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  1. The first Emira built on the new production line, being used for testing. Pic from Lotus Driving Academy.
  2. Designed by Lotus, built at Hethel, has a Lotus type number, you're part of the family
  3. Lotus had said they hoped to publish it themselves, so I assume that was part of the deal with the production company and C4.
  4. I think you're right, TLF members are more likely to be in the early adopters. Many are long term Lotus owners happy to buy without press/own test drives. Others are newer to Lotus/TLF but signed up here because they've been bitten by the Emira bug and are early depositers looking for and sharing info. From chats I've had with Lotus folks my rough impression of the total UK deposit numbers is as follows (others may have better info): Pre 6 July reveal: 200ish total Post reveal, pre Goodwood Day 1 (8 July): 500ish total Goodwood (8-11 July): +400ish per day End of Goodwood (11 July): 2000 total 23 July: 2500 total There are lots of variables impacting the queue, such as how many deposits convert to orders (reasonable to assume 60-70%) and whether people choose Toyota/AMG and First Edition/own spec. Supply is going to be affected by how quickly Lotus ramp up production (5000/y is 100/w but that's total worldwide), what the UK allocation is (was 800-1000/y but may change), timing of a 2nd shift being added, whether they finish all FEs before starting own spec deliveries etc etc. My rough guess is based on UK Toyota FEs delivered first for 3 months at a slower rate, with non-UK deliveries starting after a month, then AMG deliveries start from month 4 and it ramps up to full rate including a second shift. That would mean 200 UK cars in M1, 75-100 UK cars in M2, 75-100 UK in M3, 150-200 per month from M4 onwards. That would mean pre-Goodwood deposits get delivered April to July 2022, Goodwood deposits July to October. Lots of guesses on my part - we should get more info in September.
  5. Congratulations and welcome to Evora ownership. We've got 45 pages of "peoples' reaction to your Evora" - feel free to add your stories
  6. Russell Carr said heat management was a key design challenge and I think they're well aware of the heat-related issues and limitations on Evora, particularly the constraints it placed on upgrading power. There's some discussion elsewhere that this is why the bulkhead between cabin and engine bay has been moved forward to give more engine bay space at the expense of less rear cabin space compared to Evora. The side scoops, whilst referencing the Evija design, are also much larger than the Evora ones.
  7. Adding a few key milestones: 27 April 21: Lotus company update and Emira name announced 27 April 21 - TomE - UK - V6 manual 28 April 21 - JamesDG - UK - V6 manual 30 April 21 - Pugwash - UK V6 manual 15 May 21 - JCR - Undecided 17 May 21 - DarrylV8 - Undecided 20 May 21 - Evotion - V6 Manual 20 May 21 - Evotion - i4 22 May 21 - KennyN - V6 Manual 4 June 21 - DJW - undecided 23 June 21 - KJD - V6 manual 25 Jun 21 - scotty435 - V6 manual 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 6 July 21: Emira reveal at Hethel 6 July 21 - Duncs - V6, but cost dependent. 7 July 21 - Lockey - i4 7 July 21 - freefall_junkie - V6 manual UK 7 July 21 - glen8 - i4 7 July 21 - Al_C - I4 7 July 21 - Neilread - I4 7 July 21 - Philnotts - V6 Manual 7 or 8 July 21 - JJ - Cost dependant 8 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 1 (Thursday) 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 8 July 21 - Johnhoward - V6 Auto 8 July 21 - JimH - i4 9 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 2 (Friday) 9 July 21 - Beady - I4 (probably) 9 July 21 (8am) - Beancounter - probably i4, but maybe v6 manual 10 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 3 (Saturday) 10 July 21 - Washy - undecided 10 July 21 - Al - completely undecided. 11 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 4 (Sunday) 12 July 21: post Goodwood Festival of Speed 12 July 21 - emstan - V6
  8. TomE

    Lotus Emira

    @Mrandres6935 welcome and hope you find useful info and input here. I understand several US dealers have said they'll sign agreements with deposit holders not to mark up the MRSP. You might want to shop around. I appreciate you have a different setup in the US and cross-state purchases are a bit more complicated but a 5-10k difference might be worth a slightly longer drive.
  9. I think the issue lies with some of the dealers. Lotus UK told all of them prior to the reveal how the central deposit system was going to work and what to do about existing dealer deposits. All dealers were asked to provide details of their deposit holders so their original deposit dates could be honoured. The central online system went live on the evening after the reveal, as planned. Dealers were asked to direct people to that and not take more deposits via dealers. The morning after the reveal I was contacted by my dealer and it was all explained to me. I paid the online deposit and my dealer refunded my original dealer deposit. I've had confirmation that my original deposit date is being honoured. I know demand has been unexpectedly high and that may have caught some people out, but the approach was very clear and communicated to dealers by Lotus. Many dealers have been brilliant, but a few need to catch up. There are a few people here and more on other forums frustrated by the lack of dealer contact to deal with explaining this and converting their deposits.
  10. Welcome to TLF and soon-to-be Emira ownership! Feel free to drop over to the Introductions section to say hello. My dealer has told me where I am on their list and roughly what that means for the overall UK list. I'm not aware of any allocations being given. They can't be specific on overall list/timing yet because it will depend on what happens when people are asked to confirm their order. Some will drop out and some will go AMG rather than V6 (deliveries are due to start 3 months later for AMG). Some won't want First Edition Spec so will drop down the running order. We'll know a bit more from September onwards as orders start getting placed.
  11. TomE

