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  1. That's the Gridserve Electric Forecourt in Braintree. It looks a bit like a high quality render - is it real? The gubbins on the dash looks the same as the Goodwood cars, so telemetry and development kit.
  2. Good point about the wheel bolt torque. Also on some of the older cars the Lotus logo wheel centre caps can come out when the wheels are hot. if you can move them when the wheels are cold then worth taking them out. If like mine they won't budge then they'll probably stay in!
  3. I did some experimenting a few years ago when still running P-Zero Corsas on my 19/20" 2011 Evora S. I'd been advised to start with handbook pressures -3 when cold, so set to 32 front and 35 rear when cold. At the end of each of three 15-minute session in the morning they were at 35F and 38R, so exactly on handbook pressures but hot. Air and track temperature was cool - Goodwood in early May. For the final morning session I had a passenger and on the last lap had pushed to catch and pass another Evora, with post session pressures higher at 39F and 40R. 90 mins later at end of lunc
  4. A Mysterious Giant corporation supplying the engines maybe? We'll know on 27th I think
  5. They've been doing that for at least a year and are very helpful. One of my indicators failed last year just before MOT and their picture of the headlamp unit split open and the internal layout helped me get it fixed rather than have to replace the whole unit (at over £1000!). Silverstone could have fixed it for me too but lockdown had just started and it was easier to find a local auto electrician.
  6. I track mine 1-2 times a year. Tyres are the main consumable - more so when I ran the Pirelli P-Zero Corsas and less now with Michelins. Brakes and pads have been fine, I'll probably need to do the discs this year, but it is 10 years old now. I change all the fluids annually and use the recommended higher rated versions. I had a supercharged Elise before the Evora and the Evora isn't too much more expensive to track a few times a year. What did surprise me was the Evora did faster lap times. Possibly in the hands of a driving god the Elise might be quicker but for me I can drive the
  7. Manufacturers often collude with the freelance photographers and magazines to get "spy" shots out to a planned timetable ahead of a launch, as part of a teaser campaign. Lotus are no different and are starting to feed them out. This one is from last month and expect more over the next few weeks.
  8. Exactly, that's why I think Volvo-Polestar. The lack of a current V6 is a puzzle, unless the Type 131 is going to be the first of a new Geely V6 but that just seems too far-fetched. If they can use the more recent Toyota direct injection V6 rather than the 2GR-FE from the Evora and V6 Exige then it would meet global emissions and have more longevity.
  9. @DarrylV8 not yet on engine. There's some speculation it would be a Volvo-Polestar unit, which makes sense as it's another Geely group company. Cross-group working on development would fit, as Lotus Engineering do consultancy work for several manufacturers on engines and transmissions as well as handling. The VEP4 has a Volvo version at 320PS and a Polestar version at 370PS, both 2.0L turbo. In the future a Volvo-Polestar power unit will also cover hybrid and full EV options, and Lotus need to think about having those during the Type 131 platform lifespan. There's also some specul
  10. @Arregueti I think you'll see the Type 131 as a category-crossing play by Lotus, rather than a single model. Stopping Elise, Exige and Evora and also having aspirations to go up market mean they will want to take a platform approach. We already know the Type 131 launch will include a V6 manual at the (initial) upper end and a 4cyl turbo DCT at the lower end, with both being positioned as being "between" Elise/Exige and Evora. The partnership with Alpine will add a model too. The recent Type 131 teaser showed three hidden cars, so maybe there's a third or maybe that's the Alpine one. I ima
  11. V6 manual at launch, then a 4 cyl turbo with DCT soon after. My guess is a Volvo-Polestar engine but some speculation it might be another Toyota, at least for the V6.
  12. They told dealers there would be an FE Evora and gave them a timeframe for announcing details. Dealers were telling customers and some taking deposits on them 🤷‍♂️ I guess they changed their plans.
  13. Strategically it would make much more sense for Lotus to use Volvo-Polestar engines. Cross-development (Lotus Engineering do lots of work for engine manufacturers), no negotiating a deal and royalties with another manufacturer, and a simpler path for a hybrid/EV option during the model lifecycle.
  14. Yes, based on what I've been told
  15. @Techyd I've just been advised by Goodwood that extra FOS tickets and packages will go on sale at 12:00 tomorrow, including for Saturday which was sold out.
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