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  1. I can weigh my Nova's but only with the standart tires on the wheels. I do know that my 18 x 9 and 19 x 10.5 Volk TE 37's with a 225/40 and a 275/35 Advan Sport weigh about 3 pounds less each than the Nova combo. Considering a wider and taller rim, that's pretty good...
  2. I installed those 6.5" shallow mount Kickers as replacements for the stock 6.5" Alpines in the doors on my 2002. However, I added an Alpine subwoofer amp in the rear boot and wired the Kickers in parallel. I used the stock 4.5 inch coax Alpines on the dash and the tweeters in the doors and those are powered by the stock Alpine stereo. The stereo has additional RCA outputs to utilize a separate subwoofer amp as I'm sure your Alpine does also. I retained the stock look, gained about 5lbs but the bass now is quite substantial. Not enough to shake the neighbors windows but so much better than stock. With the windows closed, it kicks ass.
  3. Hey Alan. If you see the window is trying to go down but unable on one side it is the chanel felt that has either collapsed or torn. This is fairly easy to replace and you can do it with the window in situ. Order the replacement felt from JAE or .... You'll need to remove the door panel. Take a look at the felt in the window chanel to see it's condition. You can remove the felt simply by pulling out the top section, then the sides. It's all one piece. Once removed, match up the corners on the old and new felt pieces. You'll have to make a small hole on either side of the felt strip where it bends in both upper corners (you can see the holes on the old piece) so it lays flat at the bends. Then lubricate (soapy water solution) the outside of the felt and begin to work it down into the front and back channel...use a lot of lub. Should go in nicely. Then push in the top section and your done. Should work fine after that. I did both my windows recently.
  4. Thanks for the info! Nut is 30mm. I first torqued it to 150lbs and that took over half a turn so it was quite loose. I then finished the torque to 200lbs. Nice and snug now with no play. -Good idea to take the nut off and replace as noted and maybe fit a locking one over it. I'll definitely keep my eye on it. 2002 with only about 9k miles. BTW, the passenger side...nice and tight there.
  5. I noticed the left rear wheel had a decent amount of side to side play. Upon further inspection, I have found the hub is a bit loose. Does anyone know the size of the nut holding the rear hub? Appears to be about 31mm. I will need to purchase a separate socket for this as mine only go to 28mm. Also, with the car jacked up, should I just apply the brakes to tighten the nut so as not to spin the hubs? Thank you for any information
  6. Seems this may be an issue with my 2002 also. Freshcut, mine does the exact same thing. I observed the vent door open and close about every few seconds non stop. Now I just leave it on the upper vent setting.
  7. Agree, that sounds like a done CAT. If it were a heat shield, it would sound like a loud vibration at only certain RPM's. If you are in the USA, the CAT should be covered under the emissions warranty on a 2003 V8.
  8. Lotus should cover your first timing belt change under warranty...falls under the emissions warranty which goes for 8 years from purchase. Since yours is a 2002, it should still be covered. You should be able to reach someone at Lotus to verify with your vin #. They are usually good about return calls. Contact a local dealer if not.
  9. Hi John- Yes, that would be Lotus of Thousand Oaks and in fact it will be Ritchie working on the car. I contacted Lotus directly for a recommendation anywhere in CA where they felt the best mechanic could be found and they recommended Ritchie. I did speak with him and he hasn't don a belt change for about a year but has done many in the past. He does seem quite knowlegeable....maybe the brit accent helps! Looking forward to getting this done correctly with no worries...I hope! Hey Alan... Do you know any mechanics to recommend at Symbolic? I've heard good and horror stories from them.
  10. Silverstar Lotus, Westlake Village area.
  11. Going in for a timing belt change under warranty (2002 V8 with 9k miles). Any recommendations on any other related items that should be replaced also? I'm thinking I should replace the tensioners since I doubt they are covered under this warranty service. Anything else? Thanks for any info.
  12. Thank you for the replies. I did hear from Rick at Lotus USA. Apparently they only have one set right now and are waiting for arrival of more, hopefully by the end of this month. Will have to wait and see. Thinking seriously about the last run now if I can find a good price. Will check with Kelsport!
  13. I have been waiting some time now to purchase the new dampers developed by Lotus with Bilstein. JAE has them ordered but no information on arrival. It's been over a month. Does anyone know about their availability here in the USA? Otherwise, I'm thinking of purchasing the last run adjustable Eibach/Bilstein combination. Anyone know where I can find a new set of those?? Thanks for any information.
  14. I think the cracking has to do with the quality/thickness of the stainless and the welds. As noted both with my observation and others above, the welds on the Larini's appeared inadequate. I can't comment on the Hyperflows as I have never seen them. As for the stock cats, they are a heavier material and the welds are significant compared to the Larinis. If I had it to do over again, I would probably just cut the old cats out of the stock pipes and weld in some metalic 200 cpi high flows! Looking forward to the pix of the fix Larini sends you WhiteSea...I'm curious as hell now!!
  15. Same problems with my Larini Cats!! I am in the USA...Larini said they would reweld or replace but the shipping costs which I had to pay for were excessive so I had them repaired here. The drivers side broke downstream of the Cat and detached completely. It also had a crack developing right upstream of the Cat at the attachment after the bend from the turbo. The passenger side had a similar crack. Upon inspection, we found the tail piece not properly welded in place...also about 2/3 way around. I had all rewelded and have had no issues. I also installed different silicone rubber type hangers exhaust hangers which allow much less movement. This seems to have helped. The fabricator feels that the flat plane crank causes excessive vibration which could be causing the issue. However, I haven't heard of any stock cats fracturing like this? I have had no issues since but I have only driven about 1500 miles. My next option would be to weld in a very short flex pipe somewhere, probably after the Cat. I'm curious to know what Larini will do with yours for a fix? Please let us know. Thanks.
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