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  1. Had my call last week. Confirmed I'm in the July delivery batch. Delivering to dealer (B&C) so they can sort the PPF as factory can't do it. May mean I get it slightly quicker but I'm on holiday for part of July and so it may sit at B&C for a week. My deposit was end April so I'm somewhere in the first 30 UK deposits. Not clear if they're being delivered exactly in deposit date order, but will be July and that's fine. Wish it could have been June in time for Goodwood and Lotus in the Peak, but they'll be just as fun in the Exige. Should know the exact date in 2-3 weeks. Lotus are still looking at how to do test drives for the July delivery batch people, as dealer demo cars won't be delivered until July with the first customer cars.
  2. I believe they awarded the contract for PDI etc to BCA before they'd considered factory collection as an option, and so also didn't establish a capability at Hethel. So yes, they are left with a daft situation. It's 100 cars a week on single shift, with second shift starting almost immediately, so I imagine it isn't something they can just squeeze in a Hethel with current staffing.
  3. There are several independent journalists at Goodwood for some kind of multi-marque testing event. There's been a Shadow Grey Emira out on track as well as the Hethel Yellow one. Several of the journalists have been posting pics on Instagram. They're all embargoed until 7 June, so not long to wait now.
  4. It helps that I'm short so have the seat further forward and a smaller-framed bike. Sometimes there are advantages to being below average height!
  5. Definitely Magma Red. Pistonheads posted pictures of the same car
  6. I use a plastic sheet and a couple of packing blankets (used by removal firms to protect furniture) when I transport my bike in the back. It's not as heavy as your kayak and the risk of my bike being soaking wet is lower. If you do it, don't forget to take some pictures to add to the "what have I carried in my Evora" pictures.
  7. Most people on the list haven't updated their original info, so it's not very reliable now as an indication of engine choice or expected delivery date. July should see V6 FE deliveries for deposits through to about 7/8 July 2021 and December should be deliveries for i4 FEs up to a similar point. Each day of Goodwood adds about a month to delivery month, then deposits 12 July onwards post-Goodwood should be roughly month to month (ie August deposits = one delivery month). it depends a bit on level of cancellations, UK/ROW split and second shift productivity.
  8. So the same approach to customer care as on the Emira then. I've cancelled my Eletre deposit. I'm (hopefully) only 1-2 months away on the Emira delivery so will stick it out, as I know the car will be brilliant. I've given up on expecting any improvement in customer care. But I'm not going to endure a repeat of the same terrible early adopter process all over again with a largely unknown quantity in terms of the car. I'll wait for demo cars to be available and have another look then.
  9. Up for auction on Collecting Cars. I expect it'll fetch a decent price. Only 5,000 miles driven in the last 20 years!
  10. Lending a car to a YouTuber is. Keeping deposit holders in the dark is called terrible customer service, something that also gets discussed extensively online and undermines the "schmoozing" of social media influencers to get them to publicise your new car.
  11. Folks doing the factory tour are being told there are no fully production spec cars built yet. Production hall has been quiet this week apparently, most people doing training and setup.
  12. "Acceleration video" = unknown spec car, unclear whether run in or properly warmed up, revs limited, driver not making an effort to quick shift Top Gear review apparently due in June, but that's Harris driving the white prototype car seen at Anglesey several weeks ago, so not latest spec. Catchpole spotted driving an Emira in France, so might be a review coming, but again won't be a production spec car. No production cars built yet, so can't be any reviews of production cars for another 2-3 weeks at least. Lotus already starting to contact July delivery batch to ask people to firm up delivery option and things like preferred agent and if you have a personal registration to be used.
  13. New Lotus Driving Academy website is live and has some new Emira pictures, including the elusive Dark Verdant
  14. Followed me (in blue S1 Exige) down the hill from Newlands Corner to the A246 traffic lights then headed off towards Clandon. I was early for the Newlands Corner meet, around 8.40am, so was going for another loop round the lanes. Thought it might be going to do the same but didn't see it back at Newlands.
  15. The driver makes some slow gear shifts and I suspect the car isn't fully warmed up or run in. It's also odd the display says it's in Track mode but the rev limit is 6800rpm rather than 7000rpm.
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