    Lotus Emira

    A senior Lotus person at Goodwood told me there would be First Edition V6, First Edition AMG, own spec V6 and own spec AMG (with deliveries starting in that order). So yes there will be a base spec of each. FE was indicated to be +£12-15k on base for a bundle of £15-17k of options. Lotus have reconfirmed recently (in replies on their Instagram feed) there will be a base spec car for just under £60k.
  12. Count me in for this. Not sure if it'll be Evora or Exige, can sort nearer the time.
  13. It's a lovely part of the world and some great driving roads too. Never mind emulating the Disco pic, you know we're all waiting for you to emulate this one
  14. TomE

    Lotus Emira

    I'm assuming the Toyota isn't going to cost Lotus any more than in the Evora, probably less. So it depends how much of a deal on the AMG engine they've managed to get as a result of Geely buying power and more importantly Geely chairman Li Shufu's influence on it as a result of his 9.7% stake in Daimler. It may not be a straightforward arms-length commercial deal.
  15. With the voice control you won't even need to do that .... "hey Emira, play my driving playlist"
  16. TomE

    Lotus Emira

    Maybe Lotus will blindside everyone and they'll both be the same price. I don't think anyone from Lotus has officially confirmed or denied if the sub-£60k base is V6 or i4, just lots of speculation. Some of that has been clouded by the speculation on base versus First Edition cost.
  17. You can both have a go at getting in my S1 Exige if you like - getting out is more comedy than drama
  18. I don't know Eastleigh but I've seen them doing things with the wider Lotus owners community which is always a good sign. B&C are my local dealer and have always been excellent for sales, service, and general news about Lotus. They are VERY busy with Emira deposits and enquiries, which has pluses and minuses, but are still very responsive. I've been exchanging messages with Jamie about stuff today.
  19. I strongly agree with this. I trust the expertise of the Lotus team on this. Gav Kershaw said the Touring suspension is being optimised for road use, which will mean pot holed uneven stuff as well as decent roads and motorway cruising. It'll also cover "fast road" use, which for most of us non-godlike drivers will probably be fine for a fun trackday at less than 10/10ths. Sports suspension is targeted at track use, and he said you'd be better taking Touring and fitting the Cup tyres for the odd trackday than having Sport and fitting Eagles for road use.
  20. You may be right. I'm fairly new to S1 Exige ownership and know mine was done as a later upgrade to 190, whereas some were 190 from new - sold as "track spec". They do need a bit of careful set up to run cleanly.
  21. 27 April 21 - TomE - UK - V6 manual 25 Jun 21 - scotty435 - 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 12 July 21 - emstan - V6 I think what country you're in is also going to be relevant, so have added. I know I'm in the first 300 in UK and think I'm probably somewhere in the first 50. It'll shift around once people have to decide V6 vs i4 and First Edition vs own spec, so I'll find out more definitively in September.
  22. Third brake light is a US requirement. The blue car on the stand had the side lights on when I was there and the third light was visible but not on. It's also shown in one of the Lotus PR pictures, but I'm unclear why they're braking at this point mid corner 😕
  23. Improving the buying and owning experience was one of the things I was pleased to hear in the Lotus company update a few months ago and Bibs' interview with Matt Windle. They've got to make a step change here, and it's positive that they have a key strategic initiative focused on a new retailing proposition. I guess Lotus taking over control of Emira deposits from dealers is one early part of that. We need to see more about what's planned and some tangible progress. There were some posts a while back about the variable handling of comms with deposit holders, current owners and prospects by dealers and the lack of direction from Lotus on a coordinated approach to the reveal. We can make some allowances for things still being done the "old way" but I'd like to see more evidence of the new way, or at least the plans on what the new way will be. Some of this sales and car collection stuff may feel a bit unnecessary to some. My local VAG dealer can do it for the purchase of my daughter's sub-£10k used VW, so why can't Lotus? They need to define what they want it to be from a buyer perspective (a "customer experience proposition" if we're going to get all business-speak) and then put the training, info, comms mechanisms, materials, processes in place. My hope is that's already being done.
  24. From sitting in the car at Goodwood it's certainly easier access than the Evora. As well as the lower and narrower sills, the door opening is also taller. One of the Lotus folks pointed it out. The Emira is marginally lower (1225 versus Evora 1229) but aperture is bigger. You can see the difference in these pics: Emira: Evora:
  25. They did, but a long time ago. The last one I can remember is the VHPD 190 upgrade for the S1 Exige, which could be done by dealers using a Lotus-warranted upgrade kit. B&C did their own "Super 160" upgrade for the S1 Elise, which I think they warranted. Lotus could have offered a supercharger upgrade for the NA Evora but didn't and aftermarket firms like Komotec stepped in.
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