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  1. There's always a good showing of Elans at the Club Lotus track days at Goodwood. Great to see them and see them being driven enthusiastically, lovely cars. Enjoy the project and the ownership experience as well as (eventually) driving it.
  2. The #MyLotus stories are pretty good snapshots of real drivers' love for their Lotus, and some great photos:
  3. Having driven Goodwood a lot I had a similar eye-popping expression to young Lord March while watching that - bloody hell that's quick and very planted! Lotus have said publicly they aren't trying to break any records at SpeedWeek, but I'd love to know what sort of lap times they have achieved. The JPS liveried car looks like an engineering protoytpe, with most of the interior missing and a load of interim switchgear and telemetry. So I guess the electric whine isn't representative of what a finished car with full NVH will sound like. It does remind me a bit of the supercharger noise I
  4. Lovely looking car and great to read your enthusiasm. Hopefully when meetings resume we might see you both out near Guildford for one of the monthly Newlands Corner gatherings.
  5. Does the same on my 2011 S and I've long ago given up resetting it. "Hey Siri, what's the time?" saves having to take my eyes off the road
  6. Our usual third Sunday breakfast meeting isn't taking place this Sunday due to COVID19 restrictions. We could in theory do a group of 6 but I can't control who else turns up and as the organiser it'll be me who risks getting a big fine. If people want to go individually that's up to them, but there is no official organised event. Stay safe!
  7. Welcome and congratulations! I've got a 2011 S and have enjoyed miles of smiles with it, hope you have the same. On the exhaust, I removed the 3rd cat and replaced with a straight through pipe - either 2bular or Larini is fine. It's a fairly common mod and may already have been done to your car. Still meets UK emissions and track day noise limits. Gives you essentially the same sound as the post MY12 model S1s, which is fine for me. It's not as well developed a sound as the 410 but only costs a few hundred pounds. Here are a couple of videos I did after the decat
  8. A great piece of writing Jason, I think you've captured the essence of why many of us become Lotus enthusiasts and why the marque is a "best kept secret". By a fluke of timing, my email today of forum alerts included this item just before yours, which is another example of "hadn't considered a Lotus but smitten after the first 500 metres":
  9. Welcome Marius, both to Lotus ownership and a forum full of helpful Lotus enthusiasts!
  10. TomE

    Hello again

    Lovely! Lots of scope there for doing some fantastic two-car pictures
  11. That looks great. When you said lip and I saw the pictures I immediately though of those Ethiopian tribes who use a lip plate to extend their bottom lip. It's traditionally a sign of social significance or wealth, so interpret that however you like!
  12. Great to see everyone this morning. The forecast turned out to be right and we had mainly dry roads on the way over plus some sunshine during the meet. Nice to catch up with regulars (some with new cars) and old friends. Also great to welcome some first timers. It's always interesting to see the cross-section of cars and today was no exception. How often do you see an S1 Esprit up close, let alone a white one with what looked like an original interior? We also had some non-Lotus interlopers. As well as the M-cars, Mustang and Aston that had come as part of a different group, spe
  13. Overcast but dry this morning, as per the forecast yesterday. See some of you in a bit!
  14. Interesting dilemma. I guess the key question is why do you want a smaller, lighter car? I traded in a supercharged S2 Elise for my Evora S. You'd assume the Elise would've been quicker, particularly on track, but it wasn't. I'm not a driving god but I'm experienced enough to pedal these cars briskly. Real world, cross-country on mixed roads the Evora is quicker for me. And the Evora was a second or two a lap quicker on track. A lot of the difference is down to how sure-footed the Evora is and the excellent balance of the ride and handling, so the car absorbs bumpy, twisty, pot-hole
  15. I'm opening this up to passengers too. # Forum name Car model and registration Passenger? Mobile number sent - TomE Evora S - V6VOR No Yes 1. 2. . . 15. Reserves:
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