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  1. Interesting to read your views. I don't daily drive my Evora, as my pre-Covid commute was by train, but if I needed to I would and will take it to our other offices on weekdays I'm not in London. It's such a great drive and can handle long road trips, taking the kids 30mins to friends/activities, a B-road blast on a Sunday morning to the local cafe for bacon rolls or a day on the track. I can even use it to take my bike to cycling events. If I want to potter along I can and if I want to press on then I feel a connection to the road and an "analogue" experience that is part of the Lotus DNA
  2. As Barry says, it's difficult to make generalisations. There was a degree of variation in cars of the same spec when they left the factory, then various changes to specifications and build methods over the years. Most owners of S1 cars are likely to have done something to gear linkages and adjustment, plus driving styles and hence wear will have been different. By now your best bet is to drive a few, knowing that the gear change can be a variable, and see what you think. My 2011 S has had the same slightly agricultural input shaft noise at low revs since the day I bought it. It was co
  3. My discs and pads are coming up to needing to be done sometime this year. Flagged by my non-dealer Lotus specialist (Back On Track) at annual service last August and they recommended the EliseShop ones too, as is also suggested on a number of threads on here which I researched. The ES pads should be fine for road use too. There are a couple of other threads about Pagids etc depending on your road, fast road and track use. Sadly my car has hardly turned a wheel since last March due to lockdowns, but I guess that has at least pushed out when I need to get the work done.
  4. There’s a nice Starlight Black 2011 NA mentioned on FB today as about to be listed on Pistonheads at £27k. I’ve suggested the owner list it on here too. Owner is an LDC member so sounds like an enthusiast owner.
  5. I've had my 2011 S since it was 6 months old, having had a supercharged Elise and an Elan before that. I argued it was a suitable family car when my second daughter arrived. It's served as dad taxi from when they were in forward facing car seats aged 6 and 10. I tested a Launch Edition with a rear facing car seat in the front and that was fine. There are some that will fit in the back too. My wife and I are both 5'8" and I drive with the seat on the front click, so plenty of room behind and my older one was a tall 16 year old before she moved to the front. Younger one still loves being i
  6. I've got a 2011 Evora S which has had the third cat removed but is otherwise standard factory spec. It measures 89-91 db on a typical static noise test at 75% max rpm, so is fine for a "quiet" 98 db day at Goodwood, my usual circuit. It's also passed at Brands Hatch and Snetterton. Drive by limit at Goodwood is 96 db and it's been fine on that apart from one session where I was lapping close behind another Evora S and the marshals noise-flagged us to split up and lap further apart. Or at least that's my excuse for not quite managing to pass him A MY12 onwards S1 Evora should be
  7. Fantastic story and beautiful looking car. What was that song? Dreams can come true. Look forward to seeing more pics.
  8. I remember this in some of the original reviews and did wonder if the journalists were struggling to find anything negative to say and this was all they could think of! I find I have to reach slightly more than my other cars but it's never been an issue for me. If you don't want to bodge the car you could always grow your finger nails. Or use these handy "finger extensions", although I think they were originally designed for something else...
  9. I think your height is going to be a limiting factor with an Esprit or Elise, but not with an Evora. The Evora has all the Lotus DNA of the other cars and has practicality, style, modern and mostly reliable underpinnings, rarity, low depreciation. The regular maintenance is almost all DIY-able but also not that expensive if you use an independent Lotus specialist or stick within the recent dealer (lower) fixed price service packages. Non-regular maintenance can be a bit of a pain. Some parts are hard to find or surprisingly expensive (eg headlight assembly over £1000). The interna
  10. Ah, seeing the old MBW pictures reminds me I was in that special display area too and those GTEs were gorgeous. I recorded some grainy dashcam of the on track "parade" laps, which were rather more spirited, and there was a nice pic of mine in the wet. Did Guy Munday do the live commentary?
  11. And that was with a VW indie not a main dealer! The main surprise was a 5-year cambelt change, stated by VW as mandatory but some differences of view online. Last year it was £508 for a major (2-year) service and MOT at a VW dealer.
  12. Annual service on my 9 year old Evora S with an hour's worth of various fettling: £497 Annual service for our 5 year old "cheap runabout" VW Up: £771 (in fairness I just paid the VED on the Up at £20, compared to the Evora at £565)
  13. I stopped believing anything Autocar publish years ago. Their photoshopped images of "scoop" upcoming designs are laughable. Over 3,500 Evoras were sold in the first 5 years of production, so those numbers aren't accurate. They say their source is which only includes UK registered cars, and by their own admission isn't an accurate source. Rare and with high retention rate doesn't equate to "vanishing"!
  15. There's always a good showing of Elans at the Club Lotus track days at Goodwood. Great to see them and see them being driven enthusiastically, lovely cars. Enjoy the project and the ownership experience as well as (eventually) driving it.
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