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  1. Could be the turbo seals going bad causing oil to seep into your intake track. Might be time for a rebuild of that turbo. Nothing behind that hose to drip unless your block is cracked. Take the right pipe off and look inside for excesive oil in it.
  2. Should be 2" if I remember correctly.
  3. Sorry Bibs, I tend to read the forum frequently but never saw it, should have searched. As I have emailed and not received a response I will move on, I can easily live without the parts. Thanks for all the responses.
  4. Anyone know if these guys are still around?? They have several items I want to purchase but all of their store items for the Esprit section have no "Add to Cart" links. The Elan section looks like it's still up and running???
  5. Hey Mike, I'm getting ready to order my transmission upgrade... How is the new AP clutch working? Were there any adverse affects on the slave cylinder rod?
  6. I did not split my feeds, they operate the same as the factory setup (just swaped them). The mixing chamber is really just a spacer (IAT also attaches to it) with a slit in it between the throttle body butterflies and the plenum. You could weld up that slit and isolate the feeds one for each bank but having that mix/balance is a good thing because it masks any variances in the turbos and keeps both banks running at the same boost level as was mentioned already.
  7. I really like this setup. When I'm ready to upgrade the transmission I will be using a PWR liquid to oil cooler to create a trans cooler. They are small enough to run one along the cross member and I will T off the intercooler feed line and add a second return to the tank. Has anyone seen or know of a source for a -10AN single input to 3 -10AN outputs or -10AN distribution block of some kind?? I also verified and installed a new trunk liner by these guys: The new trunk liner fit perfect without an modification, you can see it in the first complete package picture but they sold me just the liner without the rest. I have to pull my system one last time soon to get my methanol nozzle bungs welded in and the last of the pipes and the cores ceramic coated (might use a different heat dissipation paint on the cores). When I do this I will make sure to take and post a bunch of pics of the completed system.
  8. I built a complete charge cool system with the PWR barels and swapped the feeds. No issues at all in swaping them. I used all v-bands and hard lines except for the BOV connectors and TB conectors to provide some flex points. In order to get the best fit I also shortened then cooler cores themselves. I will post up pics of my setup later today for you. Here is a short video of them:
  9. Great news Mike! Will we still have the Ford 1" spline as an option with this upgrade? Got an email from the guys over at GTO, seems they will be a distributor for this clutch?
  10. I made my own SS lines for about 300-400US!! 12mm to -4AN adapter for the oil feed lines. -4AN feed lines 13" long with straight on one end and 90 degree on the other -6AN coolant feed line with straight on one end and 90 degree on the other, I put in block adapters for the coolant feed lines that were straight block thread to -6AN (can't remember the block thread and size off the top of my head. -6AN coolant return lines with proper turbo to -6AN adapters. I can dig up the block adapter info but on the turbo side I was mating to a GT28 BB CHAR to my turbo connections
  11. Hey Mike, Any updates from AP?? I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with, especially now that my engine is turning over.
  12. It's ALIVE!!!! Engine fired up for the first time last night. Running pretty rough as I first fired it up without the IAT and intercooler setup on. This put me in limp home mode with P0111 and P0113, cleaned the IAT connections and temporarily installed the intercooler cores and BOV's to close the intake loop. Hope to get the idle set, coolant system bled, etc... One area that I am not happy with is the fuse I'm using to trigger my relay's for the turbo oil return scavange pump and the intercooler pump. I currently have it tapped off a fuse that has 12v when the key is in ACC position. This means when the engine is not running my scavange pump still is. I would like to find a fuse that is only on when the eninge is actually running?? Anyone know of a fuse that is only on when running? I may have to run the relay trigger wire up to the front fuse block....
  13. Has anyone found a cross reference for the starter??
  14. Mike, Did you happen to resurface your flywheel?? If so I read in the manual you should also mill down the legs of the clutch housing the same amount as your flywheel to ensure the same clamping forces are kept. I did not as I read this after my cover was already back on , BUT hopefully I will have the trans back off in a couple of months for the 6 speed upgrade and possible new clutch cover/clamping options.
  15. Just updated my pictures in the link on page 3. Added some shots of the intake setup I used, the intercooler to turbo sections with there V-bands, and the preliminary exhaust. I need to re-work my exhaust sections from the turbos over the axles, I'm not happy with them. I was originally tring to put the cats as close to the turbo's as possible. This puts the V-band flanges right in front of the cross member and I feel once the engine starts moving on the mounts I will have nasty cat rubbing on my frame. I will be mocking up the back box and then using my 120 degree pipes to swing the cats outboard more and backwards so I can extend the axle pipes backwards more so the v-band is behind the crossmember. All makes sense in my head.. LOL The hardest part about using the V-Bands on the exhaust is there is no room for error on the angles and connection points.
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