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  1. Sorry I just don’t agree. Lotus are ride and handling wizards and if they say Touring will be a great setup for fast road driving then I believe them. Other manufacturers will try and convince you that “sports” suspension and “sports” other gubbins are must-have, because then you pay for the upgraded spec. These two suspensions cost the same I’ve had two long conversations with people at Lotus on this, one who leads R&H and one who has driven almost every Lotus road car including Emira and knows the roads and tracks I drive. Touring is exactly what will suit me, and many others. I think it’s unhelpful to describe Touring as likely to be disappointing or some kind of also-ran. OK, it’s a shame we can’t all drive both before deciding. But Sport won’t be everyone’s preference, even if they could drive both. Sport may well suit you best and that’s fine.
  2. I’m 5’9” and with the seat in a decent driving position it was 30cm gap behind the seats. In my 2011 Evora I sit with the seat on the front stop but in the Emira there was still an amount further forward it could have gone. A 6’0” person adjusted the seat after me and the gap was still 20cm. So plenty of room for a cabin-sized bag behind each seat. There’s a shelf at about the same height as in a 2+0 Evora.
  3. I was the nerd who took a tape measure That’s odd. The seat was adjustable when I went on 29 Sept and I had a chance to adjust to a good position. Perhaps it’s broken from all the traffic it’s had.
  4. I saw that, these pics. Looks nice - hints of Lotus Storm Titanium.
  5. Yes, Scott told me year 1 subscription is included in the option price on the configurator.
  6. Great Grahame, will be good to have your Esprit along. I'm at Goodwood for the Members Meeting but there are usually 15-25 cars and their friendly owners each month.
  7. You can only order a V6 FE this year. The demand has been so high it will take April to roughly Nov/Dec 2022 to build all of them.
  8. Here's a useful comparison:
  9. Presumably it's still a refundable deposit until a later commitment date?
  10. I had been wondering if I had enough info and assumptions to create a delivery date modeller. Then I realised I was getting far too caught up in this and decided to wait for Lotus to tell us
  11. The calling team are working from a mix of scripts, briefings and training. That doesn't get updated in real time or even every day, so inevitably they aren't as up to date as Lotus staff at the dealer events or some of the people on this forum. They have been having about 25 refund requests a day in the UK since they started the calling exercise on 20 Sept. They've also had 50 new deposits per day, which obviously go on the end of the queue. I did a rough calculation based on figures I had at end of last week, with a lot of assumptions, which suggested they could deliver all the UK V6 FEs by end of 2022 and have capacity for maybe 100-200 i4 FE deliveries at end of 2022. That all assumes no second shift, which if demand continues at this rate I'm assuming they will want to put into action, but will need time to hire and train and ramp up. The 5000 per year figure is total for all global markets for a full 12 months for single shift. In 2022 production only starts in late April. Other figures being mentioned (500-600/800/1000-1100/1200) are all UK-only. Pricing for non-UK markets is being rolled out country by country: New Zealand just announced, Canada next and probably on Friday, Japan and other parts of Asia later in the month. So global demand is not as well defined yet. It looks like Lotus are handling that by country and dealer allocations for 2022, so once those are sold out each dealer should have a good idea that deposits/orders beyond a certain number mean delivery in 2023.
  12. Committing to a newly-launched car that's not yet in production and you can't test drive or read press reviews is a big ask and not for everyone. Lotus had a big dilemma between (a) revealing the car when there was enough to show people but it wasn't finished but they could get it visible earlier and gauge demand for the new £100m factory they'd built in order to build an order book and get suppliers/production scheduled, or (b) wait until they had a fully production-ready car with press and demo cars but have much less idea on demand or be able to plan their start of production. It's slightly strange to me that a lot of people are saying it's not fair having to commit with so little info - the simple solution is not to! You don't have to commit now, you could wait until press reviews in Feb/Mar or test drives in Mar/Apr. There is a process Lotus are pursuing, but deposits are still refundable and will be for a while yet, or you can ask to slip down the queue. There are plenty of people who'd like to move up the queue. If you don't want a First Edition car then you're going to have a year or more to decide. If I turn your question around, what is it about your Exige that makes you want to consider replacing it with another 2-seater Lotus that's less hardcore, bigger, heavier, slower, plusher and with more gadgets?
  13. Useful info. That suggests a higher proportion now going for V6 FE than the initial indications of 50/50 two weeks ago. Yes, it’s been increased to 1000-1100 for UK for 2022. Unclear at the moment if that is due to re-assigning global allocations or adding a second shift at some point. Welcome! Do pop over to Introductions and say hi. Any spec other than V6 FE is going to be later. UK V6 FEs should all be delivered in 2022, a few might spill over into early 2023. Exciting, but it’s going to feel like a long wait (and I’m early in the list)!
