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  1. Heres my others, a 2011, Eric Clapton "Beano" reissue and a 2006, Limited Edition, Pete Townshend Deluxe.
  2. Hi guys, it's been a while since I posted anything on the forum, anyway here are pics of my guitars, a Fender Custom Shop, Eric Clapton Strat in Midnight blue (meantime for sale to help pay for a couple of Masterbuilt strats I have on order) and a Gibson Custom Shop, Slash Les Paul. Les
  3. Does the exhaust system have any leaks, a leaky exhaust will cause backfiring when downshifting. Les
  4. Hi Scott, Yes, did it no problem, I traced the wires to the luggage compartment behind the washer bottle took about an hour to do the job. Les
  5. Hi guys, Anyone know of any good Doberman breeders in the U.K. Les
  6. I was informed yesterday that a blue G car sits outside the Kildrummy Garage. Les
  7. Last weekend I received an e-mail from the guy that bought my 82 S3 Turbo saying that the run from Aberdeen to Helsinki (1000 miles) went without a hitch.
  8. Sold it to a guy in Helsinki who flew over and drove it back, He's not a member but is aware of the site. Les
  9. The title says it all. Owing to family health problems( I am now a full time carer) I no longer have time to use the Esprit and I just couldn't see the sense in letting the car sit in a garage for the next few years. I will certainly keep looking into the forum and will definately be buying another Esprit. I have put a couple of ads in the for sale section with some new, unused items that I obviously no longer need, (thought I would give you guys a chance before I hit Ebay) Les
  10. My Esprit did exactly the same and it was flakes of rust in the fuel tanks partially blocking the outlet pipes . When I started the car it would tick over fine, drive a few hundred yards on the fuel in the float bowls then run very erratically eventually stopping, if I left the ignition on it would fill the bowls then do the same again. Check the fuel flow at the carb to start with then work your way back to the tank.
  11. Your age: 56 Car: 1982 Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo Location: Scotland Parked: Garage Insurer: Chaucer Specialist Vehicle Points: None Mods: declared: standard Mileage allowance: 3000 Previous claims: Theft (£4000) N.C.B: N/A Agreed Value: £10,000 Price: £115
  12. 809 miles, I think the little B*****d that stole it did more miles than I did .
  13. You can remove/replace the tanks without taking the engine out.
  14. If you're up for it try to make your own, I bought a set from SJ, cost £294 and took 5 weeks to arrive. When I laid out the new carpets on the ground both sides appeared to be different colours (dark and light Blue) , the carpet maker had cut each side in opposite directions on the roll. The carpets were returned to Steve who ordered a second set, they arrived 4 weeks later and were fine. Les
  15. Hi guys, Anyone replaced the side repeaters on their S3, my nearside stopped working so I took the lens off to check the bulb and found that the internals had disintigrated. I bought a couple of new ones from SJ and am going to replace them in the next couple of days, wondered if it's a straightforward job. When you remove the unit from the wing are the connections accessable externally or are they buried under the dash. The reason I ask is there's approx four feet of cable with the new units. Les
  16. So, am I right in thinking that you could order your car from the factory with carpets and no boot bag or a boot bag and no carpets. Les
  17. I don't think S3's had boot carpets, my 82 S3 Turbo came from the factory with a boot bag and no carpet. Les
  18. If it is a piece of the sender unit gasket you will probably find that its blocking the outlet pipe at the bottom of the tank not the filter. The outlet pipe has quite a small diameter and blocks easily. A partially blocked fuel pipe at the tank would cause lack of power but not a misfire or rough tickover.
  19. Hi Tom, Your problem could actually be the ignition switch, my car did exactly the same, when the fault appears try giving the key a wiggle. When I was trying to find a replacement switch (No longer available) the car was stolen, the thieving little F*****s smashed the ignition switch which was eventually replaced with a second hand one, never had a problem since. Les
  20. I don't know if the 84 has it but my 82 has a small rocker switch that controls the antenna about halfway under the dash near the steering column (near your left knee on U.K. cars), check that this hasn't cut the power to the antenna. Les
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