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  1. Sorry that I gave you the impression that I wanted to particapate in a competion.
  2. oh and by the way mark t.c. I am far from tame... you of all people should know that. no one can keep a handel on me.
  3. Welcome! and yes john I have not meet her yet. Like mark t.c has said no one has. mmmmm. Sorry I have not been on lef latley been really busy.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! I'm a little hung over.... let me rephrase that... I'm couch-bound! Hope you didn't get as deep into the drink as I did last night... otherwise... you'd feel like I do. Anyhow... I hope you have a wonderful day! Edit... LOL!!! I'm writing under Andi's name... hehehehe... I guess I'll post again under my name... LOL!
  5. Well John I see you are getting into itearly... Happy Birthday!!!!!! Ya I wish i could tell you it was just wowmen... lol. I posted pictures but it does not look like they are working. oh well I might have to get mark to fix tommrow.
  6. Ok so I know this is a thread for drunk people but mark is passed out on the couch and cant right or speak for himself I should tell you that we went to a 54/40 concert that was free of charge and a cheap beer garden. He got so drunk that he was going around to people that he didn't know and was grabbing them in un-mentionable places. I hope he has a good laugh about it tomorow. (honey I am sorry but I had to post about your drunken state of mind) lol Here is a pic of mark passed out after a hard night of drinking.
  7. Thanks for the comments guys!!! really appreciate it... keep them coming... and... if you want me to pose on your cars... (as long as they are out of canada) it will only cost you the plane ticket, and room and board for the couple of days i'll be there! And... I really want to thank John for giving us the opportunity to do this on his beautiful piece of land! And.. for taking the time to help us cart the cars down to the river valley... and for just being John!
  8. the picture of the old lady wow that was gross. and now I know what mark.t.c will be thinking of next time Oh and Rogger your girl is hot. I think in my next photo shoot there will have to be some nude photos...
  9. John... you may have some "prints" to wipe off your car.... hehe
  10. Ah gary you cant post nude phots on lef..... so it will have to stay at pg-13. there is no point. This is why I should have my own web site. Anybody know how to get on started???
  11. Here's the pics I promised!
  12. Thumper

    new beee

    welcome to fourm tom!
  13. ya the one on my car looks better i think
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