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  1. Yes i push gently the clutch pedal i will give a try with more RPM and quickly release the clutch pedal. Cheers
  2. Erf one of the most costy option Thank for all yours answers Dave
  3. Hi Dave, thank for your answer Ok i was thinking the same. That means something is going badly with the clutch, could it be link to hyrdaulic command ? Because if it was the clutch then i will have some spinning like a unlock converter as far as i know.
  4. Hi , Since a few weeks n the car started shuttering quite alot upon takeoff from a dead stand still. Does this in forward and quite less in reverse. The engine mount have been change by the previous owner. What could cause this issue ? Can you tell me (or show me with a pic) where are located the engine mounts (i just want to check) Cheers Nicolas
  5. Cheers Dave, it's what i did i don't where come my brake problem .... thanks a lot i will have a look whn i ll recover from my ankle'sprain
  6. Hi Dave, i didn't want to disturb you again (i can be some time a pain in the a..) but your schematic is chinese for me ( i didn't find anything on my car). Cheers Nicolas
  7. Hi everybody, when i have take time to fix my gearlinkage problem, i have install a Dump Valve kit on my car. My problem is i have use the vacuum for the brake and i can feel a big difference when i brake. Iwant to know which vacuum you have use and where i can find it (if you have pic it will be very helpfull) Regards Nicolas
  8. Hallo Gunter, i'm really sorry about what happen to your car Nicolas
  9. Thanks to everybody help me and to Dave from esprit performances. I have put my two news ball,air filter and dump valve. The car drive fine, i still have a wooden brake pedal
  10. The engine was rebuild that mean the engine and the gearbox have been remove. The edge is separate from the ball (that why i cant put any gear), right now my car is on third gear. I dont think the bend is natural (especially hard to screw something)
  11. Thanks Peter but it's from the others side (gearbox), i have try to take some picture but my camera isn't really good and i don't like to stay outside when it's raining this the failing ball but is it normal that this strut look like a bit twisted ? Cheers Nicolas
  12. I just think the gearbox and gearbox linkage doesn't fit very well with the chassis capability. Anyway i take some picture this evening to be sure that i haven't twist my strut I go back to my diesel engine...
  13. I will tell you that when i will be in Germany :lol
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