving 27 km/hoverthe limit will get a $161 ticket in the mail. Police said they expanded the number of intersections that snap photographs of speeding vehicles from two in March--when police were just issuing warnings -- to three in April, when they started giving out fines. Staff Sgt. Brett Marklund had estimated there would be about 1,100 tickets issued in the first month, given that only two cameras managed to issue warnings to 700 drivers. It's small comfort that fewer people than expected were caught speeding, he said. "That's still 850 people doing well in excess of the limit," said Marklund. He said what worries him most are the larger tickets, such as people going 120--130 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. "That is frightening." Scott Hennig, Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said speed-on-green cameras have the potential to become a "giant cash cow." His organization does not oppose them outright, but said police have to set clear targets in reducing collisions and speeding to help justify the cost of the tickets. "If they don't see this type of reduction, remove them," said Hennig. Professional ticket fighters say complaints about the speed-on-green tickets have yet to materialize. "I haven't seen a one yet," said Pointts Traffic Ticket Specialists president Charlie Pester Dennis Young, president of said he toohasn't yet seen a ticket come in, likely because it costs more to fight them than it does to pay the fines. He also noted that the tickets don't add de-merit points to a speeding driver's record. But he disagrees philosophically with the concept behind photo radar--that the owner of a vehicle gets fined without proof the one being punished is the same motorist who was behind the wheel at the time of the infraction. He's frustrated the concept behind photo radar has expanded to red-light cameras and, now, the speed-on-green tickets. "It's the expansion of this principle that,'We don't have to prove your guilt,' " said Young. Ald. Andre Chabot said he hopes the tickets improve driver behaviour. "Hopefully, it will result in increased compliance by hitting people in the pocketbook," said Chabot. Police say they've implemented the new technology with safety in mind. Speeding decreases reaction time in a collision and creates greater force at the time of the crash, Marklund said. "There is no way to sugarcoat it: speed is a factor in every collision," said Marklund. "People who speed are going to get caught. They need to slow down before something more than a ticket happens to them,"Marklund said.
  5. Here's where they are (on google map);t=h&z=11
  6. A cancer patient in the Northwest Territories has won a $1-million car, but says he's taking cash instead because he doesn't need such a fast machine in a remote town with one 12-kilometre road. Louie Edgi of Norman Wells said he won a Koenigsegg CCX sports car from the Cash and Cars Lottery, which supports the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society. The CCX, one of the lottery's grand prizes, is unique in Canada and considered to be the second-fastest production car in the world. "The car is a Swedish make; it'll do 400 kilometres an hour. I don't see anybody would need that," Edgi told CBC News on Thursday. "It's worth a million dollars, so they gave me the option of taking the car or the cash. But living here in Norman Wells, I can't really see myself needing a car." No highways lead to Norman Wells, a town of 761 located about 690 kilometres northwest of Yellowknife along the Mackenzie River. Had Edgi opted for the car, it would have had to be flown there or driven up on a winter ice road. The longest road in Norman Wells is an unpaved 12-kilometre stretch. Zipping across town with the Koenigsegg CCX would have taken less than two minutes. Edgi said he won the car after buying 10 lottery tickets in Edmonton, where he was being treated for a brain tumour. He said he's feeling a lot better since his cancer treatment, and so is his family. "The wife is all excited and the kids are excited, but I don't think they really grasp what a million dollars is," he said. "They'll get it eventually." Edgi said he cannot see himself with a $1-million car, but is relieved to win the cash. Even if his cancer treatment does not go well, he said, his family will be looked after. Also, just in case you don't know how remote this place is Norman Wells, north west territories canada - Google Maps There's only one road, which is unpaved and 12km long. So much for buy a lotus and keep the change.
  7. I got 43/50.
  8. "Calgary Police Service conducted a five-hour speed trap on Deerfoot near 130th Avenue S.E. Officers caught 103 speeders doing an average of 132 kilometres per hour.The worst lead foot was a BMW driver clocked at 201 km/h. Traffic unit Sgt. Mark Ehrmantraut said police receive regular complaints about speeding on the highway. He thinks what they found Sunday isn't unusual. "It's a snapshot in time on Deerfoot Trail at that location. It's unfortunate," he said. Ehrmantraut said the speeding BMW, and the average speed of 32km/h over the posted limit, came as a surprise to the eight officers involved. "It shocked everybody, really. We were expecting some high speeds there, but nothing doubling the speed limit," said Ehrmantraut. Thirty-two traffic tickets were handed out for infractions other than speeding, including not having proper documentation and not wearing a seatbelt."
  9. lots of pics from the event ** Including all the lotus cars **
  10. Spotted August 16th in front of Melrose on 17th Ave in Calgary. Also there was a "honda civic beige" esprit, but sadly no picture (pics found on ferrari chat) On the ferrari site - pics of the ferraris On the lambo site - just pics of lambos Who doesn't take a picture of a maserati mc-12??? This is the only shot I found of it and its accidental
  11. speedster9110 posted this trip on That's where I found out about it. The only other comment on there from an elise owner was: "Wish I knew about this sooner I might have made arrangements to get up there car or no car... It's my birthday..." From ZakSkiGuy (Jeffrey Kozak).,6298549.story With the Elise community thread on this
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