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  1. Yes, based on what I've been told
  2. @Techyd I've just been advised by Goodwood that extra FOS tickets and packages will go on sale at 12:00 tomorrow, including for Saturday which was sold out.
  3. I agree and it was both a plus and a minus for the Evora. It was "better" than both Cayman and 911 depending on your criteria (+2 seats for some , price, performance, handling, depreciation, running costs, rarity). But the motoring press tried to compare against both. The V6 Exige was more obviously not a 911 and if there was a Porsche competitor it was the Cayman, but not if you consider some of the criteria. I'm hoping Lotus have learned more about positioning, marketing, launching, press briefing etc since the Evora. Looking forward not just to the car but how they bring it to mark
  4. The market is changing. A 4cyl turbo with DCT, decent power. light weight and Lotus handling won't win at "Top Trumps" down the pub, but it'll be a cracking drivers car. It won't be as cheap as an Elise, that's not what this immediate launch is aimed at. A £60k to £80k range crosses more than one model of a few competitors. Although the Evora was talked about as a 911 competitor, it straddled both Cayman and 911 price-wise and didn't necessarily try to compete head on with either. Lotus is better trying to differentiate rather than "me too" against Porsche.
  5. You're pretty close there. At launch it'll be a V6 manual at £80k base then with options on top. Soon after that there'll be a 4cyl turbo with DCT from £60k base. VVA based chassis architecture. New factory to build it, so upping the game on build quality. Styling will take cues from the Evija and still make reference to recent Lotus designs. Handling? Like a Lotus. So, in the same way the Evora gives you 90% of the performance of a car 2x as expensive, the same for the Type 131. Don't go head to head with Porsche or McLaren, but produce a great drivers car that is a step up from the
  6. The Type 131 is going to be launched at Goodwood FOS on the Thursday (8 July, Manufacturers Day). It'll be there for the rest of the weekend too. I'll be there on Thursday if anyone wants to meet up. Tickets still available for Thu, Fri and Sun, grandstand tickets only available on Thu now
  7. They're selling out fast! Thursday is manufacturers day, with fewer of the usual cars doing runs up the hill but more new/recent launches. With so many motor shows cancelled I'm expecting to see several launches being done there. Lotus will be there across Fri to Sun too, but the launch itself will be on the Thu.
  8. ... and I'll be there! Super excited!
  9. FE Evora details due to be announced in the next 2-3 weeks. Expected to be similar to GT spec. I suspect the delay is because they need to confirm parts supply for the intended numbers.
  10. I'd suggest don't wait for adverts but tell a handful of dealers you are ready and what you want, so they pick up the phone to you when one comes up. I'd suggest at least Stratton, Silverstone, B&C given their volumes. Also tellWill Blackham and Guy Munday you are looking, who are trusted independents. If it must be an LE then be clear on which colours (and try to be flexible!) and if not LE then what is must have. There is a decent level of interest now in used Evoras with end of line coming and some may trade in older Evoras against a Final Edition Evora or Elise/Exige. Another batc
  11. Not that I've heard yet. My sources are reliable, I'll share what I can but I can't share everything. As some know, I had a very early deposit down on an Evora while it was Project Eagle and was able to provide some info back then. The Evora section on here was started by Bibs and me as the standalone EvoraForum before moving to TLF 👍
  12. I hope they don't do the same "Launch Edition" approach as done for the Evora. Whilst it's nice to have a fully loaded car, it meant all the early batch were very top end price and I had to give up my slot for #12. I've heard the Type 131 will be V6 first, then 4 cylinder, so at launch it's likely to be the higher end of the price range anyway. I'm with you on this. Would make more sense for Lotus to use an engine from the Geely family and, with an eye to the future, have something with a hybrid and/or EV option. @Karl M Roberts how have you managed to order and via which
  13. Did the previous owner have a tracker fitted? Even if the subscription has lapsed it can still be a parasitic drain. I think the factory fit alarm on the Evora causes a fair chunk of the drain when the car is left standing, so if it's in a locked garage you could try disabling the alarm and see if it will go for longer. Or an auto electrician could check it.
  14. Congratulations! Let us know when you're coming over to collect it. Hopefully by then we'll have restarted our monthly Sunday breakfast meetings just up the road from B&C and we might see you there.
  15. One day soon matey! I tried to get across last year after lockdown #2 but family connection wasn’t enough, needed to be a resident. My older daughter started uni in Liverpool, so plenty of excuses to be heading that way. I’ll probably go the long way through north Wales, back via Heysham and do the NC500!
  16. Yes. But M250 was 2-seater only. Lotus was working on the new Esprit when Mike rejoined and made the case for something between Elise and Esprit first. The Evora platform architecture was supposed to be adaptable to do both. Rear sub frame could be changed to suit longitudinal or transverse layout. Chassis could be widened and/or lengthened to do pure 2 or 2+2. Sadly they never got the chance to proven it, as Evora sales and limited funds prevented doing the next project.
  17. I get this when I turn up at cycling events and pull a bike out of the back seats. And when I pack up at the end, word has spread and there’s usually a bigger crowd watching who don’t believe I’ll get it back in again!
  18. I take it all with a large dose of salt. It seems more than wind up but a regular (5 years - really!) attempt to justify your own "minority" purchase Perhaps you're trying to be an "influencer" and boost the resale of the +0s ... you know, the configuration that languishes at dealers because there's so little demand they only make up <10% of all Evoras Anyway, people looking for an Evora on here or various FB groups will keep asking whether it really is practical as a +2. And I'll keep posting my kids/bike/wine pics and stories of all our family adventures. They are fantas
  19. ... of course, you could always use a roof rack on a 2 + 0 if you can’t fit stuff in the back
  20. What do you mean "useless"?
  21. As well as recalls there will be service bulletins, software upgrades etc which may not listed on the public recall sites. The VSIC site I think does have them all, but only tells you what applies to your car not whether it has already been done. Your dealer will be able to use the car's VIN to get a full list of what's relevant for your car and what's been recorded with Lotus as already done. If they can't (and they really should) then contact Customer Services at the factory direct.
  22. Welcome and congratulations. That looks stunning! You'll love it. Skimming down your list of previous cars my eyes stopped at the Noble before reading it was your favourite. I agree it's one of the most memorable cars I've driven, including amongst some equally rare and more expensive supercars. The other circuit near you is of course Hethel. Well worth looking out for the Lotus On Track sessions there, and of course the Lotus Driving Academy training is excellent. As a previous Exige owner and track driver you probably know this already. Look forward to reading about your
  23. Lovely! Hope we get to see you and the car at a Newlands Corner Sunday brekkie once we're allowed to meet again 👍
  24. It's that mahoosive supercharger weighing it down (they tweaked the suspension too so the nose shouldn't really be higher). It may just be an optical illusion due to the different wheels
  25. Thanks @EGTE I love it. A few more:
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