  14. Yes I think the seating position is slightly further forward. The cabin/engine bulkhead has also moved forward to give more engine bay space for thermal management and hence you have that sense of less cabin space behind you.
  15. A big contributor to that is the black headlining, which is the default on all First Editions as part of the Design Pack and doesn’t change with choice of interior trim. I’m not worried about it being dark inside as almost all my cars have had black or dark grey interiors. It does mean the seats and dash can be hot when you come back to a car parked in the sun, but for the few days of the year that happens I can cope! I like the enclosed aspect of it, and similarly with the Evora. I’ve heard others say it feels a bit like an aircraft cockpit. It certainly feels driver-focused.
  16. There are people on the Facebook groups cancelling after viewing. And also deciding to defer so they can see production spec cars and/or see evidence of production build quality and level of initial issues.
  17. Thanks Bibs, all valid points and I know the possibility of clutch failure has been over blown. I knew indies had got the repair done in less time, so good to hear that Lotus have officially too. Is there any info on whether the Evora running changes or work for the Emira have reduced the sometimes agricultural transmission noise and susceptibility for some cars to have a rattle at low speeds?
  18. Not based on what I’ve seen and been told so far. A chunk of the detail in my write up is from the Emira product brief book, so it’s as accurate a source as we have currently. I don’t have independent switching on my 2011 S. Which variants have that feature? Is it more recent cars that had factory exhausts likely to exceed trackday noise limits if the valve was automatically open in Sport mode?
  19. A couple of things. Firstly the overall transmission noise and NVH, as it can sound a bit agricultural (certainly on my S1). Secondly the tendency for some cars to have a pronounced rattle at idle and low rpm, usually attributed to the adaptor plate setup and/or throw out bearing. Lotus know about these, so I hope have engineered them out.
  20. I guess some people want to know about the clutch and how the transmission is bolted together. It was seen as one of the weak points in the Evora. So if they’ve not done much to it then there could be concern about transmission noise. Plus if it’s still a theoretical 30+ hour job to change the clutch.
  21. I’m not 100% certain but believe the IPS software on the S1 has been improved as far as Lotus will take it and the 400 software is a different iteration that can’t be used for the S1. It’s come up recently with people asking about the Emira auto and wondering whether to test drive an S1 or 4xx auto. So I think I read someone else explaining the difference.
  22. Yes, IPS on the 400 is an improved system primarily in terms of shifting speed and some of the gearbox intelligence in auto mode. I've not driven an IPS on track but can answer on the question of Elise versus Evora. I had an Elise SC and swapped to an Evora S, so on paper a heavier and slightly slower car. Goodwood is my regular circuit and first time out (bearing in mind I didn't want to prang a new car) it was 1.5-2s a lap quicker. I put this down to several factors. Firstly, the handling is very sure-footed and confidence-inspiring, so I could push harder than I would in the Elise. I guess I'm an average driver and it was easier to drive the Evora at 8/10ths where I'd only drive the Elise at 6/10ths, if that makes sense. It still drives like a Lotus! Secondly, on high speed circuits the Evora will out pace the Elise on long straights due to top end grunt and aero - I was braking from 140-145mph rather than 125-130mph at the end of Lavant into Woodcote. Thirdly the Evora brakes are brilliant, so you can brake appreciably later into corners and also not worry about heat and brake fade. I would gain 10s of feet on Elises/Exiges by being able to brake later. I've had similar experiences at Brands and Snetterton but not such big lap time differences as they are slower/twistier circuits. Wear and tear on the car on track is also not too bad for a heavier car.
  23. That's great to hear, particularly from someone new to Lotus
  24. Someone who asked one of the senior Lotus team about colour samples at one of last week’s roadshows. I’d also raised it with Scott at the B&C event and Lotus were already looking at whether they could get some larger panels painted in time for later roadshows.
  25. I'd reckon you're somewhere between #100 and #300 in the queue if you go for a V6 First Edition. That's based on roughly 150 UK dealer deposits taken before the Lotus online system opened then 500 deposits taken between reveal on 6 July evening and first day of Goodwood on 8 July, then some assumptions about V6 versus i4 and cancellations from chats I've had with Lotus people. I've seen the green sample and its nice but quite dark. My pics and from others are here: There seems to be some similarity with previous Lotus dark greens, but it's very hard to tell from the small sample... I'd heard there is a Verdant Green car being built at the factory at the moment, so hopefully we'll get to see pictures of that soon.
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