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  1. I'm relying on what Gav has said about suspension, both at Goodwood and in one of the Lotus videos at the time of the launch, which is Touring will suit the majority of people for everyday road use and the occasional track day.
  2. Pricing is due on Monday. I was told the effective discount on FE bundle versus doing the same as own-spec would be £2-3k saving. Let’s see.
  3. As I think I've mentioned on other threads, I'm going to take the advice I had from Gav Kershaw and go for Touring with the Eagle tyres, then swap to Cup tyres for track days if I feel the need for the extra benefit. My use is 95% fast road, including the knackered surfaces on most Surrey A- and B-roads and some concrete-surfaced motorways plus maybe 5% on track. He said Sports was track-focused and for most people doing road driving on mixed surfaces and the odd track day then Touring would be the best bet. He also said Sport + Eagles for road use would be a bigger compromise than Touring + Cup for track.
  4. I agree, they've put a lot into the FE and if the indicative figures we heard at Goodwood are what they now announce it'll be decent value.
  5. They must be doing around 5000 FE cars if it's a year later until own-spec and assuming only one shift. They must have plenty of demand, but that's 10x the Evora launch edition numbers and means they're not necessarily "special edition"
  6. Thanks Ade. I'll wait for the UK locale to be updated rather than pester you to screen grab more of it before it's finalised and properly published.
  7. Interesting. Which locale are you? The en-GB and en-US sites are still down
  8. "oh no it isn't" "it's behind you" (I'm continuing the Christmas theme )
  9. It's like Christmas Eve! Do I stay up waiting for it?
  10. 360hp was the figure given in the launch briefing, alongside 400hp for the V6. Matt Windle said on camera at Goodwood the V6 would be 416hp, which is the same as the US-spec Evora GT. Looks like they are in the middle of updating it with specifications. The Emira model page now only has a disclaimer showing and you can't get to the configurator.
  11. Hasn’t been loading for me all day on laptop or phone. I’ve been checking regularly - maybe that’s why it appears busy all the time The colour options are now headed “First Edition” and when you select an engine option the gearbox options change correctly. I hope the wheel of death on the renderer is because they are uograding to a more photo-realistic version
  12. Lotus dealers have no more information than we do. They'll get the specs, pricing and options when we do. They are going to be relying on the Lotus staff to talk to customers about any tricky questions. Everyone has got the same email, as Lotus don't know who wants V6 versus i4 (at least in UK). It's badly worded. It sounds like they want to establish who is going for the V6 FE cars and start getting those specified. But many will need the info on i4 and own spec pricing/options and delivery timing in order to make that decision. Second deposit is still refundable, so I assume if that allows me to cancel at some later point it will also mean I can change my mind on specification up to the point I commit the order. That probably includes colour, interior, wheels etc and might include engine/gearbox - though with a potential implication on delivery date. I've got a long list of questions for the Lotus folks at the B&C roadshow!
  13. TomE

    Lotus Emira

    The question of parts delays and support for older models was asked of Matt Windle by Bibs in the TLF interview video a few months ago. Lotus recognise they need to improve in this area. We all need to see tangible evidence of that, not just words.
  14. There's clearly a lot of different sub-segments. Amongst the existing deposit holders there are those who are already enthusiastic about the car and just want info on specs/pricing and will be happy to confirm without a test drive. Some who want to consider V6 vs i4 and FE vs own spec. Others who are new to Lotus and want more details and a test drive. Some who were attracted by pictures, the £60k headline and took a punt on a refundable deposit but didn't see the cars at Goodwood. Then all the different folks who haven't put a deposit down, many of whom probably haven't seen the car in person yet and are waiting to see it, sit in it and hear more about options. Many are probably happy to wait until next year for a test drive and press reviews before placing a deposit or committing to an order. The roadshows are partly about converting deposits to orders, but also about getting the "new Lotus" in front of as wide an audience as possible. If that includes a few tyre-kickers who have no intention of buying one then that's fine too, particularly if they still go away thinking "wow, that's a great car". No doubt social media is going to be full of Emira pictures and discussion from 26th Sept through October (and into November with the US roadshows). That's fantastic considering first deliveries are still 6 months away.
  15. Lotus tell me it was leaked. Sending emails to "keep me informed" people before deposit holders was asking for trouble, when deposit holders have been told repeatedly that info was coming soon, coming next week, no the week after. Lotus have been keeping the dealers in the dark about absolutely everything to do with the car, the roadshows and the spec/pricing info, so they've been wrong-footed by this too.
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